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Ngong Ping Cherry Blossoms (Season Limited)

There is a recent trend to admire spring flowers and cherry trees in Hong Kong. The cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping thrived in the past four years and bloomed steadily after the adaptation period. It has become one of the cherry blossom viewing spots in Hong Kong. And a "blossom-seasons-tourism" has also been gradually developed on Lantau Island, allowing flower lovers and tourists to watch the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy a leisurely journey. Every year from about the end of December to the end of March, different types of cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping will start blooming one after another. The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) has planted around 400 cherry trees and native spring-flowering trees in the Ngong Ping area, including Bellflower Cherry, Bellflower Cherry (Double-flowered), Guangzhou Cherry, Xiaoqiao Cherry, Southern Early Cherry and Kawazu-zakura. Bellflower Cherry is the major cherry tree species planted in the area. It is a native cherry tree species in southern China and is the earliest blooming cherry blossom in Ngong Ping.In view of the impact of the fifth wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 on the public's outing, CEDD specially recorded the beauty of cherry blossoms and spring flowers, so that the public can watch the flowers without leaving home. It also reminds the public to reduce outings and social activities, maintain appropriate social distancing with others, maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, and fight the epidemic together.To help the public and visitors better appreciate the planted trees, tree labels are provided with QR codes for the newly planted ones. Details about the trees are accessible via tablets or smartphones. For details about the Landscape Improvement Works in Ngong Ping and the Ngong Ping Spring Flower Trail, please visit the website of CEDD.