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YETP of the Labour Department - Retail and Public Services Recruitment Day

In the coming “Retail and Public Services Recruitment Day” organised by the YETP of the Labour Department, Sa Sa Cosmetic Company Limited and Labour Department (in random order) are offering 85 on-the-job training vacancies without requirements on related academic qualification or work experience for YETP trainees and interested young people, including Sales Trainee/Junior Beautician Trainee, Part-time Cashier, Part-time Shop Assistant and Administrative Assistant.

YETP's Enhancement Measures: Providing Retention Allowance

Providing Retention Allowance On a pilot basis, the Labour Department is providing a retention allowance from 1 September 2020 to young people who have participated in the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) to encourage them to undergo and complete on-the-job training (OJT), thereby stabilising employment. The pilot scheme will run for three years during which trainees will be offered a retention allowance of $3,000 if they are engaged in full-time OJT for 3 months. Thereafter, they will receive an additional allowance of $1,000 for completion of each subsequent month until the end of the 6 to 12-month OJT period. For part-time posts, the respective amounts payable will be halved. Subject to the length of the OJT period, the maximum amount of the retention allowance an eligible trainee may receive under the pilot scheme is $12,000. Increasing On-the-job Training Allowance In addition, from 1 September 2020, the maximum amount of the OJT allowance payable to employers for engaging a trainee under the YETP is increased from $4,000 to $5,000 per month for a period of 6 to 12 months with a view to further encouraging employers to hire young people. For details, please refer to the website of YETP of the Labour Department.

(YETP) Need jobs? Try On-the-job Training

It is not easy to find a job, right?Why not try to find a job through On-the-Job Training under YETP of Labour Department?Job Application Process 1. Trainees may select on-the-job training vacancy online by themselves or under the guidance of Case Managers and register with the Programme Office. The Programme Office may also introduce suitable on-the-job training vacancies to trainees depending on different needs and situations. 2.The Programme Office will verify the eligibility of Trainees who register for vacancies or inform them of the registration progress within four working days, then confirm the arrangement of interviews or submission of trainees' resumes with Employers and refer Trainees to Employers for recruitment selection. 3.When Employers receive Trainees' resumes, they may arrange interviews or other recruitment process with Trainees directly or through the Programme Office. 4. Employers have to return all the referral results to the Programme Office so as to inform both Trainees and their case managers of the results afterwards. If Trainees did not receive any notification about interview two weeks after submission of resumes, they should assume their applications unsuccessful and consider applying for other job vacancies. 5. If Employers contact trainees to make employment arrangement directly, Trainees should inform their case manager and the Programme Office as soon as possible, and also update their employment status online. If the employment is successfulTrainees will start their on-the-job training and draw up an Employment Contract with Employers. The Programme Office will confirm the arrangement of on-the-job training with Employers and Trainees. During the on-the-job training period- Trainees are engaged as employees with employer-employee relationship, Employers will pay salary to Trainees. - Employers will appoint staff with relevant work experience as Trainees’ mentors so as to ensure suitable training and guidance support to trainees. - Trainees may apply for off-the-job vocational course subsidy from the Programme Office and reimburse course and examination fees up to $4,000 for each on-the-job training placement under the YETP. - Case managers will provide on-the-job support services to Trainees. Upon completion of the on-the-job training- Employers will issue a certificate specifying the skill/qualification attained and the period of on-the-job training to Trainees. - Trainees with good performance may have the opportunities to be offered further employment by employers. - Eligible trainees may submit applications to the Programme Office for retention allowance for a maximum period of 12 months (i.e. up to $12,000). Visit the YETP website for more details!

e-Learning Support Scheme

The Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) of the Labour Department launches e-Learning Support Scheme (“eLSS”), providing on-the-job training vacancies for young people who are interested in IT or education industries. Successful trainees will attend a free pre-employment training course provided by Pui Ching Academy and have $70 allowance per pre-employment training day. Upon completion of the training, trainees will undergo on-the-job training with pay in schools for the first 12 months of employment for the position of e-Learning Support Officer. Recruitment targets- Aged 15-24, graduates of S.5 (OAS) / DSE (NAS) to sub-degree level (or equivalent)- Lawfully employable in Hong Kong- With/ without relevant studies/ work experience are eligible to apply For details, please visit YETP website, or call at 2112 9932 or email to enquiry@yes.labour.gov.hk for enquiries.