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Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme

Hong Kong Fostering ICT Awards Scheme (FICTAS) is funded by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and supported by the Education Bureau. FICTAS aims to encourage secondary schools to implement the IT Innovation Laboratory Project, which will arrange twelve free online workshops for students and teachers to enhance secondary school students’ interest in IT and improve their computational thinking and innovation skills. In addition, this programme will be able to encourage secondary school students to choose technology-related education and careers.In addition, the programme will enable students to practice through a competition. Rewards:Trophies, IT equipment vouchers with total value over HKD$100,000, certificate of participation. School Groups– Gold (500 participants attend webinars/ workshops)– Silver (300 participants attend webinars/ workshops)– Bronze (100 participants attend webinars/ workshops)Individual– Gold (Attend at least 80% of courses and participate in competition)– Silver (Attend at least 80% of courses and complete a simple quiz)– Bronze (Attend at least 50% of courses and complete a simple quiz) Target Beneficiaries:All secondary schools in Hong Kong in particular outreach to schools that did not participate in EITP-related activities previously.

IT Talent Competition & Collaboration to Build POC Utilizing ABCD

The sponsorship project is funded by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) for fostering an IT learning atmosphere and stimulating students' interest in IT in secondary schools.The coronavirus pandemic has upended schooling in Hong Kong where schools turn to online learning, revealing the struggle with insufficient digital and IT skills among students.  Knowing student’s yearning to develop IT skills, not-for-profit NGO Ampower Talent Institute invites students in all secondary schools and their affiliated primary schools in Hong Kong to participate in an upcoming mentorship programme and a series of master classes, which are mainly in the form of recorded/live online classes or webinars, to equip themselves with the essential IT knowledge and skills.  Participating students of the tuition-free programme will be eligible for an IT Talent Competition, with the chance of winning great prizes and certificates, while outstanding students will be offered internship opportunities in large organizations to develop their potential and broaden their horizons.

Maximum of HK$8300 subsidy for work placement in "Digital Tech Recruits" Scheme

Cyberport, the Labour Department and Employees Retraining Board (ERB) have joined hands to present digital talent cultivation programme “Digital Tech Recruits”.This scheme aims to provide 100 tech-related work placements, provided by Cyberport community companies, to ERB trainees who have completed or are currently enrolled in "Innovation and Technology" training courses. The scheme facilitates trainees of the ERB to apply their knowledge and gain practical experience working in I&T companies, matching the needs for digital tech and  I&T talents in the labour market and bringing more human resources to the industry. Participants of the Digital Tech Recruits will be matched with Cyberport community companies according to the “ABCDE” training courses they took (the mnemonic “ABCDE” stands for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data and eCommerce). During the placement, participating companies will provide participants with on-the-job training, and assign an experienced staff member to be their mentor. Upon completion of the 30-day placement, each participant can receive a maximum of HK$8300 subsidy, and part of the amount will be covered by the participating companies. In addition, Cyberport Academy will work with the community companies to organise career orientation and technology skills training, providing a complete career development path in the I&T industry for participants to consider. For the vacancies of the tech-related work placements, please visit the website of iTalent.

Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students

In the Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students (The Festival), the Organiser brought to you the 5 themes including Artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Open Data, a festival for students, teachers,parents and principals to enjoy. List of innovative events embodies our core competence of imagination, problem-solving, creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and usage of data. The Organiser will provide a series of innovative exploration programmes to ignite the passion for deep rooted fun learning journey of students.Through the joint efforts of more than 15 partners and units, the Organiser has developed 45+ unique and fantastic programmes for you this year. Highlighted events include: Music Performance for families to enjoy via trainings and experiencing at the Music DIY Instrument Workshops; Robotic Contest that allows students to understand the principles and practical applications of robot technology and inspire young intelligence to become robotics engineer; Youth Hackathon that deepens students’ understanding of programming to motivate students’ computational thinking skills; on-off line booth showcase as a platform to display students’ works with dynamic learning solutions of training partners for everyone to enjoy fun learning innovation and technology. You will surely be able to find some programmes that catch your interest. The Festival also paves the way for applying “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools” which is implemented by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. Through participating in workshops and seminars, teachers will deepen their understanding of innovative information technology equipment in classroom, and learn to organise related extracurricular activities to establish an innovative information technology foundation for students.

SciTech Challenge 2021

SciTech Challenge is HKSTP’s annual competition open for innovators to pitch and demonstrate their ideas, products and solutions to various industry end-users. In 2021, the theme of SciTech Challenge is “Technology Enabled by Voice” with Cantonese as the language. With voice-assistants, users can now speak and interact with their appliances like mobile, home appliances, gaming, social networking, or even more. There are endless opportunities!