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"To Be Here, It's Good" Transcending without Boundary featuring Master No Rae

 “To Be Here, It’s Good” is a brand new interview series brought to you by the Youth Development Commission, in connection with the “Youth Development Blueprint” of the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau. The series not only depicts the appearance of Hong Kong as a city but also reveals the stories of the non-locally born citizens who have already regarded Hong Kong as their “home away from home”. Starting from “852”, the international area code of Hong Kong, the series invites foreigners who have been living in Hong Kong for various durations to share their stories. Each of them came to Hong Kong for a different reason. How did they adapt to Hong Kong and, deal with the difficulties? What does Hong Kong look like in their eyes? And how did they discover the uniqueness of Hong Kong?Often times, we would be inspired by others’ stories. And sometimes we would even uncover something that has been forgotten or ignored. This series of little-known, genuine yet extraordinary "852" stories highlight that Hong Kong is multi-cultural, highly inclusive, full of opportunities and potentials.The public is welcome to watch the related interview videos or articles. Let’s rediscover Hong Kong and explore the infinite possibilities of “852” together. Transcending without Boundary featuring Master No Rae"Hello, I'm No Rae. People also call me Master No. I've been in Hong Kong since 2014." Hello, my name is No Rae. “Taekwondo” is three letters in Korean. “Tae” means kicking and then have foot techniques, “Kwon” means to punch and then have hand techniques, and the last “Do” is the way of human and their learning about manners and respect. So we are trying to teach them not just punch and kick techniques. We also try to teach them how to control themselves, how to learn, how to respect your parents, teachers and each other.I'm a Taekwondo master in Hong Kong. I have trained Taekwondo since I was young. I also studied Taekwondo major in university. And then I tried to go other countries to teach Taekwondo, like Ukraine, Indonesia and Philippines. I want to promote the spirit of Taekwondo in other countries. That's why I asked the professor, “Where can I teach Taekwondo instead of Korea?” So he suggested me to come to Hong Kong. So that's why I choose to come here. I was not afraid to come to Hong Kong alone because this is what I want to promote Taekwondo abroad. Originally I planned to come to Hong Kong just for a year. But after I tried to teach Taekwondo in Hong Kong, I feel that Hong Kong parents care about the children's  grooming and their development, and they spend a lot of time, also efforts on the children’s development. And also they have a good mindset, an open mind. I think it can be good to promote Taekwondo in Hong Kong. Taekwondo is not just teaching the knowledge and skills. We also need some connection with the children. It makes them more trained with the masters and follow the masters. Because after building a relationship and having a connection with them, they would understand how to respect, how to listen, how to concentrate and how to focus on the masters. We have several students who had some problems or some suffer with the ADHD. In the beginning they were very struggling to learn something because it was not easy for them to focus. But after training and then we encouraged them and trained them to focus, they overcome that and they get improved. And some students are already “black belt” now. So I think Taekwondo can help ADHD students too, to gain more focus and concentration. It's good to be here to be able to help nurture and contribute to Hong Kong society.I am so proud of and moved by their transformation. Actually when I came to Hong Kong, I feel that Hong Kong is not too different from Korea. Their work life and their lifestyle is very similar to Korean’s. They work hard and work until late and then they move very fast. And they are smart too and they are quick changing. In Korea, it’s also similar. Hong Kong is a very unique and also a multicultural city. Many other countries’ people come to Hong Kong to work. So I think that they have many chances to expose to different cultures and different styles. They don't have just a fixed culture because I think they have Eastern and Western culture together. So it's very interesting to have some stories with them and their mind too. Hong Kong is a very good place to learn about the global mindset. The young Hong Kong people are very smart and have good potentials. Hong Kong people normally speak like three languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English. That means they have more chances to go to more markets. So I think they can go more global. So like me, if I can speak only Korean, I cannot go to other countries or it would be very difficult in the beginning. But you guys, the Hong Kong guys are easier than us. They can already learn about different cultures. Hong Kong young generation has a good potential and advantage. I think you can use this advantage to work hard in the future. So Hong Kong people, you guys can be global leaders. Fighting! Youth Development Commission"To Be Here, It's Good" Campaign webpage : : :  

