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TV Anchor's Sharing Session: Do You Need A Journalism Degree To Become A News Anchor? (3/2023)

Working at a TV station seems like a mystery. How does one get their first job as a news anchor? We have invited former TVB news anchor, Miss Vicky Li, to share her experience and insights into the industry. She will explain if it is essential for news anchors to graduate from a journalism-related discipline, and introduce the skills and traits required by the industry.

Education & Careers Expo

The HKTDC Education & Careers Expo provides a valuable platform for educational institutions, government departments and private enterprises to communicate directly with the public by disseminating up-to-date information on further studies and career opportunities.

M+ Internship Programme (Application deadline is 27 Nov)

M+ offers internships to graduates and emerging professionals with intakes in January and July every year. The year-long internship is full-time and paid. M+ seeks creative and driven individuals who are interested in working in a collaborative environment where their voices and decisions will make a lasting impact.The interns are mentored by key museum staff from teams across M+, including Curatorial, Digital, Learning and Interpretation, Collection and Exhibition, and Museum Operations. In addition to gaining valuable insight into museum work, interns have the opportunity to grow their professional network from attending meetings, workshops, and off-site visits.If you are looking to pursue a career in museums or the cultural field, or want to learn more about twentieth- and twenty-first-century visual culture, M+ encourages you to apply.EligibilityGraduates with less than two years of work experience are welcome to apply for this programme. Successful applicants are selected based on their interest, academic training, professional experience, and departmental need. Previous museum experience is not required.Currently, the programme is only open to permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Interns who have previously participated in the programme may not reapply.How to ApplyThe application deadline is 27 November 2022. The next intake will take place from January 2023 to January 2024. Please visit the website of M+ for more details. M+ Internship is supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong

Information Days of Tertiary Institutions 2022

Information days for post-secondary education in Hong Kong, covering admission information, introduction to various programmes and their requirements, will be held from October 2022 onwards. Details can be found in the following table: Date Institute Highlights Location 8 October The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Admissions Talks, Exhibitions, Guided Tours, Student Sharing Sessions Campus / Virtual 8 October The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Admission Consultations, Guided Tours Campus / Virtual 15 October The Chinese University of Hong Kong Admission Talks, Guided Tours, Exhibition and Booth Campus 22 October The City University of Hong Kong Admissions Talks, Student Sharing Sessions, Guided Tours Campus / Virtual 22 October The Hong Kong Baptist University Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus / Virtual 29 October The Education University of Hong Kong Admissions Talks, Student Sharing Sessions Virtual 29 October The University of Hong Kong Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus 5 November The Hong Kong Metropolitan University Admission Consultations, Guided Tours Campus 5 November The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Admissions Talks, Student Sharing Sessions Campus 11-12 November Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus / Virtual 11-12 November Vocational Training Council Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus / Virtual 12 November Lingnan University Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus 12 November Tung Wah College Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus 12 November UOW College Hong Kong Admissions Talks, Guided Tours, Student Sharing Sessions Campus 18-19 November Caritas Institute of Higher Education & Caritas Bianchi College of Careers  (Details to be announced by the institute)  (Details to be announced by the institute) 26 November Hong Kong Shue Yan University Admissions Talks, Guided Tours Campus / Virtual  Pre-registration may be required for certain events. Please refer to the latest official announcement from respective institutions.

Strive and Rise Programme

The Government has announced earlier the launch of the “Strive and Rise Programme” which aims to address intergenerational poverty by helping underprivileged students, who join the Programme as mentees, achieve their life goals and strive for upward mobility. Three Key Elements 1. Mentorship Mentees will each be paired up with a volunteer mentor who will share his/her life experience to help the mentees build up their self-confidence and guide them to develop their personal goals in a proactive and positive manner; the mentors will also assist their mentees in developing positive financial planning concepts and applying effectively the financial support provided under the Programme. 2. Personal Development Plans Mentors will inspire mentees to explore more possibilities for personal development, develop action plans and make good use of financial resources to achieve their personal development plans under guidance. 3. Financial Support Each mentee will be given a start-up sum of $5,000 for spending under the guidance of the mentor to achieve his/her personal development plan; upon successful completion of the Programme, a scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded to the mentee for his/her own deployment by applying the financial planning concepts acquired. Structured Programme The Programme comprises five components, namely Orientation Session, Training Sessions, Mentor-Mentee Interactive Sessions, Group Visits, and Graduation and Extended Networking.   The first round of the Programme will last one year and targets to recruit 2 000 Secondary One to Secondary Three students. Students may approach their schools or non-governmental organisations that assist in implementing the Programme (“District Organisers”) for enquiries and applications (Click here for contacts of District Organisers). Applications will close on 28 September.

