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Explore Kat O and Ap Chau

Ap Chau Geosite Visitors can see extraordinary red breccia at Ap Chau which is rare in Hong Kong, and appreciate a diverse range of striking wave erosion landforms at close range, such as a sea cliff, wave-cut platform, wave-cut notch, sea arch and sea stack, plus the famous ‘Duck’s Eye’. Ap Chau once had a thriving fishing community but only a few villagers continue to live on the island today. Its rustic bucolic charm is still inviting. How to get there Take the ferry operating between Ma Liu Shui to Kat O and Ap Chau on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays or join a local tour.To take the ferry, visitors can travel by MTR East Rail and get off at the University Station, Exit B, then walk for about 15 minutes to Ma Liu Shui Landing No.3 for the ferry service to Kat O and Ap Chau. The normal boat traveling time is about 2 hours. Visitors are advised to take the *ferry schedule into consideration in planning the trip.Service days: Saturdays, Sundays and Public HolidaysFare: $90 return ticket / $50 for single trip from Kat O to Ma Liu Shui onlyBooking & enquiries: 2555 9269 (Best Sonic Industrial Limited)(subject to operator’s announcement) *Ferry Schedule Route of ferry Departure Arrival Depart from Ma Liu Shui to Kat O 8:30 am   1st stop at Kat O   10:00 am  Depart from Kat O 10:15 am   2nd stop at Ap Chau   10:30 am  Depart from Ap Chau 12:00 nn   3rd stop at Kat O   12:15 pm Depart from Kat O 15:30 pm   Back to Ma Liu Shui   17:00 pm   (Information provided by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department)

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Cultural Essence Series – "Beyond Multi-arts"

  Is Hong Kong a “cultural desert”? Ever been criticised for being lowbrow? To be well-cultured one needs to know how to appreciate culture. Most people do not, however, have a clue as to how to start. Some may even regard Hong Kong as a “cultural desert”, a place with a poor cultural atmosphere.  It is a misunderstanding indeed. In fact, Hong Kong is full of cultural activities. The Cultural Presentations Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is bringing different programmes to us every day or week. “Beyond Multi-arts”In this issue, I would like to recommend the “Beyond Multi-arts” cultural programme series. Running from September to December, it comprises programmes of diverse contents and forms such as dance performances and cross-media shows. Although some of them were held already, the rest are still available for booking. Get your tickets now!  

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