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Good Stories: Together we walk through this [The Hong Kong Award for Young People]

Although some of the on-ground trainings and events organised by the The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) were cancelled under the pandemic situation, the participants, instructors and volunteers of the programme still found ways to strive for improvement in the Award journey.  They shared their extraordinary experience in the "Good stories: Together we walk through this" to spread the positive attitudes and inspire more young people, here are some of the good stories !  [Don't stop learning something at home - Nam Ka Yi] Class suspension does not mean stop learning. Keep going with your Award journey! Miss. Nam Ka Yi, participant of Silver Award, student from Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School demonstrates a good example of continuing the Award at home in this critical time.“Staying at home cannot stop me from doing my Award.” With a flexible and unique system, participants can do the Award anytime anywhere, and it’s totally adjustable! Learning English as her Skills Section, while Kayi is currently unable to attend lessons outside. However, her online learning English experience for Skills Section so far is progressing steadily with her foreign teacher. She also finds this way is much more interesting than having face-to-face lessons. No matter anywhere anytime, continue with The Award journey!All of our lives are in some way affected by this. However, AYP acts as a good platform for young people to step out from their comfort zone with chances of facing challenges. Learning how to step up and keep going with our normal lives are another acquisition of skills for our youth.No matter anywhere anytime, continue with The Award journey!  [More than hiking! - Chan Hing Ho] Hiking is not only an outdoor activity for AYPers. Mr. Chan Hing Ho (Ho), with multiple roles including Gold Award Holder, existing AYP expeditions instructor (Hiking & Kayak) and ex-Outward Bound Hong Kong instructor, fully understands the true meaning of hiking. Clean-up rubbish in hiking routes“It’s no doubt that hills and countryside are being polluted harmfully recently. Therefore I decide to clean-up rubbish in some hiking routes with my family and friends as well as influencing my children not to stop learning even class has been suspended, teaching them not to pollute the nature, being environmental-friendly as a responsible hiker.”As AYP expeditions instructor, instead of limiting his mission to provide expeditions guidance for participants in the countryside, on waterways or at the sea, Ho is also being a role model for all of us. Keep up good manner to our lovely nature!  [Get well prepared during stay home stay safe period! - Emily, Henry and Dennis] Gold Award Participants Emily, Henry and Dennis from Gold Award Unit (GAU) continue to engage in AYP Service Section in this challenging period. They have participated in Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association Service Programme over the past year and become seminar speakers after a series of training sessions. They advocate the acceptance and support to Guide Dogs through seminars to enhance an inclusive society. As speakers for Guide Dog Seminar‘We can keep preparing for Guide Dog Seminar, fearless of the COVID-19 outbreak impact!’ As seminar speakers, they chose to take this chance to update the Seminar content and wish to further contribute to the development of Guide Dogs service when the epidemic is over. The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) provides opportunity for young people to challenge themselves through leisure activities and voluntary service which they can discover their hidden abilities and gain a special sense of satisfaction and achievement. Young people design their own Award programme, set their own goals, take up trainings and record their progress. Through the challenge of AYP, young people can explore and breakthrough the limit of what they believe they can achieve.  >>Click here for more inspirational AYP good stories

Social Entrepreneur Series – Sower of Dreams [Job Training and Opportunities]

Social Entrepreneur – Kit Wong   One may regard Kit Wong as a winner in life - attained outstanding academic achievements, had a nice job and fulfilled his dream of lyric writing. A few years ago, he quit his job and established a social venture "La Violet Education" which introduces a series of dream plans to encourage youngsters to pursue their dreams. "Young people have great potential. What I am doing is like planting the seeds. It may take a long time to bear fruit. But what if I can inspire the next Thomas Edison, or give a helping hand to the next Martin Luther King Jr?" said Kit. Two years ago, through his other social venture "Under Production", Kit published an illustrated storybook written by Mohammad Moavia, a Pakistani student suffering from muscular dystrophy. They have recently helped Moavia publish his third book. But Kit doesn't like the word "help". He said they are mutually beneficial: Moavia got his life improved with the income whereas the scheme becomes sustainable as Moavia's books are their best-sellers. To better nurture the seeds, the planter has decided to move one step forward. Kit is starting five subsidiaries based on the five service scopes of "Under Production", giving young people a chance to run a business while "Under Production" offers technical support. It aims to let young people gain practical experience that will help them achieve more.   Innovative Venture – UP Poverty Youth Engagement The innovative venture mentioned above is funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund and assisted and supported by the Fund’s intermediaries in project implementation.  The details of the innovative venture are as follows: Name of Organisation: Under Production Limited Service nature: Job training and opportunities Beneficiary group: Children and Youth Project type: Start-up Intermediary Programme: Impact Incubator   What is Social Entrepreneur Series? Stories of how other social entrepreneurs aspired to start their own business might facilitate your social innovation and entrepreneurship exploration. A series of social entrepreneur stories will be featured and categorised into six sub-series: Education and Learning, Job Training and Opportunities, Community Participation, Healthcare, Food and Transport.  What you are going to read are stories of social entrepreneurs taking forward the startup projects that help themselves and others.


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Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person - Tenacity through adversity

Construction Industry Council organises the “Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award 2021”  (CIOYPA) with the aims to recognize and honour the achievements of young practitioners who have excelled themselves in their own career, and also contribute to the betterment of the construction industry and the community at large. It is believed that the Award will inspire fellow practitioners and young people as a whole to strive for excellence and pursuing accomplishment, thereby making Hong Kong a better home.The Award will recognise outstanding practitioners engaged in the 3 major categories in the construction industry.- Design and Management (e.g. Engineer, Architect, Planner, Surveyor, Safety Officer, Supervisor, etc.)- Frontline Construction Personnel (Registered Construction Workers, e.g. Registered Skilled Worker, Registered Semi-skilled worker etc.)- Business, Academic and Others (People who engage in business operations, e.g. Developers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers; OR People who engage in academic activities, e.g. Professors, Instructors etc.) *Nomination deadline for the Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person Award is 11 Dec 2020. Please visit their official website for details. Tenacity through adversity - Outstanding Young Person Award WinnersIn time of unpredicatable epidemic, CIOYPA Winners have empowered people and changed their operation modes to combat the epidemic.Expert Decorator - Mr. Will KWOKFrontline Construction Personnel     (The videos are broadcasted in Cantonese) In addition to being a talented painter, Will is also great at putting together complex machinery. During the coronavirus epidemic, he did his part for society by leading a team of colleagues to help a local mask manufacturer set up a production line. Truly an inspiration!   Senior Project Manager - Cr Michael WONGDesign and Management     Although construction progress has slowed to a crawl, Michael knows as a Project Manager, it is now more important than ever to protect the health of his employees, bring leadership, and to never abandon one’s spirit for self-improvement. For details, please visit the Construction Industry Council website.

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