[Tips for freshmen] Three common credit card traps to avoid

As the new semester begins, university students are presented with attractive credit card promotions and offers by banks which set up promotion booths on campus. Typical offers include welcome gifts, rebates and annual fee waivers, enticing freshmen to apply for their first credit card.If you make good use of your credit card wisely and pay your bills on time, it can help you to save money, earn bonus points for gift redemption, and minimise physical contact during the pandemic. However, there are also some pitfalls that you should look out for.Trap 1: Should I make minimum payment?It may seem easy to make just the monthly minimum payment on your credit card, but your debt can quickly snowball too. For example, with an outstanding balance of $20,000 and an interest rate of 35% p.a., it will take 26 years to pay off the debt if you only make a minimum payment every month, provided that there are no more transactions during the period. What’s more, interest will be charged immediately for all new transactions, existing interest-free instalments and autopay arrangements through your credit card (such as monthly insurance premiums).Trap 2: Is it easy to get a cash advance on your credit card?Many credit cards offer the option of a cash instalment plan, allowing you to convert available credit limit into cash. However, this seemingly handy service with no application and approval required generally comes with higher interest rates exceeding 30% p.a. Unlike general transactions with an interest-free payment period, cash advances will accrue interest immediately, and incur administrative fees.Trap 3: Is it easy to extend the repayment period?It is important to repay the monthly balance on time – the longer the repayment period, the more interest it will incur. This snowballing effect will not only create financial stress, but also have an impact on your credit record. A low credit score may prompt banks and financial institutions to charge a higher interest rate, or even deny your future loan applications. Besides, some companies and employers may review your credit report and score during the recruitment process. How much should I repay each month to clear credit card debt?If you have any unsettled credit card bills, you should set a clear goal and make repayment as soon as possible to save on interest. You can use the calculator on the Investor and Financial Education Council website to work out the required monthly repayment amount. Information source:

3rd Phase of Futuremakers' First Job Youth Employment and Subsidy Programme

To support youth employment and help SMEs weather the difficult time, St. James’ Settlement and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited jointly introduced the “Futuremakers’ First Job Youth Employment and Subsidy Programme” in 2020. The programme encouraged SMEs to provide full time or short-term job opportunities for graduates by subsidising half of the wages of the youths employed. In the past 2 years, the programme has successfully helped over 300 graduates to find suitable jobs. SMEs would be able to explore suitable talents through the job matching platform, while DSE, post-secondary and university graduates will be able to find job opportunities which suit their interests and abilities. Corporates will receive half of the wages of each youth hired or up to HK$39,000 over a 6-month period. Participating youths will also be provided with job seeking skills and employment trainings as well as guaranteed interview opportunities within two weeks of the launch of the programme. The third phase of the programme is now accepting applications from 2020, 2021 or 2022 graduates. For more details, please visit the official website. If you have any enquiries, please call 2596 2569 or e-mail to futuremakers.enquiry@sjs.org.hk.