National Security Education Day 2023

On 1 July 2015, the National Security Law of the people's Republic of China was adopted at the 15th Session of the Standing Committee of the 12th National people's Congress, and 15 April each year was designated as the National Security Education Day. The National Security Education Day aims at raising public awareness of national security, creating a positive atmosphere of safeguarding national security, enhancing the capacity to fend off national security risks, deepening public understanding of the Constitution, the Basic Law and national security, and fostering a sense of national identity. The activites for 2023 are as follows: “National Security Education Day” Opening Ceremony cum Seminars Themes of the seminars 1. National security challenges in today's international situation and counter measures2. Challenges of financial security and cyber security and counter measures3. The Hong Kong National Security Law and the practice of the rule of lawVenue: Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Time: Live stream by RTHK 32 from 9:30am on 15 April “National Security Education Day” Flag Raising CeremonyThe Security Bureau and the disciplined services departments and auxillary forces under it will jointly host a flag raising ceremony at the Hong Kong Police College, Wong Chuk Hang.Venue:  TheHong Kong Police College, Wong Chuk HangTime: Live stream by RTHK 32 from 7:40am on 15 April Open Day of Disciplined Services Departments’ Training SchoolsThe Security Bureau and the disciplined services departments and auxillary forces under it will open five disciplined services departments’ training schools to the public to deepen the community’s understanding of their work as well as the work of safeguarding national security and the effectiveness of such work. Locations of the open day:1. Hong Kong Police College, Wong Chuk Hang2. Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development, Castle Peak Bay, Tuen Mun3. Hong Kong Customs College, Tuen Mun4. Hong Kong Correctional Services Academy, Stanley5. Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, Tseung Kwan O TV and radio programme “NSL Chronicles II”“NSL Chronicles II” is coordinated by the Security Bureau, supported by the Department of Justice and produced by RTHK. Broadcast will commence on RTHK 31 and Radio 1 on 16 April 2023. Thereafter, the programme will be aired on RTHK 31 every Sunday evening at 7:30m - 8pm, and RTHK Radio 1 every Sunday afternoon at 4pm - 5pm. National Security Education Exhibition 1. A large scale exhibition will be held at the following three locations from 15 April to 30 June 2023. 15 April - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre16 April to 5 May - Central Government Offices, Admiralty6 May to 30 June - City Gallery 2. Community roving exhibition will be held at the following nine locations from 15 April to 30 June 2023. 15 April to 28 April - Hong Kong Central Library29 April to 5 May - Kowloon Park Arcade6 May to 10 May - Olympian City I11 May to 20 May - Queensway Government Offices21 May to 26 May - Citywalk II27 May to 2 June - Tai Po Mega Mall3 June to 16 June - The Rotunda, Exchange Square17 June to 23 June - MOSTown, Ma On Shan24 June to 30 June - Civic Education Resources Centre, Youth Square, Chai Wan  Activities Organised by 18 Districts for the “National Security Education Day” The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Home Affairs Department support the “National Security Education Day”. The District Offices under the Department will launch activities in 18 Districts as follows. Central and Western Central and Western District National Security Education Day Seminar in Celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR Eastern National Security Education in Eastern District Kowloon City Kowloon City District National Security Law Promotional Seminar Kwun Tong Kwun Tong District National Security Education Day Carnival 2023 Southern Southern District Youth Talent Show cum Prize Presentation Ceremony for the National Security Education Day Sham Shui Po  “Safeguarding National Security with Sham Shui Po” National Security Education Day Wan Chai Wan Chai National Security Education Day Carnival cum Football Competition Wong Tai Sin The National Security Story - Sharing Session for “Love in Wong Tai Sin, Little National Security Teachers” Yau Tsim Mong Know Your National Security - 415 National Security Workshop   Know Your National Security - 415 National Security Education Day Board Game Event   National Security Education Day Bus Parade in Yau Tsim Mong Islands National Security Education Day Variety Show 2023 in Islands District Kwai Tsing Kwai Tsing District National Security Education Canival North North District National Security Education Day Carnival 2023 Sai Kung Sai Kung New Journey Series - National Security Education Day Sha Tin Sha Tin District National Security Education Day Tai Po  “Security Brings Prosperity” - Tai Po District National Security Education Fun Day Tsuen Wan Campus roving exhibition on promoting The National Security Law in Tsuen Wan Tuen Mun Competitions and Award Ceremony for National Security Education Day in Tuen Mun District Yuen Long  “Prosperity, Peace and Happiness Across Nation” - National Security Education Day in Yuen Long District   Members of the public are welcome to visit the National Security Education Day's dedicated website and the Activity overview to view the full list of events.

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