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[Distinguished Public Officers] To Chi Hung, Consultant (Medicine and Geriatrics) of Hospital Authority

Winner of The Ombudsman’s Awards 2021 for Officers of Public Organisations“Foster a good doctor-patient relationship by listening, understanding and communicating.” To Chi Hung, Consultant (Medicine and Geriatrics) / Deputy Service Director (Quality andSafety), NT West Cluster of Hospital Authority "Lasting for almost two years, the pandemic not only increased the workload in wards, but also affected hospital visiting. Family members find it difficult to understand the patients’ conditions fully as they are not allowed to visit. Even though my team and I tried hard to communicate with them, sometimes they still feel discontented because of expectation difference and thus make complaints. Every time we encounter a complaint, we will work closely together with the patient relations officers and related departments and do our best to listen and communicate with the complainants and patients, letting them know that we care and we take every case seriously." (The video is in Cantonese) For more details of The Ombudsman’s Awards 2021, please visit the website of the Office of The Ombudsman.