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Ngong Ping Cherry Blossoms (Season Limited)

There is a recent trend to admire spring flowers and cherry trees in Hong Kong. The cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping thrived in the past four years and bloomed steadily after the adaptation period. It has become one of the cherry blossom viewing spots in Hong Kong. And a "blossom-seasons-tourism" has also been gradually developed on Lantau Island, allowing flower lovers and tourists to watch the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy a leisurely journey. Every year from about the end of December to the end of March, different types of cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping will start blooming one after another. The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) has planted around 400 cherry trees and native spring-flowering trees in the Ngong Ping area, including Bellflower Cherry, Bellflower Cherry (Double-flowered), Guangzhou Cherry, Xiaoqiao Cherry, Southern Early Cherry and Kawazu-zakura. Bellflower Cherry is the major cherry tree species planted in the area. It is a native cherry tree species in southern China and is the earliest blooming cherry blossom in Ngong Ping.In view of the impact of the fifth wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 on the public's outing, CEDD specially recorded the beauty of cherry blossoms and spring flowers, so that the public can watch the flowers without leaving home. It also reminds the public to reduce outings and social activities, maintain appropriate social distancing with others, maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, and fight the epidemic together.To help the public and visitors better appreciate the planted trees, tree labels are provided with QR codes for the newly planted ones. Details about the trees are accessible via tablets or smartphones. For details about the Landscape Improvement Works in Ngong Ping and the Ngong Ping Spring Flower Trail, please visit the website of CEDD.

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DSE under the epidemic: Counselling Service Platforms

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) announced that written examinations of Category A subjects of the 2022 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) will be held between 22 April and 14 May according to the examination timetable announced earlier. Practical examinations of Physical Education and Music will be held in late May/early June. How are you prepared for the HKDSE under the epidemic? If you find yourself feeling stressed or in need of counselling support for examinations and further studies, you may wish to contact the following organisations for assistance.   1. “Shall We Talk” DSE Exam Stress Management web page Website: >>Click here<< Emergency helplines: >>Click here<<   2. - Stay with YOUth Anti-epidemic Counselling Service (Chinese only) Website: >>Click here<< Tel: 2503 3399 Service hours: 2pm to 6pm (Tuesday, Friday)   3. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - DSE 27771112 Hotline (Chinese only) Website: >>Click here<< Counselling hotline for study: 2777 1112 Service hours: 2pm to 2am, Monday to Saturday Whatsapp for “utouch” emotion support: 6277 8899 Whatsapp for DSE enquiry: 5405 5051 Service hours: 2pm to 12am, Monday to Saturday Email:   4. Jockey Club Online Youth Emotional Support - Open Up Website: >>Click here<< Facebook / Instagram: hkopenup WhatsApp / SMS: 91 012 012 Service hours: 24-hour online counselling service   5. Jockey Club Cyber Youth Outreach Service - Caritas Infinity Teens (Chinese only) Website: >>Click here<< Tel: 2339 3759 / 9377 3666 (WhatsApp & Signal) Email: Service hours: Monday: 10:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm Wednesday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm Thursday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm Friday: 6:00pm - 2:00am Saturday: 6:00pm - 2:00am Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays   6. The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong Website: >>Click here<< Tel: 2389 2222 (Chinese) Service hours: 24-hour Tel: 2389 2223 (English) Service hours: 6:30 pm to 10 pm (Monday to Friday, except public holidays) “Chatpoint” Web Engagement Service  (Chinese only) Website: >>Click here<< Service hours: 4pm to 1am (Monday to Friday) / 8pm to 1am (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)     The above information is for reference only. Updated information will be subjected to the announcement of individual organisations. If information from other organisations is needed, please contact the school social workers, counsellors, etc.

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Supporting HKDSE Exam Candidates

The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination commenced on 22 April. The Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau has specially disseminated the Sayings of Wisdom with the candidates; aiming to foster a positive atmosphere in society in time of epidemic.“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” encourages the candidates to exert their very best with strong willpower and perseverance for the HKDSE Examination amid the epidemic. Promotional Poster Designated Webpage for Secondary 6 Students As always, the Education Bureau (EDB) provides support for S6 students.  Students may visit the Designated Webpage for Secondary 6 Students, which provides essential information about the HKDSE Examination, multiple pathways and various support services in planning for their future pathways.  

