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Love Upgrading Special Scheme (Phase 3)

The Employees Retraining Board has launched the “Love Upgrading Special Scheme” (Phase 3) (the Scheme) in January 2021 to enhance the support for job seekers and employees affected by economic downturn for skills enhancement.  In Phase 3, the training target is substantially increased to 20,000 and the number of training courses is increased to about 450, nearly half of them can be conducted online. The Scheme offers more training options, including 281 vocational skills courses, 16 innovative technology courses, 26 generic skills courses and 116 dedicated courses for young people, new arrivals, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and persons recovered from work injuries.  All training courses are offered free of charge. In addition, the Scheme introduced the flexible disbursement of training allowance that the attendance rate requirement for disbursing the special allowance is lowered from 80% to 60 so as to facilitate trainees to seek employment when training.  The maximum amount of special allowance for each eligible trainee is $5,800 per month. Applicants have to be unemployed, underemployed or required by employers to take no pay leave on or after 1 June 2019 and should meet the entry requirements of individual courses.  Eligible applicants can submit the application in person, by post or online.   Application period: 1 January to 30 June 2021