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【#LifePlanning】Five Stories of Life Planning

The beginning of work life marks the beginning of another life stage. While there are a vast variety of occupations and industry prospects, it is natural to ponder the way to make informed and suitable decisions for our career plan in the future. A video titled “The Five Stories of Life Planning” which features five life stories about self-discovery and career exploration is produced by “La Violet Charity Foundation” (Chinese version only), a funded organisation of the “Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities”. The interviewees come from different walks of life. They are Shala, a Singer and a Composer; Zowie, a Media Editor; Ranger, a Business Development Officer of a social enterprise; Wing, a Community Tour Guide; and Hannah, a Marketing Manager of a social enterprise. Let’s listen to their life stories and advice on life planning. “The Five Stories of Life Planning” (Source: The Youth Development Commission Facebook Page)  About “Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities” The Youth Development Commission provides subsidies for non-governmental organisations to work in collaboration with secondary schools in organising a wide variety of life planning projects for the youth under the “Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities” (the Scheme). By offering in-depth, appropriate and continuous individual counselling services, the Scheme aims at helping the youth to search for their life goals and to be well prepared for the next life stage. For more information, please visit the website.

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2021 HKDSE: Revised Examination Timetable, Streamlining of Public Examination and School-based Assessment

Due to the extended class suspension which has adversely affected the learning and teaching for the student cohort sitting the 2021 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) announced a number of one-off contingency measures and streamlining of assessment frameworks for the 2021 HKDSE.The examination timetable compressed The 2021 HKDSE Category A subjects written examinations will be deferred to between 23 April and 20 May 2021 and the examination timetable compressed to cope with the unpredictable development of the COVID-19 pandemic. The HKEAA targets to release the 2021 HKDSE results on 21 July 2021. Please refer to the latest Timetable for details.The HKEAA has also drawn up a reserve examination timetable in case the written examinations cannot be held as scheduled due to a worsening pandemic. According to the reserve timetable, the written examinations will commence on 3 June 2021 and the results will be released by 31 August 2021.The speaking examinations of both Chinese Language and English Language will be cancelledMeanwhile, except for Mathematics, the assessment frameworks of 23 Category A subjects have been revised for the 2021 HKDSE, with a view to freeing up learning time and providing more flexibility for teachers and students. Some assessment tasks that require face-to-face contacts, need to be completed in school or require intensive individual teacher guidance have been cancelled or streamlined. The speaking examinations of both Chinese Language and English Language will be cancelled, and the practical examinations of Physical Education and Music will be streamlined and scheduled for mid February to mid April next year. The School-based Assessment of some subjects will be cancelledThe School-based Assessment of nine subjects, including Chinese Literature, Literature in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science: Combined Science/Integrated Science, Health Management and Social Care, Information and Communication Technology as well as Technology and Living, have been cancelled and five subjects, including Liberal Studies, Chinese Language, English Language, Design and Applied Technology, Visual Arts, have been streamlined. The written examination requirements of nine subjects, such as the total number of questions to be attempted, the number of compulsory and optional questions, etc. have been revised. As a result of the above changes, the subject weighting of the remaining papers/parts will be adjusted, and the examination time of some papers will be shortened.In addition, the Assessment Schemes of some Category B Applied Learning subjects would be modified where necessary. The speaking and written examinations of Category C subjects had been held in October 2020 according to the published schedule of the Cambridge Assessment International Education Details of the changes to the 2021 HKDSE are available in the school circular concerned.

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Education Bureau Life Planning Information Website

Provides information about Careers, Studies, E-Learning for Students, and other latest information about life planning.



Advanced Diploma in Tree Management and Conservation

HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)

Part time

[Yi Jin Diploma]Basic Medical Care

Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT)

Full time

Associate in Design (Visual Communication)

Hong Kong Community College

Full time

Master of Landscape Architecture

The University of Hong Kong

Full time

BBA (Hons) in Marketing

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Full time

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