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[Customs YES] Summer Internship Programme with Customs’ Counterpart Organisations

Customs YES, a departmental youth programme under the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED), introduced its first Summer Internship Programme last year and met with the overwhelming support of its youth members. This year, Customs YES has rolled out the C&ED Summer Internship Programme in April offering C&ED placements to provide opportunities for young people to deepen their understanding of C&ED’s daily work. Apart from the C&ED placements, in collaboration with departmental counterpart organisations, Customs YES now opens the placements of various industries for application.   Eligible members of Customs YES will be employed directly by the organisations for 4 to 8 weeks. The Programme will offer internship placements of various fields including legal and other professional services, trade, logistics and transport, real estate, property management, construction and engineering, education, cultural creativity and media, Internet, e-commerce and innovation, retail services and marketing. Target participants Customs YES members aged 18 or above may apply for the placements. (Join Customs YES) Application closing date Unless otherwise specified, the application closing date will be 23 May 2022. How to apply For application details, please contact the Customs YES secretariat at 3759 3189 or email to

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Summer Intern in Government 2022 (Updated Constantly)

The 2022 Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme has been launched. The Programme provides internship placement opportunities for students who are permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes offered by post-secondary institutions in or outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.Bureaux/departments would advertise their internship placement opportunities (where applicable) on their respective departmental websites and CSB's website. In addition, they may make arrangement with individual post-secondary institutions to nominate students for the Programme. List of job vacancies is updated constantly, the following vacancies are still open for application as at 18 May 2022: Job Number:45514 Department:Leisure and Cultural Services Department Job Title:Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme 2022 - Leisure Services Branch Salary:HKD$10500 Per Month Closing Date :19/05/2022 18:00:00   Apply Now Job Number:45515 Department:Transport Department Job Title:Summer Intern Salary:HKD$10500 Per Month Closing Date :18/05/2022 23:59:00   Apply Now Job Number:45551 Department:Invest Hong Kong Job Title:Summer Intern of Invest Hong Kong (Ref: SI/01/2022) Salary:HKD$10500 Per Month Closing Date :19/05/2022 17:00:00   Apply Now Job Number:45553 Department:Education Bureau Job Title:Summer Intern [Educational Psychology Service - 1 (Psychology, Counselling / Guidance)] Salary:HKD$10500 Per Month Closing Date :27/05/2022 18:00:00   Apply Now Job Number:45554 Department:Education Bureau Job Title:Summer Intern [Educational Psychology Service - 2 (Multimedia Design)] Salary:HKD$10500 Per Month Closing Date :27/05/2022 18:00:00   Apply Now   Application procedures Students who are interested in the placement opportunities advertised may download the standard application form or use the prescribed application forms as provided by individual bureaux/departments (where applicable) and submit their applications to 1) the recruiting bureaux/departments or;2) their respective institutions according to the methods as set out in the advertisements. (*Please follow the application procedures set out in the advertisements) (**To safeguard personal data privacy, students are reminded not to submit their personal data other than through the above channels)(***Please note the deadlines set by the respective institutions)

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Know more about the "Vaccine Pass"!

The "Vaccine Pass" has taken effect from 24 February onward. To use the "Vaccine Pass", we should update the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app to the latest version and store our vaccination record or medical exemption certificates in it.  Venue operators should use the latest version of the "QR Code Verification Scanner" mobile app. What else should we pay attention to? Let's refer to the leaflets for details:   In addition to the leaflets, the Innovation and Technology Bureau has also produced demo videos on the "Vaccine Pass". Watch now and know more! For Public For Venue Operators In the latest version of the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile application, members of the public may store the electronic vaccination record, Medical Exemption Certificate and recovery record QR code at the same time and preset one of them as the default Vaccine Pass. Please refer to the "Vaccine Pass" thematic website and below videos for more details: Storage of Electronic Vaccination Record Storage of Recovery Record QR Code Source: Innovation and Technology Bureau Facebook Fanpage

Five key survey findings on the development of startups

According to the 2021 Startup Survey released by Invest Hong Kong, Hong Kong's startup ecosystem remains vibrant despite the ongoing economic challenges of the global pandemic. Let’s go through the survey results. 1. Record high in the total number of startups The overall number of startups in the city reached a record high of 3,755, up 68% over 2017. 2. Number of employees recruited by startups bounced back The number of staff hired by startups in 2021 surged 29% to 13,804 persons, despite a year-on-year drop of 14% was recorded in 2020. 3. Continuous growth in locations of co-working spaces/incubators/accelerators Since 2017, the number of co-working spaces/incubators/accelerators has doubled, up from 62 to 124 in 2021. 4. Increase in non-local talents In 2021, the percentage of non-local startup founders has increased 2% to 28%. 20.5% of them were from Mainland China. 5. Most startups are engaged in the financial technology sector The financial technology sector ranks the top in terms of number of startups in 2021 with 472 such companies. The continued rise of digital behaviour has also fuelled specific startup growth in sectors such as the e-commerce and supply chain & logistics technology sector, in which the number of startups companies in the sector has increased from 385 in 2020 to 432 in 2021. Interested in starting your own business in one of the fast-growing industries? Here below are some useful resources: Startup How-Tos: How to prepare for my entrepreneurship? Startup How-Tos: Three pillars of e-commerce   Reference: Invest Hong Kong’s 2021 Startup Survey



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