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YS Career Experience Programme calls for applications

Organised by Youth Square, the YS Career Experience Programme (the Programme), offers a six-week career experience to young people from July to August.  Employed interns can gain experience in various departments of Youth Square, such as Y Loft, Facilities Management Department, Operations Department, Finance Department and Marketing Department so as to experience and perform a whole spectrum of tasks and projects.  This year, the Programme introduces flexible working arrangements for interns.  Considering actual working circumstances in various departments, interns will have the opportunity to choose to work in office or work from home. Interview period: From 3 to 7 May 2021Internship period: From 5 July to 13 August 2021 (Total 6 weeks)Internship Department: Y Loft, Facilities Management Department, Operations Department, Finance Department and Marketing Department etc.Working Hours: Flexible working hours / working shiftRequirements: Currently studying in higher education institutes Passionate at youth development activities and venue management/ facilities management/ hostel management Able to speak up, ask questions and raise ideas Ability and skill set to fit in the function of your choice The deadline of applications for the Programme is 16 April 2021. Besides, two briefing sessions will be held online to provide an introduction of Youth Square and the Programme.  Applicants are required to make advance registration and attend one of the briefing sessions. Details of Online Briefing Sessions Date: 22 April 2021 (Thursday)Time: 12 pm – 1 pm (1st session)           4 pm – 5 pm (2nd session)Format: Zoom WebinarLanguage: Cantonese  For more details of the Programme including opening positions and application, please visit the official website. Sharing from Interns of “YS Career Experience Progrmme 2020” (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese) For enquiry, please contact the Programme staff at 3721 8888. 

How to define myself as "employee" or "contractor or self-employed person"?

To avoid misunderstanding or dispute, the relevant persons should understand clearly their mode of cooperation according to their intention and clarify their identities, whether they are engaged as an employee or a contractor/self-employed person, before entering into a contract. This can safeguard mutual rights and benefits.Employees should note-  An employee should identify who his employer is before entering into an employment contract.- Before an employee considers changing his status to a contractor or self-employed person, he must cautiously assess the pros and cons involved, including the employment rights and benefits that he may lose in such a change.- An employer should not unilaterally change the status of his employee to a contractor or self-employed person without the consent of the employee.- A contractor or self-employed person should consider taking out a personal accident insurance policy with adequate coverage on his own. There is no one single conclusive test to distinguish an “employee” from a “contractor or self-employed person”. In differentiating these two identities, all relevant factors of the case should be taken into account. Please visit Labour Department website for more details. And the actual circumstances in each case are different, the final interpretation will rest with the court in case of a dispute. For the reference court cases, please click here for more details. If an employer fails to fulfil his obligations under the relevant legislation, the employee may call the Labour Department complaint hotline at 2815 2200 (information will be handled in confidence), or seek assistance in person at the offices of the Labour Relations Division of the Labour Department. For further enquiries about the differences between an “employee” and a “contractor or selfemployed person”, you may- Call the enquiry hotline: 2717 1771 (the hotline is handled by “1823”)- Visit the offices of the Labour Relations Division of the Labour Department (Click here for the addresses of the Offices)

Course on "Hong Kong Statistics for Business"

This course is offered by the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in collaboration with the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD). It is designed to put managers, administrators and planners in closer touch with the statistical data available in Hong Kong, and to show how such data may be used to assist in business and forecasting. The course is an integrated series of lectures by professionals from C&SD. The course covers the following topics:-Introduction to official statistics and sample surveys-Population statistics and projections : Research and marketing-Labour, price and wage statistics: Personnel management and manpower planning-Manufacturing, construction, distributive trades and services industries statistics: Comparing profitability and performance, evaluating local market size, and assessing extent and nature of competition-Trade statistics: Market research, trade promotion, and analysis and forecasting of merchandise trade-National income statistics: Gross Domestic Product and its components-Monetary and financial statistics: Analysis and applications

