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[Awardees' Sharing] Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme 2021

Organised by the Youth Development Commission (YDC), the Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme aims to encourage young people to set targets for their personal development and actively take part in community building and social services to set an example for other young people. A new batch of award recipients has been announced. Let's watch the sharing of the awardees to know more about the characteristics of an outstanding youth. (This video is broadcasted in Chinese) Want to learn more about the experience and characteristics of the awardees? >>Click here<< to watch a video series of interview with individual awardee to find out more. (The video series is broadcasted in Chinese)

[Tips from Water Save Dave] Treasure our water while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the countryside

Can you feel the cool autumn breeze? It is the season for hiking and picnic! Known for the scenic environments, the impounding reservoirs and Water Gathering Grounds (WGGs) in Hong Kong have become popular spots for countryside lovers.  While enjoying the scenic views and environments, are you also protecting our precious water resources? Tips from Water Save Dave Some tips on visiting reservoirs and WGGs are given by Water Save Dave of the Water Supplies Department (WSD) in the below videos: Want to know more about the water resources in Hong Kong? Apart from watching videos online, you can also learn the historical background and significance of various waterworks facilities by joining the "Excursion with Water Save Dave" Visiting Programme organised by WSD. The H2OPE Centre is also a place worth visiting. Through the interactive exhibits in this public education centre, visitors can gain a thorough understanding of various issues related to water resources in Hong Kong. Please refer to WSD's related websites for more information.

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