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A Guide to Flower Appreciation 2023

1) Ngong Ping Cherry BlossomsThere is a recent trend to admire spring flowers and cherry trees in Hong Kong. The cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping thrived in the past four years and bloomed steadily after the adaptation period. It has become one of the cherry blossom viewing spots in Hong Kong. And a "blossom-seasons-tourism" has also been gradually developed on Lantau Island, allowing flower lovers and tourists to watch the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy a leisurely journey. Details: 2) Blossoms Around the TownLook around and enjoy the beautiful blossoms in the city all year round! (Follow the Hong Kong Flower Appreciation Map below and be surprised!)   More about "Blossoms Around Town", please visit the website of Leisure and Cultural Services Department. 3) Hong Kong Flower Show 2023Hong Kong Flower Show 2023 (the Show) was held from 10 to 19 March 2023 at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.  The Show this year takes as its theme “Bliss in Bloom”, featuring the gorgeously and uniquely grown hydrangea as its theme flower.  Long a darling of flower lovers, hydrangea is renowned for its glamorous large flowers and splendid colours in full bloom, definitely creating a captivating sense of bliss and romance in every corner of the Show. Details: 4) "LCSD Plusss" Flower ExpressLeisure and Cultural Services Department provides weekly updates on flowers and plants on the "LCSD Plusss" Facebook page. Details: 5) 【LCSD Edutainment Channel - 101 Academy】Appreciation of Flowers 101 Details of "Appreciation of Flowers 101": 【Development Bureau Webpage - Flower in Bloom】Development Bureau archives and categorises flowers and plants according to months from January to December on the dedicated website.Details: 【Development Bureau Webpage - Landscape Corner】Development Bureau introduces on the dedicated website the seasonal plants and flowers that are available in different regions and seasons for the public to enjoy. Details:

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Mui Wo Mountain Bike Practice Ground opens, with a Beginner Practice Area for beginners

The Mui Wo Mountain Bike Practice Ground (Practice Ground) is located in Lantau South Country Park near Lai Chi Yuen Tsuen, Mui Wo, Lantau Island. It is about 4.5 hectares in size and with about 9 km of new mountain bike trails. With the opening of the new facility, riders of all levels, including beginners, will be able to enjoy the sport.Mui Wo Mountain Bike Practice GroundThe new facilities in the Practice Ground were designed and constructed in accordance with the sustainable trail standards of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). Facilities at the Practice Ground include mountain bike trails, technical features (e.g. jumps, rock garden, skinny), tot track, pump track and supporting facilities such as toilet, first aid kiosk, shelter and water filling station. The Practice Ground and its mountain bike trails provide different riding difficulties and experiences to bikers. Bikers are advised to choose trails that suit their skill levels and abilities and to be equipped with safety gear in good condition. Bikers can take the ferry, bus or other transportation means to reach the Mui Wo Mountain Bike Trails East Entrance. Access to the Practice Ground via an emergency vehicular access which is connected to the road leading to Lai Chi Yuen Cemetery is also available. For more information, please visit the website of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). Mountain Biking ActivitiesThere are 15 designated mountain bike trails and a mountain bike practice ground in country parks for mountain biking activities. Some of the mountain bike trails have been rated with the Mountain Bike Trail Difficulty Rating System.Mountain Bike Trail Difficulty Rating System  The 15 Designated Mountain Bike Trails (Download map)– High Junk Peak Mountain Bike Trail (Blue Grade) – This trail is not open on Sunday and Public Holidays – Chi Ma Wan Mountain Bike Trail (Blue to Black Diamond Grade)– Mui Wo to Pui O Mountain Bike Trail*   – Pui O to Kau Ling Chung Mountain Bike Trail (White Grade)  – Hoi Ha to Wan Tsai Mountain Bike Trail (Green Grade)    – Dragon’s Back Mountain Bike Trail (Blue Grade) – This trail is not open on Sunday and Public Holidays(Download overview map of the Mountain Bike Trails below)- Ho Pui Mountain Bike Trail (Black Diamond Grade)- Siu Lam Mountain Bike Trail*- Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Mountain Bike Trail (Green to Blue Grade)- Tai Tong Mountain Bike Trail*- Tin Fu Tsai Mountain Bike Trail*- Tin Fu Tsai North Mountain Bike Trail (Black Diamond Grade)- Tsing Fai Tong Mountain Bike Trail*- Tsing Lung Tau Mountain Bike Trail*- Twisk Mountain Bike Trail**This mountain bike trail is currently not rated with the Mountain Bike Trail Difficulty Rating System. For more information, please visit the website of AFCD.

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