"FIT Programme" creates 12-month job placements for fresh graduates

Are you a fresh or recent graduate interested in working with an international business? Or looking to put your creative talent to practical use? FIT, an internship programme for Future International Talent, might be the place to search. A joint initiative between the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) and six international chambers of commerce in Hong Kong (the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong; the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong; the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong; the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong; the Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry; and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong), Future International Talent (FIT) Programme provides 12-month job placements to fresh and recent graduates at companies across different industries, offering opportunities to gain experience in creative, business management roles and more.FIT is a job creation scheme funded by the Anti-Epidemic Fund. It supports members of the participating international chambers of commerce in creating 12-month job placements for fresh and recent graduates in Hong Kong, with a salary subsidy of HK$5,610 or HK$10,000 per month for each position. Priority is accorded to the creative industries or creative roles in other industries.If you are interested in applying for relevant positions, please refer to Job Vacancies website.Eligibility criteria of FIT candidate:- be a HKSAR resident over 18 years old holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card;- be a fresh graduate in 2020 or 2021, or has no more than five years of work experience;- be or will soon be a holder of accredited certificates, diplomas, degrees obtained in programmes of post-secondary and tertiary institutes, or have relevant work experience; and- has not been employed by the hiring company within six months before the date of application. For details, please visit CEDB wesbite.

PROcruit C offers 400 positions to fresh graduates

Are you a first-time job seeker and searching for a meaningful job under pandemic?  PROcruit C offers 12 human-centric services and professions and 400 positions in the four areas of “Creativity, Technology, Business and Healthcare” to fresh graduates.  Besides, eligible employers will receive salary subsidies from the Government’s Anti-epidemic for providing a one-year contract with a monthly salary of about $15,000 to employed graduates. PROcruit C is created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and opens up new positions by six industries convenors (including Good Lab, Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, New Life Rehabilitation Association, Po Leung Kuk and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals) and employers for helping the first-time job seekers to develop their career and contribute to the community’s recovery and resilience. The main selection criteria for those positions are VASK (Values, Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge).  During the selection, employers will provide positions’ VASK to match them with graduates’ VASK.  Graduates will also understand their values and interests to find a job suitable for them.  In addition, PROcruit C’s partners will provide a two-week boot camp and continuous on-the-job learning to employed graduates so as to help them develop a professional career. Application  Fresh graduates need to create a personal account through the programme website for job application.  Besides, graduates need to fill in personal VASK (more information of VASK can be obtained from website CV360) in the account and have an online video interview, group interview, and meeting with employers.  Application Period: 1st round: 14th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021 2nd round: 18th January – 28th February 2021 3rd round: 29th March– 28th May 2021 PROcruit C is open for applications.  Interested fresh graduates can visit the official website or email to info@procruitc.hk for further information.     (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme

The Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme (the Scheme) offers you an opportunity to earn a monthly salary not less than HK$18,000, broaden your horizon, and explore a new career pathway in the Mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area (GBA)! The Scheme encourages enterprises with operation in both Hong Kong and the GBA to recruit and deploy local university/ tertiary institution graduates to work in the Mainland cities of the GBA. 2,000 places will be provided in total, around 700 of which are designated for innovation and technology (I&T) posts*.Hong Kong residents holding bachelor degrees or above awarded by local universities/ tertiary institutions or universities/ tertiary institutions outside Hong Kong in 2019 to 2021 are eligible to join the Scheme. The eligible graduates will be engaged by the participating enterprises under the Hong Kong Law and offered a monthly salary of not less than HK$18,000, the graduates will also be stationed in GBA to work and receive on-the-job training. The Government will grant a monthly allowance of HK$10,000 to the enterprises for each graduate engaged up to 18 months. Please refer to website of the Scheme for details and job vacancies. * I&T posts include, but are not limited to, work related to research and development, information technology, data analysis, system development, digital marketing, engineering, information security, as well as technology-related intellectual property, and technology transfer.

