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AIESEC Startup Challenge: Road to Championship

Team Uplift, Champion of the Outlier CSV Challenge 2021 Team Uplift, the Champion of the Outlier CSV Challenge 2021, wished to improve the well-being of students. The team suggested to provide a mental health related training programme for school staff, and to develop a emotion-tracking app “MotiMe” for students to record their mental health journey. The journey begins from the experience of a team member... One of the members of team Uplift had suffered from emotional disorder. Motivated by their peer’s experience, team Uplift developed their solution to help other students in need. Janice Chin and Sarah Lai, who were interviewed by, said that their passion towards the competition and support from other team members had brought team Uplift success! Watch the interview video below for more about team Uplift’s experience and tips for competitions! Early this year, AIESEC, an international student organisation, has held the Outlier CSV Challenge 2021 with support from the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). Students from different tertiary institutions worked in teams to hack profitable yet socially impactful business models to tackle social issues in Hong Kong. We have interviewed with the three winning teams of the Outlier CSV Challenge to understand how they won the cash prizes and internship opportunities with creativity!