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e-Book Highlights - Sweetness – Master Dessert

You may browse selected articles from below e-databases via E-Account; or Library card; or Smart Identity Card allowed for Library Purposes; AND Password.If you have never applied for a library card or E-Account of Hong Kong Public Libraries, please visit the Hong Kong Public Libraries website to know more aboout the application details.    《Cook's Illustrated Baking Book》 Introduction: The “Cook's Illustrated Baking Book” has recipes for all your favourite cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, breads, pizza, and more along with kitchen-tested techniques that will transform your baking. Recipes range from easy to more ambitious. This book also provides illustrated chapters which offers information on key ingredients and equipment.   Author:America's Test KitchenPublisher: America's Test Kitchen, 2018Source: OverDrive eBooks (Back to top) 《Delightful Nyonya Treats》 Introduction: The Peranakans are known for their outstanding cuisine. The cuisine combined the best cooking styles and ingredients from the Chinese and Malay kitchens. Nyonya snacks and desserts make delightful treats with their vibrant colors, aromatic flavors and endless variety. The renowned Peranakans chef shares 30 recipes for irresistible Nyonya delights. Author: Philip ChiaPublisher: Marshall Cavendish International, 2016Print Book:Library CatalogueSource: Apabi Chinese eBooks (Back to top) 《法國藍帶巧克力製作 初級》 (Please refer to the Chinese version) Author: 法國藍帶廚藝學院Publisher: 中國輕工業出版社,2014Source: Apabi Chinese eBooks (Back to top)   《烘焙女王YOYO的私藏手札》 (Please refer to the Chinese version) Author: 孫曉鵬Publisher: 江蘇鳳凰科學技術出版社,2015Source: Apabi Chinese eBooks (Back to top) (The information is provided by Hong Kong Public Libraries)