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[Newly Open] The Hong Kong Award For Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp

Apart from following the tips of the Fun and Educational Places series to explore Hong Kong, how are you spending your holidays? Go visit the newly renovated The Hong Kong Award For Young People (AYP) Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp with friends and join the outdoor adventure! After six years of redevelopment work, the camp site was reopened in March 2021. Let's get to know the new features of the camp site: Innovative Design and State-of-the-art Facilities The new training camp provides diverse and innovative camp activities to young people and families. It is the only camp site in Hong Kong that has an official HADO AR Dodgeball court. It enables the public to experience emerging sports at a reasonable price. Besides, the Adventure Park is the first rope course requiring teamwork of four to finish, whereas the climbing wall allows participants to play sports climbing in the day time and AR climbing at night. The semi-indoor Challenge Course is built in a cover area so that climbers can challenge themselves at night too. Sustainable Elements in Building Design, Youth Service and Camp Management The training camp was awarded BEAM Plus Provisional Silver Rating for adopting sustainable development in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of the building. The introduction of natural daylight reduces the use of indoor lighting. Also, the bridge between the South and North wings facilitates ventilation and avoids the “wall effect”. Besides, the installation of solar panels and solar-powered tables will help to generate renewable energy. Light and motion sensors are installed in the halls to improve energy efficiency. AYP integrates sustainable elements into youth service and camp management to bring bigger benefits to the community.   Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities Want to try out the facilities at the new training camp? Here comes the opportunity! Organised by Home Affairs Bureau and Youth Development Commission and co-organised by AYP, the “Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities” is now open for application. This scheme incorporates innovative elements into outdoor adventure training, such as Sports Adventure, Eco Adventure and Technology Adventure. Details of the scheme are as follows: Pilot Scheme Belief: Improve young people's physical and mental well-being, foster positive thinking, sense of collectivism and resilience in times of difficulties, and emphasize the importance of cultivating positive value and mentality of young people during their growth and development.Content: Rope Course, Recycling Workshop, Innovative Sports Game etc. to be held at the newly renovated training campTarget: F.3-F.5 StudentsCamp Type: Participants could choose from Day Camp for 1, 2 or 3 days OR Overnight Camp for 3 days and 2 nights or 4 days and 3 nightsDate: from July 2021Fee: The scheme fee is free (assigned transportation and meals included)Enquiry: 2157 8610 Please visit the >>official website<< for application method and other details.  

[Customs YES] Youth Programme of Customs and Excise Department

Have no idea of your future career? Want to know more about the work of the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED)? Interested in joining  related grades of the department? The youth programme "Customs YES" introduced by C&ED will certainly help! Diversified activities conducive to youth development Activities of "Customs YES" offer a unique and diversified learning experience for its youth members. Activities such as summer training camps, visits, workshops, exchange programmes, job orientation experience camps and internship programmes that feature a wide spectrum of Customs areas including intellectual property rights protection, revenue protection, narcotics interdiction, anti-smuggling, protection of consumer interests etc., are conducive to the development of members and can broaden their horizons. (Video with Chinese captions only)   Be a member of Customs YES Become a Customs YES member to enjoy the amazing activities! The details of individual membership application are as follows: Target group: Young individuals aged between 12 and 24Fee: Free of chargeApplication methods: Submit an application online or by post. Click here for more details Please visit the programme website for more details and information.  

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