e-Learning Support Scheme 2022 opens for application

The e-Learning Support Scheme (“eLSS”) has been launched under the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) of the Labour Department to provide on-the-job training vacancies for young people who are interested in the fields of IT, education or multi-media creation while facilitating e-Learning at schools. Candidates accepted to eLSS will attend a free pre-employment training course provided by Academy of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong and are entitled to have $70 allowance per pre-employment training day. Upon completion of the pre-employment training, trainees will undergo on-the-job training with pay in schools for 12 months as an e-Learning Support Officer.   Target participants and eligibilities - School leaver aged 15-24 - Educational attainment at DSE (NAS) / sub-degree or below - Lawfully employable in Hong Kong - Experience of relevant studies/ work not necessary For details, please visit the YETP website, or call 2112 9932 or email elss_te@yptp.labour.gov.hk for enquiries. Central Recruitment Day will be held on 26 July 2022 where candidates can attend recruitment interviews.  Details of the Central Recruitment Day: Date: 26 July 2022Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm (different schools in the 2 sessions)Venue: 9/F, Pui Ching Primary School (Chieng Han Chow Memorial Building), 80 Waterloo Road, KowloonRegistration and Enquiry: 2382 2611Click here for details

Search for related courses for your career

When planning for further study or career, young people may have some popular industries in mind and look for related courses, for example, finance; real estate and construction services industry; hotel and catering; information and communication technology; retail; recreation, sports, cultural and creative industries, etc. Want to know what courses or training programmes are available for a particular industry? Below are some websites that may help.. Industries and Jobs - Education Bureau's Life Planning Information Website Careers Exploration - Talent.gov.hk   More details about the programmes are available from respective institutions. For a comprehensive list of institutions / organisations providing local post-secondary education and other education programmes, please refer to the website of the Education Bureau (EDB). For other related training and courses, please refer to the EDB's Life Planning Information Website.     Still not sure about your career path? Browse the websites listed below to find out more about different jobs and careers and to know more about yourself! VTC Occupation Dictionary "JOB & VASK" HKJC's Clap for Youth HKFYG's Discover@Jobtionary I am… Youth Portal (St James Settlement)  

Starting work and planning for the future

Starting your first job is exciting, especially when you get your first month's pay. It brings financial freedom and puts you in charge of your own money. It also gives you the chance to set financial goals and come up with a plan to achieve them.After starting your first job, it's natural to have an idea of how you want to be in five or 10 years. This could mean further studies, buying a property, getting married, or even starting your own business. No matter what the goal is, you will need money to realise it.Be realistic when setting goals. While short-term goals are often easy to reach, longer-term aims like getting married or buying a property can take years or even decades. The sooner you come up with a plan, the more time you have to save money to reach your goal.Your first short-term goal should be to save for an emergency cash fund. It should be enough to cover your expenses for six months. The Savings Goal Calculator on Investor and Financial Education Council website can help you estimate how much to save and for how long, in order to reach your goals. Make a monthly budgetAfter setting goals, it's time to manage your income and spending. Your first job probably won't be very well paid, but it's tempting to spend. Even so, it's much better to be careful and avoid living from paycheck to paycheck.Use the Money Tracker mobile app to set a monthly budget, record income and track expenses. It can also compare the budget you set with actual spending. This allows you to manage your money all the time, anywhere.Save before spendingIt's important to learn good saving habits while you are still young. The key is to always save before you spend. So, after getting your wage, put aside 10 to 20% as savings straight away. The rest can be spent as you wish. The sooner you start saving, the more money you will have due to the compound effect. This will boost your financial freedom.Most people have lots of things they want to buy but don't have enough money. Simply put: if you buy this, you can't buy that. It's important to know the difference between what you need and what you want. Think about what you will do with what you buy. Ask yourself: "Would it cause me any problem in the coming months if I don't buy it?" If the answer is no, it means you don’t really need it. More financial issues to think about 1. MPF managementThe Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is a long-term saving and investment scheme for retirement, which both you and your employer put money into. When you start work, your employer has to enrol you for the MPF scheme within 60 days. The contribution is 5% of your income for both you and your employer. Good MPF management is important, as it will affect how much money you have when you retire.2. Repay student loansIf you have a student loan, put aside part of your salary to repay it. You can set up autopay so you pay on time. Student loans are from public money. Paying on time is your obligation and a social responsibility. Also, late payments will mean surcharges and interest. This could affect your credit history. You can use "SFO E-Link" to check your repayment schedule and history.3. Smart use of credit cardsWhen you first get a credit card it's tempting to spend money you haven't earned yet or buy things you can't afford. Apart from spending on necessities like meals and transport, young people also like to buy trendy clothes and gadgets. But it's best to buy what you need rather than spend too much. Do not fall into the "enjoy now, pay later" trap. Repay the full amount before it's due, as interest on a credit card can be more than 30%.4. Prepare to pay taxesHong Kong has a provisional tax system. When you receive a tax return you must report your income, deductions and claim allowances. For example, you can claim tax deductions on MPF contributions. The Inland Revenue will assess your tax for this year and the next, based on what you report. Therefore, tax is for the current year, while provisional tax is for the next year. As a result, the total amount for a tax bill could be very high. You should prepare by using the Salary Tax Calculator to work out the tax due on your wage, then save based on how much you need. (Information source: Investor and Financial Education Council)

