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Subscribe Hong Kong Public Holiday iCal 2022 to your electronic calendar!

From now on you can save time in adding public holidays to your electronic calendar!  1823 Online has prepared the Hong Kong Public Holidays calendar in iCal format for your use! iCal, short form of iCalendar, is a common file format used for sharing calendar data. iCal is compatible with most of the current calendar program.1823 Online currently provides data of HK public holidays for 2020-2022. For new users, public holidays for 2020-2022 will be shown in your calendar after subscribing to our iCal. For users who have already subscribed to our iCal, your mobile devices will automatically update the information of public holidays for 2019-2021 to information of 2020-2022 after synchronisation. >>>Click here to susbcribe Hong Kong Public Holiday iCal 2021 to your electronic calendar! A statutory holiday is not equivalent to public holidayThe Employment Ordinance does not require an employer to grant leaves on public holidays to his/her employees.  In Hong Kong, in addition to Sundays, there are 17 public holidays, but the number of statutory holidays is only 12.  Public holidays such as Good Friday, the day following Good Friday, Easter Day, the Buddha's Birthday and the day following Christmas Day are not statutory holidays. Please click here for more details of statutory holidays and public holidays. The 13 statutory holidays for 2022 are:1. The first day of January - 1 January (Saturday)2. Lunar New Year’s Day - 1 February (Tuesday)3. The second day of Lunar New Year - 2 February (Wednesday)4. The third day of Lunar New Year - 3 February (Thursday)5. Ching Ming Festival - 5 April (Tuesday)6. Labour Day - 1 May (Sunday)7. The Birthday of the Buddha* - 8 May (Sunday)8. Tuen Ng Festival - 3 June (Friday)9. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day - 1 July (Friday)10. The second day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - 12 September (Monday)11. National Day - 1 October (Saturday)12. Chung Yeung Festival - 4 October (Tuesday)13. Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas Day (at the option of the employer) - 22 December (Thursday) or 25 December (Sunday)(*The Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 will come into operation on 1 January 2022. The first newly added statutory holiday is the Birthday of the Buddha on 8 May 2022.)The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on a SundayAccording to the Employment Ordinance, in the event that the day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on a Sunday, the day thereafter (i.e. the 17th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar) is designated as a statutory holiday in substitution. As the day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival of 2022 falls on a Sunday, 12 September (Monday) will be designated as a statutory holiday. Please visit the website of Labour Department for more details.