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The Cyberport University Partnership Programme provides a life-changing experience!

The Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) supported by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) is a life-changing experience to unleash participants’ full potential and gain insights into the global market! This financial technology (FinTech) focused entrepreneurship programme with boot camp, mentorship and competition that aiming at nurturing young FinTech talents for Hong Kong since 2015. The nominated students have unique chance to participate in Overseas Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and receive mentorship from local and international industry elites. The winning teams will receive HK$100,000 grant from CCMF. ​ The Programme offers - A series of FinTech pre-camp nurturing sessions in Hong Kong- An Entrepreneurship Boot Camp by a prestigious overseas university- Mentorship and insight from FinTech industry elites, both local and overseas- Opportunities to pitch innovative FinTech business ideas to investors Admission Requirement - The project must be rooted in digital tech and focus on FinTech, with components in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, etc. - Applicants must be nominated by CUPP co-organising university partners- Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years old (inclusive) at the time of the nomination deadline- Applicants must be undergraduate or postgraduate students from CUPP co-organising university partners, either currently enrolled university students or graduated within 3 years from the co-organising universities (i.e. 3 years before the nomination deadline)- Applicants must have a good command of English- Team members could be a mixture of students from different CUPP co-organising universities- Each team could have up to 5 members Prizes Winning teams will receive a grant of HK$100,000 from Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF). Apply now CUPP is nomination-based. Interested applicants should contact CUPP co-organising universities for nomination.

“FinTech Self-paced Learning Webinars” is now available to nurture Fintech talents

Cyberport Academy is commissioned by Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB) and is delighted to introduce the “FinTech Self-paced Learning Webinars” programme to the public covering Blockchain, RegTech, Cybersecurity, Data economy, ESG and MORE. The programme is available for FREE and contains the Webinar series of the “Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme” to raise public awareness of Fintech along with the latest development and enrich the FinTech talent pool in Hong Kong.For the Programme details, please click here to visit the website of Cyberport Academy.

Maximum of HK$8300 subsidy for work placement in "Digital Tech Recruits" Scheme

Cyberport, the Labour Department and Employees Retraining Board (ERB) have joined hands to present digital talent cultivation programme “Digital Tech Recruits”.This scheme aims to provide 100 tech-related work placements, provided by Cyberport community companies, to ERB trainees who have completed or are currently enrolled in "Innovation and Technology" training courses. The scheme facilitates trainees of the ERB to apply their knowledge and gain practical experience working in I&T companies, matching the needs for digital tech and  I&T talents in the labour market and bringing more human resources to the industry. Participants of the Digital Tech Recruits will be matched with Cyberport community companies according to the “ABCDE” training courses they took (the mnemonic “ABCDE” stands for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data and eCommerce). During the placement, participating companies will provide participants with on-the-job training, and assign an experienced staff member to be their mentor. Upon completion of the 30-day placement, each participant can receive a maximum of HK$8300 subsidy, and part of the amount will be covered by the participating companies. In addition, Cyberport Academy will work with the community companies to organise career orientation and technology skills training, providing a complete career development path in the I&T industry for participants to consider. For the vacancies of the tech-related work placements, please visit the website of iTalent.