Youth uniformed groups under disciplined and auxiliary services departments

The Government strives to nurture youths and support them in fully realising their potential. Youth uniformed groups offer important platforms for promoting youth development. To this end, most of the disciplined and auxiliary services departments have set up their own youth uniformed groups to nurture young people’s sense of social responsibility, enhance their law-abiding awareness and help them develop leadership skills through a series of classroom and physical training. Information about the youth uniformed groups under the disciplined and auxiliary services departments is listed below for easy reference. Junior Police Call The Hong Kong Police Force has all along been actively promoting youth development. With the mission of nurturing fight crime partners and future leaders, it founded its flagship youth organisation, the Junior Police Call (JPC), in 1974. Currently, Advanced Leaders and members of JPC Leader Corps who join foot drill training are uniformed to reinforce the sense of belonging. On top of organising regular leadership camps to build up young people’s resilience, team spirit and leadership skills, JPC has also launched new programmes, e.g. innovation and technology competitions, in recent years to enhance its appeal to young people. In April 2021, JPC introduced the Junior Police Call Mobile Application (JPC App) to facilitate the recruitment of new members and the participation of existing members. In addition, JPC implemented a new youth engagement strategy under the acronym “IDEAS” this year to highlight the elements of JPC’s activities, namely “Innovation”, “Discipline”, “Exposure”, “Adventure” and “Synergy”. With this new strategy, JPC has also launched a new awards scheme, with a view to enriching members’ learning experience systematically. Looking ahead, JPC will also offer youth exchange opportunities in the Greater Bay Area to let participants gain first-hand experience of the opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. >> Website of Junior Police Call (The video is in Chinese)   Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect The Fire Services Department (FSD) established its youth uniformed group, called the Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect (FAST Connect), in 2021.  FAST Connect aims to provide a learning platform for its members, arranging regular training and activities to equip them with a rich learning experience.  Apart from providing practical training on basic fire-fighting and rescue techniques, basic first-aid skills and fire safety knowledge, FAST Connect also covers national education (e.g. the Chinese-style foot drill) to enhance the sense of belonging to the country among youth.  Exchange sessions with community leaders and Hong Kong elite athletes are also arranged for members.  Through participating in the various training and activities arranged by FSD, young people can acquire new knowledge outside the classroom, learn more about the country’s development and build a good character, with a view to building a solid foundation for academic and career success in the future. >> Website of the Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect (The video is in Chinese) Immigration Department Youth Leaders Corps The Immigration Department (ImmD) established its uniformed group, the Immigration Department Youth Leaders Corps, in 2013. Presently, the uniformed group provides disciplinary and leadership training to local students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 6 in Hong Kong. The training programme covers knowledge about immigration matters, national education, foot drill, physical fitness, community services and outdoor training. It aims at developing members’ sense of discipline and team spirit, enhancing their sense of national identity, and instilling positive thinking and values through group activities. Members will receive training in the Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development and visit immigration facilities so as to deepen their understanding of ImmD’ s work. This will help those who are interested in joining the Department in future get prepared. Since September this year, dedicated instructors also host school-based meetings with a view to building closer rapport with members. (The video is in Chinese)   Customs Youth Leader Corps The Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) introduced the education-oriented programme, Customs YES, in 2021 for young people aged between 12 and 24. Groups, schools and non-governmental organisations interested in supporting and promoting youth development can also join as organisation members. The Customs YES programme aims at enhancing young people’s appreciation of C&ED’s work and fostering their positive values and sense of belonging to society. Its activities include Customs job orientation experience, summer internship programmes, adventure and leadership training and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area exchange programmes. Customs YES also regularly holds theme-based (e.g. legal profession, innovation & technology, and logistics) career development workshops aim to help members understand the situation and development of various sectors through interactive activities such as site