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[Serve the society regardless of race] Fireman Minhas Mohammad Osama

It is Minhas Mohammad Osama’s dream to be a fireman! This day he finally completed his training! Everyone, regardless of race, can unleash their potentials at work and make contribution to Hong Kong! (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Government Job Opportunities for Non-Ethnic Chinese

(Please click here to watch the same video narrated in English) Assistant Primary School Mistress, Miss Amypreet Kaur, "I know that applicants for civil service posts at degree or professional level are required to attain specific results in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE). At first, I was worried that my Chinese reading and writing abilities would not be sufficient for me to obtain the necessary result in the Use of Chinese paper. After two attempts, I successfully obtained “Level 2” result. I am glad that my efforts in preparing for the exam paid off." "Why don’t you give it a try like me and apply for a government job?" Please watch the video for more information about the Government measures to facilitate the employment of non-ethnic Chinese in the civil service. Official recruitment page