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Co-working Spaces

Apart from capital and social networks, young people may also need office space or studio to launch their businesses. In recent years, many young entrepreneurs prefer to develop their business in a co-working space. Paying heed to their own needs and budget, young people can choose a suitable one from the many co-working spaces across the territory.

Co-working Spaces

Space Sharing Scheme for Youth

The Space Sharing Scheme for Youth serves as a platform for owners of revitalised industrial buildings and commercial buildings to contribute floor space for the operation of co-working spaces or studios. Under the scheme, the floor space will be either operated by the property owners themselves, or provided to a non-government organisation at a rent of no more than one-third of the prevailing market rent. The operator will then offer co-working spaces or studios at a concessionary rent of no more than half of the comparable market rent to young users.

First batch of participating property owners offered ten properties located in different parts of the city, including Tsuen Wan, Lai Chi Kok, Wong Chuk Hang, Wan Chai and Kwun Tong. They are operated by organisations including the Arts Development Council, Cyberport Management Company, Federation of Hong Kong Indutries, Hong Kong Innovative Education Foundation and Po Leung Kuk.

Social Innovation Co-working Space Subsidy Scheme

The Social Innovation Co-working Space Subsidy Scheme (the Scheme) is a pilot subsidy scheme launched by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) to provide support to social entrepreneurs and ventures for leasing co-working spaces in Hong Kong to run their social business for supporting poverty relief and social inclusion in Hong Kong. It has been run as a pilot for two years until end April 2020 and is now being reviewed on its effectiveness. The subsidy period of the pilot implementation of the Scheme will cease by end April 2022.

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Co-working Space Locator

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Name:blueprint by Swire PropertiesPhone:96311106Mail:blueprint@swireproperties.comDistrict:Eastern District
Name:Ooosh Hong KongPhone:27858588Mail:ask@ooo.shDistrict:Eastern District
Name:C3(Cube) Co-working Space For YouthPhone:21143942Mail:N/ADistrict:Southern District
Name:The HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovation CentrePhone: 3956 District
Name:Three Commas Group District
Name:HK WorksPhone:69197257Mail:hello@hkworks.hkDistrict:Southern District
Name:CoCoonPhone:31582999Mail:hello@hkcocoon.orgDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:Commons WorkshopPhone:39110600Mail:sales@commons.hkDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:Desk-one - Causeway BayPhone:21856660Mail:contact@desk-one.hkDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:Garage Society - Wan ChaiPhone:39527500Mail:N/ADistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:gluePhone:34965150Mail:contact@glue.hkDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:Mustard SeedPhone:23763833Mail:enquiry@mustardseed.spaceDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:theDesk - Leighton Chai District
Name:theDesk - One Hysan Chai District
Name:ThinkaholicPhone:34254496Mail:info@thinkaholic.hkDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:R One SpacePhone:29720720Mail:info@ROne.comDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:WorkTech - Island Beverley Phone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:WorkTech - Kyoto PlazaPhone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Wan Chai District
Name:Garage Society - CentralPhone:39527200Mail:N/ADistrict:Central and Western District
Name:Peak ImpactPhone:67066841Mail:jeffery@shared-impact.comDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:theDesk (United Centre) and Western District
Name:Paperclip by WorkTech Phone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:Garage Society - Sai Ying PunPhone:39527400Mail:N/ADistrict:Central and Western District
Name:Garage Society - Sheung WanPhone:39527300Mail:N/ADistrict:Central and Western District
Name:playground.workPhone:38979666Mail:N/ADistrict:Central and Western District
Name:theDesk - Sai and Western District
Name:UNO Coworking SpacePhone:34685718Mail:cs@unocoworking.comDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:WYND CO-WORKING SPACEPhone:34622777Mail:enquiry@wynd.hkDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:WorkTech - Sheung WanPhone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:WorkTech - Asia Standard TowerPhone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:WorkTech - Pearl Oriental HousePhone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Central and Western District
Name:AWG Business CentrePhone:39791699Mail:info@hkawg.comDistrict:Sham Shui Po District
Name:OneStart - Lai Chi KokPhone:35756888Mail:info@onestartoffices.comDistrict:Sham Shui Po District
Name:OooshPhone:N/AMail:ask@ooo.shDistrict:Sham Shui Po District
Name:D2 PlacePhone:36203098Mail:N/ADistrict:Sham Shui Po District
Name:Finest Design NestPhone:27411113Mail:info@finestdesignnest.comDistrict:Sham Shui Po District
Name:BLOOM Co-working SpacePhone:29614225Mail:hello@bloom.workDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:WorkTech (Cheung Kei Centre)Phone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:Desk-one - Mong KokPhone:21856661Mail:contact@desk-one.hkDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:KPC Business CentrePhone:21536500Mail:info@kpc-hk.comDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:OneStart - Mong KokPhone:35756888 Mail:info@onestartoffices.comDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:The Wave - Mong Tsim Mong District
Name:Work TogetherPhone:26639993Mail:N/ADistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:WorkCave Hong KongPhone:21594288Mail:info@workcave.hkDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:Heritage CoworkPhone:37087700Mail:Hello@HeritageCowork.comDistrict:Yau Tsim Mong District
Name:OneStart - Kwun TongPhone:35756888Mail:info@onestartoffices.comDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:VIVA WORKSPACEPhone:93672534Mail:galant@vgbhk.comDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:PARAGON BEACONPhone:35759218Mail:info@paragonasia.hkDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Paragon StudioPhone:35759218Mail:info@paragonasia.hkDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Shooting Star managed by ParagonPhone:35759218Mail:info@paragonasia.hkDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Paragon Oasis (Rooms 1 - 11)Phone:35759218Mail:info@paragonasia.hkDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Paragon Oasis (Rooms 12 - 28)Phone:35759218Mail:info@paragonasia.hkDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:INDEXPhone:39746067Mail:N/ADistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:ADC Artspace (Po Shau Centre) (Application is closed on 14 May 2018)Phone:28201071Mail:N/ADistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:ADC Artspace (Pan Asia Centre) (Application is closed on 5 September 2018)Phone:28201071Mail:N/ADistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Ozone Creative SpacePhone:27573397Mail:INFO@OZONE.IMDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:SerfficesPhone:39587777Mail:N/ADistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:SPACES WorkspacePhone:58061431Mail:reception.waiyipstreet@spacesworks.comDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Tencent WeStartPhone:22044388Mail:hello@westarthk.comDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:The Wave - Kwun Tong District Tong District
Name:Vspace PrimePhone:39558508Mail:N/ADistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:Wooder SpacePhone:55436687Mail:info@wooderspace.comDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:The Oasis Youth Co-working Tong District
Name:WorkTech - Millennium City 3Phone:39111288Mail:info@worktechasia.comDistrict:Kwun Tong District
Name:The Loft Coworking Tai Sin District
Name:Designerooms Phone:52004328Mail:info@designerooms.comDistrict:Wong Tai Sin District
Name:INFINITEPhone:57032782Mail:info@easthillproperty.comDistrict:Wong Tai Sin District
Name:Desk-one - Tsuen WanPhone:21214700Mail:contact@desk-one.hkDistrict:Tsuen Wan District
Name:Smart-Space 8 - Tsuen WanPhone:N/AMail:N/ADistrict:Tsuen Wan District
Name:CIRCOOP Coworking SpacePhone:36199575Mail:info@circoop.workDistrict:Sha Tin District

Co-working spaces included in this page are those registered with either the Social Innovation Co-working Space Subsidy Scheme under the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund or the Space Sharing Scheme for Youth under the Youth Development Commission.