visits and sharing by sector specialists. Under the framework of diversified activities of Customs YES, C&ED has formed a new youth uniformed group called Customs Youth Leader Corps, which aims at nurturing members to be distinguished youth leaders. Apart from participating in Customs YES activities, members are required to attend regular assemblies and disciplinary training to acquire various skills and learn about C&ED’s work. >> Website of Customs Youth Leader Corps (The video is in Chinese) Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders The Correctional Services Department (CSD) has been implementing the Rehabilitation Pioneer Project since 2008 to disseminate the message of “leading a law-abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting offender rehabilitation” to secondary school students and young people. Project activities include education talks in schools and organisations; visits to correctional institutions and experience sharing by persons in custody to enable participants to understand the consequences of committing crimes; and summer tours to large-scale infrastructure as well as rural schools and families in the Mainland in order to deepen participants’ understanding of national affairs. In 2018, CSD established its uniformed group, Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders, targeting secondary school students. Participants attend regular meetings twice a month at venues such as the Staff Training Institute for foot drill, take part in teamwork and physical training, as well as join a wide range of activities such as life planning interviews and Training on the Operation of Online Channel. The aim is to broaden their horizons, foster discipline and promote law-abiding and inclusive values. >> Website of Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders   Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps Founded in 1968, the Civil Aid Service (CAS) Cadet Corps has an establishment of more than 4 000 cadets. Committed to promoting youth work, CAS encourages young people to learn practical skills and develop leadership abilities and through which to build up self-confidence, sense of responsibility, self-discipline and the spirit to serve others. Cadets also take part in community service such as countryside conservation work, tree planting and visits to the elderly to prepare themselves for becoming responsible citizens. CAS provides a diversified array of training and activities for its cadets including life-saving, first-aid, foot drill, hiking, boating, sailing, outdoor programmes and national education courses, etc, and is planning to develop activities and training on virtual reality and unmanned aircraft to encourage cadets to explore in various dimensions. Exchange programmes for cadets to meet with young people in the Greater Bay Area have been organised in order to deepen their understanding of the development of the Greater Bay Area. >>Website of Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps (The video is in Chinese) >> Website of Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps The Auxiliary Medical Service (“AMS”) established its Cadet Corps in 2011 to encourage young people to acquire practical skills and develop their leadership abilities by taking part in healthcare training and activities. Apart from receiving healthcare training, cadets also take part in a wide range of events, such as first aid competitions, foot drill training, community service and national education exchange tours, etc. >> Website of Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps The Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) established its Cadet Corps in 2011 to encourage young people to, by taking part in healthcare training and activities, acquire practical skills and develop their leadership abilities. Major areas of the training include knowledge, prevention and handling of communicable and chronic diseases; conventional first aid and health-check training; and prevailing public hygiene and health issues (e.g. emotional / mental health and drug abuse). Apart from receiving healthcare training, cadets also take part in a wide range of events, such as first aid competitions, foot drill training, community service and national education exchange tours, etc. >> Website of Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps Government Flying Service's Collaboration with Youth Uniformed Groups Although the Government Flying Service (GFS) does not have its own youth uniformed group, it has established various activity arrangements with different youth uniformed groups (such as the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps (HKACC), the Scout Association and the Girl Guides Association).  Its collaboration with HKACC is particularly close.  Besides continuing to provide HKACC with the relevant programmes and activities, GFS will arrange officers to take part in HKACC’s leader training programme and give professional coaching to HKACC members aged 16 or above, providing experiential activities to help them learn more about the different facets of GFS’s work (including the work of Pilots, Air Crewman Officers, Aircraft Engineers, Air Medical Officers and Air Medical Nursing Officers).  This can promote young people’s understanding of GFS and their interest in the aviation industry.

