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Running with Hong Kong's nightscape as your backdrop

Running outdoors is getting "trendy". Many people have become more conscious of their health and developed an appetite for running, not in the gym on a treadmill, but outdoors, whatever the weather. Well, if running is your thing, there is no better place than in the Art Park with the harbour and lights of Hong Kong as a backdrop.Running outdoors in the summer months puts a heavy demand on your physical strength and endurance. That is great for burning off those calories, but you also need to watch out for the dangers of the strong sun, heatstroke and dehydration. So, we recommend running during the evening when it is not only cooler but also allows you to appreciate Hong Kong’s stunning nightscape. It’s also easier to establish a habit of regular running three or four times a week if you run in the evening. When people new to running think about running at night, they might be concerned about seeing the route ahead and being seen by traffic if they run near roads. But running round the West Kowloon Art Park means no traffic, well-lit paths and flat pavements (just watch those curbs!). If you set off early enough you’ll also be treated to one of the best sunset views in the city.If you are more of the more spontaneous kind and don’t come prepared, don’t worry, there are vending machines on the promenade with water and sports drinks. If you are the kind of person who thinks a good run deserves a good reward afterwards, there are plenty of places to eat too. And if the run tires you out too much you can get revitalised just by looking at the lights of Hong Kong and reminding yourself that you are looking at one of the greatest views in the world.  (The photos and the text are provided by West Kowloon Cultural District)

How does the weather affect running?

How does the weather during the day and at night affect running?  How does temperature affect relative humidity?  What things do we need to pay attention to before and after running?  Karen Cheng and Dr. Lobo H.T. Louie will explain these in this episode of "Cool Met Stuff".(The programme is broadcasted in Cantonese) (For more details, please click here to read the article written by Hong Kong Observatory) (Information provided by Hong Kong Observatory)