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Job TitleTerms of AppointmentAcademic Qualification RequirementSalaryApplication DeadlineVideoApply
Registration Assistant

Companies Registry

Terms of Appointment:Non-civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:HKDSEE results, HKALE results, HKCEE resultsSalary:Monthly HKD$ 19,200Application Deadline:02-04-2020ApplyApply
Armourer III

Hong Kong Police Force

Terms of Appointment:Civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Certificate, HKDSEE results, HKCEE results, Secondary 5Salary:Monthly HKD$ 22,725Application Deadline:09-04-2020ApplyApply

Fire Services Department

Terms of Appointment:Civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:HKDSEE results, HKCEE resultsSalary:Monthly HKD$ 22,405Application Deadline:02-04-2020VideoVideoApplyApply
Dental Officer

Department of Health

Terms of Appointment:Civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Professional QualificationSalary:Monthly HKD$ 64,270Application Deadline:16-04-2020ApplyApply
Instructor (Carpentry)

Correctional Services Department

Terms of Appointment:Civil serviceAcademic Qualification Requirement:Secondary 3 or belowSalary:Monthly HKD$ 21,780Application Deadline:09-04-2020ApplyApply

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Gov Job


Ten exams a year for a Pilot

Government Flying Service Pilot Dickson said, “I believe most boys share the same dream of becoming a pilot and soaring in the sky.”Hhowever, he needs to take 10 examinations a year to make his dream come true. Pilot is a job which requires high proficiency. To become a Pilot of the Government Flying Service, the requirements are strict. But how strict? Regular ExaminationPilots not only have to do regular training but also to sit for regular pilot license examinations and instrument rating examinations. Helicopter pilots are required to sit for examinations on performing search and rescue operations (day or night), firefighting or lifting operations, mountain landing, etc. Take a Pilot I as an example, he /she will need to sit for 10 regular examinations in a year. Regular internshipsPilots will visit overseas training schools regularly. In a flight simulator, they will be given chances to response to emergency situations which cannot be simulated using a real plane. There are also overseas placement programmes lasting more than half a year for pilots to experience flying under adverse weather or other circumstances, helping them to be well prepared for search and rescue operations in inclement weather. It takes quite some time and effort to bring this pilot dream come true. Let’s strive to take it to the sky! Contributing Editor: Sophie

Gov Job


Why choose to be a Social Worker at the SWD?

        “Why do you want to be a social worker?”Almost every social worker has to give an answer to that question, to oneself and most probably to the interviewers as well.The answer could be quite simple, “To help the needy and the underprivileged.” “Then why do you choose to work at the Social Welfare Department?”Edmond and Zoe, social workers of the Social Welfare Department, hold their beliefs: to use their abilities to help the beneficiaries. Zoe worked at an Integrated Family Service Centre when she first joined the Social Welfare Department. Her duties included providing consultation, counselling and referral services, as well as organising counselling groups and activities for members of the public. She regarded the work at the Social Welfare Department different from that in a non-government organisation to a certain extent. Posts such as Probation Officer, Medical Social Worker at a Psychiatric Department of a hospital and Social Worker at the Adoption Unit are unique to the Social Welfare Department. Every day there could be unexpected situations, making the work of a social worker a challenging one.Edmond is currently working at the Medical Social Services Unit which mainly provides counselling service for psychiatric patients and their families and utilizes available social resources to facilitate their re-integration into society. He pointed out that social workers at the Social Welfare Department are required to perform law-related duties and prepare legal reports, which pose challenges to their abilities in investigation, organisation and report-writing. It is always the mission of a social worker to do their utmost to help and stand by every beneficiary. Contributing Editor: Sophie

Gov Job


Job Overview


Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test

Please read thoroughly the "Notes for Applicants" and "Frequently Asked Questions"