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Social Entrepreneur Series – Fostering inclusion by audio description [Community Participation]

Social Entrepreneur – Dawning Leung   “The true meaning of equality and inclusion is not to arrange a dedicated session for the visually impaired, but to make it possible for them to take part in the same activity with their sighted counterparts.” Dr Dawning Leung, the founder of Audio Description Association (Hong Kong) (AuDeAHK), believes that persons with visual impairment should enjoy the equal rights to “watch” movies, to “view” exhibitions as well as to join various cultural and outdoor activities. To study audio description, Dawning left for the United Kingdom to acquire a relevant Doctorate degree. In 2015, she founded AuDeAHK to promote audio description and to train audio describers in the Chinese societies. What is audio description? According to Dawning, it is a school of professional translation technique of transferring visual elements into verbal descriptions. In film audio description, for instance, audio describers will depict the scene settings and the characters’ moves, facial expressions, outfits etc. in between dialogues and sound effects. The visually impaired may hence comprehend the plot by hearing rather than by watching. Audio description benefits not only persons with visual difficulties. Everyone can obtain supplementing information from the translated visual contents. For example, children with special educational needs may understand the emotions of characters through audio description. “I recalled a lady wearing a pair of reading glasses who followed our audio described tour in a museum. Towards the end of the tour, she took off the glasses and said, ‘I’d rather listen to your narratives!’”   Innovative Venture – Film Audio Description Services, Audio Description Services for Outdoor Activities, Audio Description Services for Museums The innovative venture mentioned above is funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund and assisted and supported by the Fund’s intermediaries in project implementation.  The details of the innovative venture are as follows:   Name of Organisation: Audio Description Association (Hong Kong) Limited Service nature: Community Participation Beneficiary group: Persons with disabilities Project type:  Prototype Intermediary Programme: Impact Incubator , Good Seed   What is Social Entrepreneur Series? Stories of how other social entrepreneurs aspired to start their own business might facilitate your social innovation and entrepreneurship exploration. A series of social entrepreneur stories will be featured and categorised into six sub-series: Education and Learning, Job Training and Opportunities, Community Participation, Healthcare, Food and Transport.  What you are going to read are stories of social entrepreneurs taking forward the startup projects that help themselves and others.

[Waste-to-energy] The O · PARK1 Visitor Centre is Now Open!

O · PARK1, the first organic resources recovery centre in Hong Kong, converts food waste into electricity and the Visitor Centre provides a green education space that combines environmental protection, multiple technology features and learning elements. The Visitor Centre is now open to public, let's scroll down and know more about the new attractions! What is O· PARK1? O · PARK1 has been collecting food waste since July 2018. It converts food waste into biogas for power generation through the application of advanced biotechnology, with a daily food waste treatment capacity of about 200 tonnes. Apart from handling food waste, O · PARK1 is also responsible for promoting a 'food wise and waste less' culture to reduce food waste at source. Experience an exciting food-waste-to-eneger adventure The O · PARK1 Visitor Centre uses innovative computer animations to give visitors a general introduction of the centre's operation, design and craftsmanship. This is the first time that the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has integrated the use of 360-degree projection and 3D mapping technology in an educational facility.  Innovative computer animations are used to illustrate the advanced food waste treatment processes and the associated benefits in greenhouse gas reduction towards combating climate change. This also helps promote the "food wise and waste less" culture. Visitors can also experience an exciting food-waste-to-energy adventure, together with four food-waste characters, through a lively cartoon feature at the O · CLUB dome theatre. This unforgettable adventure shall enable visitors to better understand the food-waste-to-energy processes, helping to instill a behavioural change in food waste reduction at source. Get closer to "Big Waster" and the actual-size equipment and systems Outside the dome theatre, visitors will travel along an outdoor visitor path with three attractions. They can take photos with the iconic "Big Waster" at O · WELL, then stroll along the O · LINK path for a closer look at the actual-size equipment and systems, while tour guides will explain in detail the concept of converting food waste to energy and how the renewable energy can contribute towards the goal of carbon neutrality. Finally, visitors will arrive at the O · FARM sky garden, located on the rooftop of the composting and maturation building, to appreciate the horticulture. Receive a bag of compost as souvenir Shrubs in O · FARM and all the gardening within the facilities are nurtured by in-house produced compost products. Compost is the by-product generated from recycling food waste at O · PARK1 and all visitors will receive a bag of compost as a souvenir to share the benefits from food waste recycling. Details for visitors All visits must be booked. Free Cantonese, Putonghua and English guided tours are availble for booking on the online booking system of the O · Park 1 website. For details on opening hours, transportation and complimentary shuttle bus services, please click here. If you are interested in visiting other EPD facilities, please refer to EPD's website for more details.

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