Love Upgrading Special Scheme (Phase 3)

The Employees Retraining Board has launched the “Love Upgrading Special Scheme” (Phase 3) (the Scheme) in January 2021 to enhance the support for job seekers and employees affected by economic downturn for skills enhancement.  In Phase 3, the training target is substantially increased to 20,000 and the number of training courses is increased to about 450, nearly half of them can be conducted online. The Scheme offers more training options, including 281 vocational skills courses, 16 innovative technology courses, 26 generic skills courses and 116 dedicated courses for young people, new arrivals, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and persons recovered from work injuries.  All training courses are offered free of charge. In addition, the Scheme introduced the flexible disbursement of training allowance that the attendance rate requirement for disbursing the special allowance is lowered from 80% to 60 so as to facilitate trainees to seek employment when training.  The maximum amount of special allowance for each eligible trainee is $5,800 per month. Applicants have to be unemployed, underemployed or required by employers to take no pay leave on or after 1 June 2019 and should meet the entry requirements of individual courses.  Eligible applicants can submit the application in person, by post or online.   Application period: 1 January to 30 June 2021

MPF rights of PART-TIME employees

Your MPF RightsAccording to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance, if you are aged 18 to 64 and employed for 60 days or more, irrespective of your job nature as a full-time or part-time employee, you are covered by the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System. Your employer must enrol you in an MPF scheme and make timely contributions in accordance with the law.The “60-days” rule:- Counted by calendar days (including holidays)- Determined by the employment relationship between the employee and employer. The number of the employee's actual working days or hours is irrelevant- Covers both full-time and part-time employments- Not applicable to the construction and catering Industries. If you are a casual employee from l construction or catering industry, and are employed on a day-to-day basis or a fixed period of less than 60 days, your employer must enrol you in an MPF Scheme and make contributions. *Under the existing MPF System, certain persons, such as domestic employees, are exempted. Please refer to the leaflet "What employees should know about MPF?' for details. Example I:Mr Wong is a security guard at a construction site. The security company he works for purposely breaks up his employment into a series of 50-day contracts to him. After the first employment contract expires, the security company would enter into another 50-day contract with Mr Wong on the same employment terms. Mr Wong has signed a total of six of these contracts in a year. Although the employment period of each contract is less than 60 days, the actual employment situation shows that the employment relationship between the security company and Mr Wong is not less than 60 days. The security company therefore must enrol him in an MPF scheme and make contributions. Example II:Ms Cheung has been employed as a part time cleaning worker for three months. Her employment contract stipulates that she is required to work for four hours each day every Saturday and Sunday.  During the last three months.  Ms Cheung has worked for 24 days and a total of 96 hours. Although she is a part time employee and her actual working days are less than 60 days, her employer should enrol her in an MPF scheme and make contributions as her employment period has exceeded 60 days. The number of hours she has worked is irrelevant. The MPF obligations of her employer are not affected by the definition of “continuous contract of employment under the  Employment   Ordinance   (commonly known as   H 418" rule, an employment contract under which an employee works continuously for the same employer for 4 weeks or more, with at least 18 hours in each week). Furthermore, employers cannot evade their MPF obligations by breaking up an employee's employment into periods of less than 60 days. If an employer and an employee enter into a series of such employment contracts and there is evidence that the employment relationship is not less than 60 days, the employer must enrol the employee in an MPF scheme and make contributions. Please visit MPF website for more details.

Register for Job Alert!

Q: How to register the Job Alert? A: After successful Registration at the Interatcive Emplotment Service (iES) website, you can register for Job Alert service under "my home" to receive regular email notice which contains the most updated job vacancy information matching your job search criteria. Apart from that, you may use the employment services offered by the Labour Department. These include: - Save your job search criteria to receive a job list under "my home" which contains vacancies matching your job search criteria every time when you login iES website; - If you have chosen to receive information on employment services/ recruitment activities of the Labour Department upon registration, the system will notify you of such activities through e-mail or SMS. - Services of the Telephone Employment Service Centre [Telephone Hotline : 29690888]; - Employment services of the job centres throughout the territory;