Virtual Exhibition of Students’ Achievements – e-Gallery

This year, the Education Bureau (EDB) launched the e-Gallery, a one-stop online portal. The e-Gallery showcases Hong Kong students' multifarious learning outcomes in different domains, namely values education, languages, humanities, creativity and problem-solving, STEM education, arts and culture, and physical development, as well as celebrates students' outstanding performances in whole-person development. From time to time, the e-Gallery will announce the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong students in local, national and international competitions. It will also recommend competitions of various types for schools to nominate student participants. Moreover, it will feature Hong Kong outstanding students' learning experiences in different domains, aiming to inspire more students to take up challenges and stretch their potential. In addition, the e-Gallery will hold online exhibitions which, as compared to physical exhibitions, will allow more flexibility for displaying students' attainments in whole-person development and provide opportunities for students and teachers to appreciate and learn from one another. You are also welcomed to watch the below introduction video by the e-Gallery:  

Strategies of 2022 JUPAS Programme Choice Selection

The deadline of 2021-2022 Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) application submission falls on 8 December 2021 (11:59 pm). Students are suggested to priorities programmes they have both interest and confidence in from the list of Programmes Offered after thorough consideration. Set your goals and collect information about the job Students are recommended to explore their interest, set a goal for their ideal job, and subsequently search for suitable programmes and career pathways. If there is already a clear goal in your mind, you may take a look at the Life Planning Information website launched by the Career Guidance Section, Education Bureau. Information of all walks of life, such as duties of job, reference salaries, entry requirements and examples of related training and courses are all listed in the website. You may refer to the related Bachelor Degree Programmes of each occupation when you are ranking your JUPAS programme choices. Take reference from the past Admission Scores of the institutions Besides interest and goals, the result of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) and the abilities of the applicant are important as well for programme selection. You may compare your predicted DSE results with the past Admission Scores of the participating-institutions when you are making decisions on the programmes. The below list consolidates the Entrance Requirements, Admission Scores (2021 Entry) and Admission Score Calculators of the Universities under JUPAS for your reference:   City University of Hong Kong Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry) Admission Score Calculator Hong Kong Baptist University Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry)   Hong Kong Metropolitan University Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry) Admission Score Calculator Lingnan University Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry) Admission Score Calculator The Chinese University of Hong Kong Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry)   The Education University of Hong Kong Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry)   The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry)   The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry) Admission Score Calculator The University of Hong Kong Entrance Requirements Admission Scores (2021 entry)    

2022 JUPAS Application Procedures & Important Dates

Application Procedures Applicants who wish to apply for admission to the programmes offered under Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) and are eligible to apply via JUPAS must submit and complete their applications via the JUPAS online application system. Before submitting the applications, applicants are advised to go through the Online Application System User Guide for Applicants, and complete all of the following steps for the submission of applications: 1. Create JUPAS Account 2. Activate JUPAS Account and Apply for Admission 3. Pay Application Fee 4. Submit Programme Choices 5. Submit Optional Information (if applicable) Upon successful creation of an applicant's record and successful generation of an application number by the JUPAS online application system, applicants will receive emails from the JUPAS Office. In avoidance of missed emails, applicants must ensure that the setting of their personal email accounts will not filter out or place such correspondence in the trash / junk bins Important Dates 6 October 2021 (9:00 am) – 8 December 2021 (11:59 pm) Submit and complete JUPAS applications (details)   10 December 2021 (9:00 am) – 1 June 2022 (5:00 pm) Submit late applications (details) The fee for late application is HK$810 10 December 2021 (9:00 am) – 1 June 2022 (11:59 pm) Update programme choices before the release of the HKDSE Examination results (details) Before updating, applicants are required to pay amendment fees of HK$100 for each submission From 22 June 2022 (9:00 am) Log on JUPAS accounts to check the time-slots allocated for modifications of programme choices   Timeslot allocated during 21 July – 23 July 2022 Modify programme choices after the release of the HKDSE Examination results (details)   *Subject to changes. For all updates and details, please refer to the JUPAS website.

