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Why West Kowloon is perfect for pets

Hong Kong pet lovers are no strangers to the frustration of finding pet-friendly public parks. Fortunately, the past few years have seen more pet-friendly spaces crop up across the city, with West Kowloon becoming one of the most popular hangout spots for pet owners and their furry companions.Why West Kowloon is perfect for petsWest Kowloon offers parking and a spacious drop-off area that will allow your four-legged friends to get on and off vehicles with ease. Featuring sprawling open spaces, West Kowloon's pet-friendly Art Park, Nursery Park and Waterfront Promenade allow pet owners to exercise their pets and mingle with other pet parents in the comfort of an seaside urban oasis.Dog owners will find our Pet Zone especially appealing — this is the only area in West Kowloon that allows pets to roam freely without leashes. Waste bins and a water tap for pets are also available to make cleaning up after and caring for your pet a breeze.Stomach rumbling after a long game of fetch? Grab a bite at one of the Art Park restaurants, or head straight to the pet-friendly cafe Hooman which serves "hooman" food, and treats for your pup and offers a sweeping view of the Victoria Harbour that both of you can enjoy. (The photos and the text are provided by West Kowloon Cultural District)

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