Futuremakers' First Job youth employment and subsidy programme

To support youth employment and help SMEs weather the difficult time, St. James’ Settlement and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited are jointly introducing the “Futuremakers’ First Job” youth employment and subsidy programme, which offers half-rate subsidy to SMEs in various sectors for providing full-time or short-term job vacancies.  Through the brand new job-matching mobile application, the programme aims at helping DSE, post-secondary and university graduates of the current year to land on a suitable job and, thus, promote youth employment.With funding of HK$5 million by the Standard Chartered Foundation, the programme offers a wage subsidy up to HK$30,000 over a period of 6 months to each enrolled SME for each youth being hired, so as to alleviate employers’ financial burden. In addition, the programme provides a 3-day pre-employment training to the young job seekers to prepare them for their first job. The relevant quotas have all been filled and subsidy application has been closed officially.  Besides, the job-matching function in the mobile application (Futuremakers' Employer & Futuremakers’ First Job) was suspended until further notice.  If you are interested in the second phase of the programme, please stay tuned for updates on Facebook page of St. James' Settlement - Official and mobile application (Futuremakers' Employer & Futuremakers’First Job). For enquiries, please contact staff of the programme at 9125 9752. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

Susbcribe Hong Kong Public Holiday iCal 2021 to your electronic calendar!

The 12 statutory holidays for 2021 are:1. The first day of January - 1 January (Friday)2. Lunar New Year’s Day - 12 February (Friday)3. The second day of Lunar New Year - 13 February (Saturday)4. The fourth day of Lunar New Year - 15 February (Monday)5. Ching Ming Festival - 4 April (Sunday)6. Labour Day - 1 May (Saturday)7. Tuen Ng Festival - 14 June (Monday)8. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day - 1 July (Thursday)9. The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - 22 September (Wednesday)10. National Day - 1 October (Friday)11. Chung Yeung Festival - 14 October (Thursday)12. *Chinese Winter Solstice Festival - 21 December (Tuesday) or Christmas Day - 25 December (Saturday)(*at the option of the employer)The third day of the Lunar New Year falls on a SundayAccording to the Employment Ordinance, when either Lunar New Year's Day, the second day of the Lunar New Year or the third day of the Lunar New Year falls on a Sunday, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year is designated as a statutory holiday in substitution. As the third day of Lunar New Year of 2021 falls on a Sunday, the fourth day of Lunar New Year will be designated as a statutory holiday. Please visit Labour Department website for more details. A statutory holiday is not equivalent to public holidayThe Employment Ordinance does not require an employer to grant leaves on public holidays to his/her employees.  In Hong Kong, in addition to Sundays, there are 17 public holidays, but the number of statutory holidays is only 12.  Public holidays such as Good Friday, the day following Good Friday, Easter Day, the Buddha's Birthday and the day following Christmas Day are not statutory holidays. Please click here for more details of statutory holidays and public holidays. >>>Click here to susbcribe Hong Kong Public Holiday iCal 2021 to your electronic calendar!

New Graduates-New Opportunities Scheme

The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association launches the New Graduates-New Opportunities Scheme and provides university graduates with over 2 000 posts lasting for at least 6 months through its local member enterprises. TargetHong Kong residents holding bachelor degrees or above awarded by local institutions or institutions outside Hong Kong in 2019 to 2021. For participating organisation and vacancy details, please visit the website of Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association at http://job.hkcea.com/ EnquiriesPhone: 2296 8681 / 2296 8680Email: hr@hkcea.com


SIDA (Sponsorship for International Design Awards 2020) No age-limit is imposed. Whether individuals or design companies are eligible to be subsidised for participating in any of the 24 specified International Competitions/Awards. Especially, we encourage young local design talent to apply. From entry fees to promotion fees of the competitions/awards, successful applicants can be reimbursed with “All Fee” as long as they are awarded in these specified international competitions/awards. Explore the international markets. Expand businesses. The “All Fee” can be up to HK$200,000 for each applying design unit. Apply now until 31 May 2021! Quotas are limited, “First-Come, First-Served”!

Career Development in Testing and Certification Sector

Have you thought about working in a profession that could help uphold the quality of people’s lives?  Are you interested in a career that would enable you to get in touch with a wide range of industries?  The group of professionals in Hong Kong working in the testing and certification sector are safeguarding the safety and quality of products and services for different industries.  With the community’s growing need for testing and certification services, the sector has a keen demand for talent.  Pursuing a career in testing and certification will bring you a wide range of opportunities. If you would like to know more about the testing and certification sector, come visit the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC)’s website.  The website provides a series of brochures and videos introducing the work exposure, relevant studies and career prospects of the sector.  A number of testing and certification practitioners are also sharing their experiences and stories.  Don’t miss the chance to explore the ample opportunities offered by the sector!