2021 Internship Experience at the Efficiency Office

The 2021 Summer Internship Programme at the Efficiency Office (EffO) was concluded successfully. After the two-month intership, the interns had enriched their understanding of the internal operation of the Government as well as the development of Innovation and Technology (I&T) in Hong Kong. The interns participated in a wide variety of tasks, such as general office work and site visits to different government departments and I&T organisations. These experiences helped to broaden their horizons and expand their social networks. The 2021 Summer Internship Programme was yet another unforgettable experience for all interns. Let’s take a look at the video for their sharing and highlights of the programme!  

"Own My Path" Skills Transformation Training Programme

About the Programme The HKFYG Leadership Institute will organise a brand-new training series -  "Own My Path" Skills Transformation Training Programme. The programme aims to provide young people with future skills training and practical vocational experiences, so as to help them adapt to the new normal of the "gig economy" during the pandemic and thus enhance their career and financial prospects. By gaining insights from market experts and start-up entrepreneurs, as well as engaging in online self-learning, participants will be able to quickly boost their hard and soft skills, such as digital literacy, financial management, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, entrepreneurship, resilience, and growth mindset. As participants operate online stores and physical market stalls under supervision, they will get to enhance a variety of vocational skills, transform their core skills, learn to adjust their mentality, become more resilient, and broaden their career potential in an ever-changing economy, so as to foster long-term financial autonomy and prepare for the future. Target Participants Young people aged 18 to 35 (Tertiary students and Working youth) Online Application and Deadlines Phase 1 Application: On or before 23 October 2021Phase 2 Application: On or before 23 November 2021 >>Click here to apply now Please refer to the Programme website for more information.

2021 Policy Address – Building a Bright Future Together

There are a number of measures to support Hong Kong to strive ahead with renewed perseverance and plan for the future in the Policy Address 2021. We have summarised measures related to Youth Development and Innovation and Technology for your reference: Youth Development Invite the Youth Development Commission to explore the introduction of a new funding scheme to subsidise eligible NGOs to organise projects that are conducive to nurturing young people’s positive thinking Establish more effective channels to gauge the views of young people of different backgrounds in order to better meet their needs in areas such as education, career pursuits, housing, upward mobility and development of their potential Introduce measures, including the Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the GBA Youth Employment Scheme, to support the development of Hong Kong young people in the Mainland, as well as support for enhancing various Mainland internship and exchange programmes Regularise the Member Self‑recommendation Scheme for Youth, under which young people aged between 18 and 35 are recruited on a regular basis to participate in government advisory committee For details on the measures related to Youth Development, please refer to the Facebook page of the Home Affairs Bureau. Innovation and Technology Develop the San Tin Technopole Strengthen the development of the Eastern Knowledge and Technology Corridor Build landmark Innovation and Technology (I&T) facilities in Lau Fau Shan Reserve land for The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong for research use Start planning for the construction of the second Advanced Manufacturing Centre Set up an InnoLife Healthtech Hub in the Hong Kong‑Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Lok Ma Chau Loop Set up a dedicated fund to encourage local researchers to participate in national research and development projects Explore collaboration between the Hospital Authority (HA) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation on the use of the HA’s clinical data for research and development Continue to implement the Global STEM Professorship Scheme and other talent-nurturing schemes Establish incubator networks in the GBA campuses of Hong Kong universities Set up the GBA InnoAcademy Set up the GBA InnoExpress to to nurture start ups and support I&T enterprises to go global and attract foreign investment Explore the extension of the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates to cover graduates of Hong Kong universities’ GBA campuses so as to facilitate the flow of talents within the GBA Expand the Innovation and Technology Bureau into the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau to support the development of re-industrialisation For details on the measures related to the I&T development so as to integrate into the national and GBA development, please refer to the Facebook page of the Innovation and Technology Bureau. After the delivery of Policy Address, the Innovation and Technology Bureau continued to engage stakeholders on the I&T initiatives, which some startups agreed that the measures would bring benefits to the I&T development in Hong Kong. Let’s take a look at the sharing video below to know more! (The video is in Chinese only)   The Policy Address Supplement used more infographics to make the document more readable and listed out those ongoing and new initiatives. You may wish to refer to the following chapters of the Supplement - Chapter V - Unlimited Business OpportunitiesChapter VII - Nurturing TalentChapter VIII - Caring Society

