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Films & Drama

Film festivals The choice of films available in Hong Kong is wide. You will find a large variety of comedy, horror, sci-fi and romantic movies at many mainstream cinemas in town. But you may also be interested in checking out some non-mainstream films. LCSD's Film Programme Office and the Hong Kong Arts Centre regularly launch film festivals with various themes throughout the year. The films at these festivals may not be as obscure as some people believe. In fact, some very popular movies were actually premiered in film festivals in Hong Kong. RTHK film channels If you are a movie fan constantly craving the hottest movie news, visit movie world [Chinese version only] on RTHK Radio 1 and film world [Chinese version only] on Radio 5. These programmes bring you the latest news on films. Hong Kong’s movie history Have you ever wondered why Hong Kong movies have become so influential across the world? Get acquainted with Hong Kong’s movie history at the Hong Kong Film Archive – a must-visit place where the most precious assets of Hong Kong’s film history from the past 100 years are archived. Theatre groups in Hong Kong While movies let you enjoy the magic of the silver screen, the stage offers you the unique experience of a live performance. You will find some truly compelling drama performances by the Hong Kong Reperory Theatre. Also, do not miss the performances by the Chung Ying Theatre and Zuni Icosahedron. Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s outreach and educational activities Or take part in the outreach and educational activities [Chinese version only]organised by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. Here, students can watch dramas tailored for them and have a chance to experience stage productions. Chung Ying Theatre's outreach and educational activities Chung Ying Theatre's educational projects [Chinese version only] and community outreaching activities[Chinese version only] also open the door of theatrical art and allow students and the community to enjoy a joyful theatre experience. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ training programmes You can also enrol on the training programmes organised by EXCEL, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to develop your potential. Major arts festivals Every year the Hong Kong Arts Festival brings you the newest and most groundbreaking performances, while the Thematic Arts Festival is organised every autumn with a different theme each year. Performances in the International Arts Carnival are often the cutest and funniest, perfect for everybody. Joining Young Friends of Hong Kong Arts Festival One more tip: you can attend TWO Festival performances or rehearsals by joining Young Friends of Hong Kong Arts Festival. So sign up today. Up-to-date information about films & dramas For up-to-date information about what is on, logon to LCSD's performing venues or the official websites of the relevant organisations for more information. Or simply search for your desired programmes in our Activities page.