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Primary School Master/ Mistress

As part of the civil service, being a government school teacher is a stable yet challenging job.  Diversified professional duties of teachers, as well as rich opportunities for teachers’ professional development, such as participation in secondment programs, cross-school learning circles, mainland or overseas exchange activities, etc. can add more charm to teaching life! Primary School Master/ Mistress Grade Recruitment rank of the Primary School Master/ Mistress Grade is Assistant Primary School Master/ Mistress (APSM), APSMs are mainly deployed on teaching duties and assisting in the implementation of education policies and initiatives in government primary schools. The salary is Master Pay Scale Point 15 ($34,060 per month) to Point 29 ($65,875 per month). Please refer to the Education Bureau’s recruitment page for the entry requirements. If you are willing to devote yourself to education, Apply Now via the Civil Service Bureau website. Career Path for Education Grades As part of the Education Grades, diversified career development opportunities are available for APSMs, please refer to the following diagram for the career path. For more details, please refer to Education Bureau recruitment page.