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[Life Planning Living A Real Me] Jayson TANG, Executive Chef

Cooking is the hobby of a lot of people. But when it comes to career planning, have you ever thought of becoming a chef?Determined to be a chef since childhood, Mr Jayson TANG enrolled in a professional training programme, worked hard and successfully turned his interest into career.  Now he is the Executive Chef of a hotel in Hong Kong. He has succeeded in turning his interest into a career. He said frankly that when a person is passionate about his work, he will not find it difficult.  Vice-Chairperson of Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters, Mr HO Chun Yan advised young people that when they plan for their future career path, they should set short-term and medium-term goals. After joining the workforce, both continuing studies and work experience are important.Let us take a look at his story. Example of related training and courses for Chef Higher Diploma / Associate Degree- Hong Kong Culinary Academy - Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management- Hong Kong College of Technology - Higher Diploma in Tourism Management (Culinary) Bachelor Degree- Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong - Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Culinary Arts and Management For more information about Chef or other careers information, please visit EDB Life Planning Information website.

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Tips for DSE Students on Relief of Stress

It is natural for students sitting for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) to feel worried. You may worry about your prospects as well as possible changes to come. Amid the epidemic, you may also experience exceptional challenges when preparing for the DSE. Proper management of negative emotions and stress would help your maintain a good condition fit for facing future challenges.  Plan in advanceCollect information on study and career in advance, and write down a few mock plans and options. You would feel more at ease with more concrete information at hand.   Keep open for alternativesStay positive about various possible scenarios. Remind yourself that “there are more choices and alternatives than what we expect”, and try to make back up career and study plans that are suitable for you.   Seek adviceYou may receive loads of information on further study. Advice from your teachers or peers with experience can ease your concerns. Share your views honestly with your parents enables them to understand you more and thus help you to make better choices.   Enjoy the momentIf you start to feel worried, remind yourself that not much can be done to change the plans and extra worries will not help. Work out a daily schedule, focus on the present and enjoy some relaxing activities to free yourself from anxiety.  Look for supportGather with your family and friends to relax and share with each other experience and ways of managing stress and anxiety. You may also share with them your stress before the release of the exam results via video calls amid the epidemic.    Seek support immediately if you experience persistent negative emotions. Feeling stressed after the exam results are released? No worries, stay tuned to our website for information on stress relief after the release of the exam results. Last but not least, we wish each and every DSE candidates the best: do your best and no regrets! Reference Student Health Service, Department of Health: Emotional Health Tips The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, The University of Hong Kong (Chinese only)   Other Resources Student Health Service, Department of Health: Exam Stress Management Student Health Service, Department of Health: Stress of Exam Results Hok Yau Club & Radio Television Hong Kong: Podcast Online“Time to strive for DSE" (Chinese only) Shall We Talk: Practical Tips on Managing DSE Stress Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups: Supporting Zone of DSE (Chinese only)

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Advanced Diploma in Tree Management and Conservation

HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)

Part time

[Yi Jin Diploma]Basic Medical Care

Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT)

Full time

Associate in Design (Visual Communication)

Hong Kong Community College

Full time

Master of Landscape Architecture

The University of Hong Kong

Full time

BBA (Hons) in Marketing

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Full time

The "Courses" section covers examples of courses related to popular industries as provided by local institutions / organisations. They serve as references for study and career planning. You are advised to obtain the detailed information directly from the relevant institutions / organisations.

For the comprehensive list of institutions / organisations providing local post-secondary education and other education programmes, please refer to the website of Education Bureau (EDB). For other examples of related training and courses, please refer to the EDB's Life Planning Information Website.