[Career] Ways to Get Employed

Some of you may have thought about your career plans and considered getting employed. We have prepared some related career information for you. You can obtain information of vacancies through the following channels: 1. Employment Services of Government     - Talent.gov.hk    - Interactive Employment Service of the Labour Department 2. Newspaper/ Professional Magazine/ Recruitment Notice on Street/ Internet or Radio Advertisement 3. Recruitment Day/ Careers Exhibition (Applicants are required to register the events at the designated location and time, please remember to bring your identity cards, recent photos, qualification proof and employment proof.) 4. Referral by Relatives/ Friends 5. Unsolicited Applications (Common practice for the Banking, Advertising, Hotel, Catering and Education and some professional industries) 6. Private Employment Agency (There may be service charges occurred. According to the Employment Agencies Regulations, the maximum commission allowed to be charged by an employment agency for a successfully arranged job should be an amount not exceeding one-tenth of the job seeker’s first-month salary) Please visit “A Guide to Job Hunting” of Labour Department for more details. Opportunities in the Government Apart from the job vacancies in the private market, the government also offers numerous job opportunities that may suit you. Interested students can get more information from below links: - Applying for Government Jobs: Government jobs for both civil service posts and non-civil service positions.- DSE Way out: Government Jobs: The qualification requirements of government jobs- Youth.gov.hk - Gov Job: A list of government job vacancies   Sources:Labour Department - Youth Employment StartGovHK

Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2016, Shares His Inspirational Story

Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, the Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry at the Northwestern University, United States of America, visited Hong Kong in November 2019. The Innovation and Technology Bureau took the opportunity to invite Professor Stoddart to share his inspirational story on scientific and innovation pursuit through an interview. Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, along with Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Ben Feringa, won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the design and synthesis of artificial molecular machines.  Dr Ken Cham Fai Leung, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry of Hong Kong Baptist University, was the Croucher research fellow in the research group of Professor Stoddart during his time at University of California, Los Angeles.  He assisted in conducting the interview with Professor Stoddart. In the dialogue with Dr Leung, Professor Stoddart shared his journey to a stereochemistry giant (video).  Based on his personal experience, Professor Stoddart shared the lessons on success (video) and encouraged students and research fellows to enjoy exploring the unknown (video) to make life journey satisfying.  Here is an abridged version of his sharing “Advice for Students” (video) – Permission is required in adopting, reproducing or redistributing the videos. Please send your request to enquiry@effo.gov.hk.

Banking Talent Programme

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the banking industry jointly launched the Banking Talent Programme (the Programme) to nurture young talents for the industry, and provide participants with an opportunity to better prepare for future careers in the banking sector.  The Programme targets fresh graduates from local universities who will be offered six-month work opportunities and industry-specific training. The Programme is supported by the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) and all local universities.  Further details of the Programme are set out below:Job opportunities: Around 300 openings will be offered by banks, Stored Value Facilities operators, together with the HKMA.  Work opportunities will be provided in areas ranging from front-line operations to back-office functions in retail and commercial banking;Professional training: A series of induction seminars as well as professional training courses will be organised by the HKMA, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Finance, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) and reputable industry practitioners;Programme period: The Programme will start from early September 2020 and last for a period of six months;Financial support: The HKMA will reimburse participating firms up to 50% of the monthly salary of Programme participants, which is HK$12,000 per month, and subsidise the course fees for the relevant professional training courses attended by the graduates;Eligibility: Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2020 from local universities may apply for the Programme, and the disciplines preferred will depend on the work nature of specific jobs and the need of participating firms; andApplication: Interviews will be held by participating firms and results will be announced by August. Please refer to individual firms’ website for the latest updates. Please refer to each of the individual firms’ website for the latest updates. Participating Universities: Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Education University of Hong Kong, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lingnan University, Open University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong. Please visit the official website for details.  

Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for Retail Industry

The Government, the Vocational Training Council and the Hong Kong Retail Management Association jointly launched a Pilot Earn and Learn Scheme for the Retail Industry (Earn and Learn Scheme) to provide student-workers with an opportunity to "earn and learn" as well as a well-defined progression pathway, aiming to attract talents to join the retail industry.  According to the Scheme, if participants are employed by the same employer upon Scheme completion, graduates of Diploma of Foundation Studies will be entitled to a monthly income not less than $11,000, while the monthly income of graduates of Higher Diploma can reach up to $13,000. Earn and Learn Secondary 6 leavers (student-workers) have to attend 3 days class per week on Diploma in Foundation Studies (Retail) or Higher Diploma organised by VTC. Student-workers will work at the shops of participating employers for another 3 days per week. Participating employers will sponsor part of the tuition fee for student-workers and guarantee their salary level during the Scheme. The programmes "Diploma of Foundation Studies (Retails)" and "Higher Diploma in Retail Innovation and Management" are now open for application. Application deadline is 14/08/2020. Diploma of Foundation Studies (Retails)Salary and Allowance: An average of $7,300 monthly income and allowance Tuition Fee: The employers’ sponsorship equivalents to $1,300 per month as the tuition fee, a student-worker will only need to pay an average of $616 per month. Entry Requirement: Completion of Secondary 6 or above. Applicants will be required to attend job interviews.Higher Diploma in Retail Innovation and ManagementSalary and Allowance: An average of $7,920 monthly income and allowance Tuition Fee: The employers’ sponsorship equivalents to $2,900 per month as the tuition fee, a student-worker will only need to pay an average of $1,436 per month. Entry Requirement: Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English Language and Chinese Language; OR VTC Foundation Diploma (Level 3)/ Diploma of Foundation Studies; OR VTC Diploma in Vocational Education/ Diploma of Vocational Education ; OR Yi Jin Diploma / Diploma Yi Jin; OR Equivalent. Applicants will be required to attend job interviews. For more details, please visit VTC website.

Study Paths for IT and Maritime Fields

IT Study Corner If you are interested in pursuing a career in the information technology field, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has set up a "Study Corner" on its website to consolidate information on all full-time locally-accredited Information and Communications Technology post-secondary programmes offered by local tertiary institutions. The programmes are categorised into three areas: Fintech, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and cover Degree Programmes, Top-up / Senior Year Places Degree Programmes and Sub-degree Programmes. Information about their funding is also provided.  Young people can make use of the information to plan for their study and career path at different stages. Gangway to a Maritime Career How about a career in the maritime industry? Good news! As long as you are 16.5 years old and have completed Secondary 3 or above, then you are eligible. The Maritime Services Training Institute of the VTC offers the Certificate for Junior General Purpose Ratings, a 23-week full-time course which provides fundamental knowledge about the industry. As an approved programme under the Local Vessel Trade Training Incentive Scheme, it is sponsored by the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board. The majority of the course graduates are employed to serve on local tugs, bunker barge, harbour ferries or high-speed ferries, etc., while the rest work in maritime-related trades. Having gained the required maritime service experience, graduates may further enhance their skills and develop their career by sitting for the examinations of the Certificates of Competency, Class 3 Deck Officer (River Trade) or Grade 3 Coxswain (Local Vessel).

talent.gov.hk - manpower information portal

Feeling confused about the swamp of career planning and human resources information online and offline? No worries, an information portal is now available to help you plan your career and study pathways. A new one-stop online manpower information portal talent.gov.hk (www.talent.gov.hk) has been launched by the Human Resources Planning Commission. It consolidates human resources information and data from different sources to provide the local labour force, the younger generation in particular, with more comprehensive information in choosing career, training and development pathways. With the information, one can better harness career and study opportunities and tackle existing and future challenges in work. The newly launched manpower information portal comprises the following elements Magazine – the “Explorer” monthly online magazine that introduces trending topics concerning careers and workplaces Careers – a database covering more than 300 occupations, including information on key tasks of the occupations, skill requirements and entry requirements Vacancies – consolidated listings of government job openings and tens of thousands of vacancies from several key local job boards Courses – a database on local courses listed in the Qualifications Register and open online courses listed in an overseas education platform Career quizzes – for users to explore their suitable occupations Contents on the manpower information portal will be updated regularly to ensure the information keeps up with the latest market trends. Check out talent.gov.hk now to explore hot picks of career and study information!