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[Youth Hostel] Fortune Loft。Co-Living by TWGH

In promoting sharing of social capital to address the housing needs of young people, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGH) has introduced “Fortune Loft Co-Living” (the Project).  By renovating a tenement building located at the junction of Fuk Tsun Street and Lime Street, the Project provides young people with an affordable place and platform for co-living.   Objectives of the Project 1. To provide young people with the “Co-living Model” as an alternative living option.2. To encourage young people to interact and support each other through co-living, apart from providing affordable living places.3. To encourage young people to develop a saving habit; a saving scheme is in place to help them prepare for the future.4. To encourage young people to build a sense of belonging to the community they live in through their participation in the “Good Neighbour Scheme” in which they pay visits to elderly people and help organise neighbourhood-building activities.Co-living Model - Rooms shared with 2 to 3 tenants- Shared public area - including kitchen, washroom, bathroom, living room, rooftop, etc.- Shared household chores, sharing of skills and supporting each other. Saving Scheme - The Scheme is set up to promote the saving habit. Tenants are encouraged to set up a monthly saving plan, upon completion of which they will be entitled to a proportional matching subsidy.- The proportion would be 3:1. For example, if a participant saves HKD300, the Scheme will match it with HKD100. The maximum matching amount is HKD1,200 per month.  The total sum will be released upon completion of the saving plan for participants to pursue further personal development.- Eligible tenants are required to deposit the amount to a designated account and submit the monthly bank statements for the Scheme’s record. Matching subsidy for the month will not be granted if for any reason the amount has not been saved to the account.- Tenants are required to notify the officer-in-charge in case part of the saving needs to be withdrawn in the event of unanticipated situations such as unemployment, urgent medical needs, etc.Good Neighbour Scheme - To encourage young people to contribute to the neighbourhood so as to enhance their sense of belonging, tenants are required to participate in the "Good Neighbor Scheme" (minimum 30 service hours per year) to build a co-living community together.- Activities include visiting the elderly in the neighbourhood, assisting in maintenance, organising neighbour gatherings and cultural activities, and promoting the co-living idea. Criteria - Working youth between 18 and 30 years old (at the time of the application deadline) who is a Hong Kong Permanent Resident, and - wth a monthly income of below HKD24,100 and personal assets valued below HKD379,875, and does not solely own or partly own any property, and- acknowledges and agrees to the “Co-living Model” and willing to share skills and information, support each other, also participate in the Good Neighbour Scheme and the Saving Scheme. Details and how to apply: http://www.tungwahcsd.org/en/our-services/social-enterprises-and-social-innovation/social-innovation/CO-LIVING/introduction;category/13 Enquiry tel: 2142 0233

[Youth Hostel] The HKFYG Youth Hostel "PH2"

The HKFYG Youth Hostel PH2 of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) is Hong Kong’s first all-purpose youth hostel under the Youth Hostel Scheme. It is located at 2 Po Heung Street, Tai Po Market, and was formerly a HKFYG Youth S.P.O.T. Having been rebuilt and reprovisioned into a 20-storey building, it now comprises the Youth S.P.O.T. on the ground and first floors, communal facilities for PH2 on the second and third floors, and accommodation units from floors 4 to 19. PH2 provides single units for one-person households and co-living units for two- and three-person households. During their residence, young people will have the opportunity of a diversified learning journey which would enhance their life skills including financial planning, living in community, self-awareness and sharing with others. These competencies will be nurtured through activities and services provided by the Tai Po Youth S.P.O.T. which will be their support safety net. Eligibility - Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above but below 31 as at the application deadline.- Monthly income not exceeding HKD24,100 for a one-person household applicant. (The household income level of a two-person household applicant should not exceed twice that of a one-person household).- Total net asset not exceeding HKD379,875 and HKD759,750 respectively for a one-person household and a two-person household.- Working youth who do not own or co-own any domestic property in Hong Kong. Details: https://ph2.hkfyg.org.hkEnquiry tel: 2656 0009