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A $33 license enables you to fish in reservoirs!

There are 17 reservoirs and 9 irrigation reservoirs in Hong Kong that were open to the public for fishing in the non-spawning season previously. In view of the ever-growing public interest in fishing activities, the Water Supplies Department (WSD) announced that the fishing period in reservoirs will be relaxed starting on 21 April 2022, allowing anglers holding valid fishing licences to fish in all reservoirs in Hong Kong throughout the year. Any person who would like to fish in the reservoirs may apply for a fishing licence from the Water Supplies Department. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The licence will be valid for 3 years and the fee is HK$33. To apply for the licence, you must be over 13. There is no restriction on the number of fishing licences to be issued each year. Apply for a Fishing LicenceAnglers should observe the terms and conditions of the fishing licence to safeguard the precious water resources from being polluted. The WSD reminds anglers and other visitors to keep the gathering grounds, catchwaters and reservoir areas clean, not to litter or throw rubbish or objects into the reservoirs, and to avoid activities such as water play, swimming, washing or ritual release of animals, including fish, in gathering grounds, catchwaters and reservoirs to safeguard water safety and public health. Polluting the reservoirs is an offence. Upon conviction, the offender is liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and two years' imprisonment. Some observations for the anglers The use of nets or other appliances (apart from rod and line) or the use of explosive or toxic substances to catch or destroy fish is strictly prohibited. The use of boats, dinghies, rafts etc. for fishing is prohibited. All Black Bass under 360 mm, all Snakehead under 300 mm and all other fish species under 180 mm in length measured from tip of nose to fork of tail shall be immediately returned alive to the water. Not more than two Black Bass 360 mm or over and two Snakehead 300 mm or over and two numbers of each species 180 mm or over in length for any other fish species shall be retained by any one angler in one day. To protect fish, birds and people from lead poisoning, anglers are prohibited to use lead fishing sinkers. The release of any animals, including fish and reptiles, into reservoirs without the prior permission of the Water Authority is prohibited. Do not litter or pollute the reservoirs. For more details, please visit WSD website.