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Know more about the "Vaccine Pass"!

The "Vaccine Pass" has taken effect from 24 February onward. To use the "Vaccine Pass", we should update the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app to the latest version and store our vaccination record or medical exemption certificates in it.  Venue operators should use the latest version of the "QR Code Verification Scanner" mobile app. What else should we pay attention to? Let's refer to the leaflets for details:   In addition to the leaflets, the Innovation and Technology Bureau (now retitled Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau) has also produced demo videos on the "Vaccine Pass". Watch now and know more! For Public For Venue Operators In the latest version of the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile application, members of the public may store the electronic vaccination record, Medical Exemption Certificate and recovery record QR code at the same time and preset one of them as the default Vaccine Pass. Please refer to the "Vaccine Pass" thematic website and below videos for more details: Storage of Electronic Vaccination Record Storage of Recovery Record QR Code Source: Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau Facebook Fanpage

[Tips from Water Save Dave] Treasure our water while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the countryside

Can you feel the cool autumn breeze? It is the season for hiking and picnic! Known for the scenic environments, the impounding reservoirs and Water Gathering Grounds (WGGs) in Hong Kong have become popular spots for countryside lovers.  While enjoying the scenic views and environments, are you also protecting our precious water resources? Tips from Water Save Dave Some tips on visiting reservoirs and WGGs are given by Water Save Dave of the Water Supplies Department (WSD) in the below videos: Want to know more about the water resources in Hong Kong? Apart from watching videos online, you can also learn the historical background and significance of various waterworks facilities by joining the "Excursion with Water Save Dave" Visiting Programme organised by WSD. The H2OPE Centre is also a place worth visiting. Through the interactive exhibits in this public education centre, visitors can gain a thorough understanding of various issues related to water resources in Hong Kong. Please refer to WSD's related websites for more information.

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