[Customs YES] Youth Programme of Customs and Excise Department

Have no idea of your future career? Want to know more about the work of the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED)? Interested in joining  related grades of the department? The youth programme "Customs YES" introduced by C&ED will certainly help! Diversified activities conducive to youth development Activities of "Customs YES" offer a unique and diversified learning experience for its youth members. Activities such as summer training camps, visits, workshops, exchange programmes, job orientation experience camps and internship programmes that feature a wide spectrum of Customs areas including intellectual property rights protection, revenue protection, narcotics interdiction, anti-smuggling, protection of consumer interests etc., are conducive to the development of members and can broaden their horizons. (Video with Chinese captions only)   Be a member of Customs YES Become a Customs YES member to enjoy the amazing activities! The details of individual membership application are as follows: Target group: Young individuals aged between 12 and 24Fee: Free of chargeApplication methods: Submit an application online or by post. Click here for more details Please visit the programme website for more details and information.  

[Applied Learning, Apply the Learning] ApL graduates share their success stories

Applied Learning (ApL) courses are valued elective subjects in senior secondary education. ApL offers studies with dual emphasis on practice and theory linked to broad professional and vocational fields. A flexible combination of ApL with core subjects, elective subjects and Other Learning Experiences helps provide holistic learning experiences with theoretical and applied learning opportunities catering for students’ diverse learning needs. The two short videos below feature two ApL graduates who studied the course "Medical Laboratory Science" and the course "Film and Videos" respectively. Through studying the ApL courses, the two students not only gained relevant knowledge of the respective fields but also identified their real interests, thereby building a solid foundation for further studies and career pursuits. They also shared their stories on how ApL had helped them pursue their further studies and realise their career aspirations step by step. [Applied Learning, Apply the Learning (1): Realising aspirations, Broadening horizons] (The video is in Cantonese) [Applied Learning, Apply the Learning (2): Equipping ourselves, Pursuing our dreams ] (The video is in Cantonese) For more information about Applied Learning, please visit the website of the Education Bureau.

2nd Phase of Futuremakers' First Job Youth Employment and Subsidy Programme

To support youth employment and help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) weather the difficult time, St. James’ Settlement and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited jointly introduced the “Futuremakers’ First Job Youth Employment and Subsidy Programme” in 2020. The programme encouraged SMEs to provide full time or short-term job opportunities for graduates by subsidising half of the wages of the youths employed. In 2021, the Standard Chartered Foundation donated another HK$5 million to launch the second phase of the programme. The maximum amount of subsidy is raised and participants will be guaranteed job interview opportunities under the new phase. SMEs would be able to identify suitable talents through the job matching platform, while Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE), post-secondary and university graduates will be able to find job opportunities that suit their interests and abilities. Corporates will receive half of the wages of each youth hired or up to HK$39,000 each over a 6-month period. Participating youths will also be provided with training in job-seeking skills and employment as well as guaranteed interview opportunities within two weeks of joining the programme. The second phase of the programme is now accepting applications from 2019, 2020 or 2021 graduates. For more details, please visit the programme's website. If you have any enquiries, please call 2596 2569 or e-mail futuremakers.enquiry@sjs.org.hk.

Education & Careers Expo 2021 - Information hub for study and job opportunities

Have you decided to further your study or start your career journey after graduation? Or if you would like to change your career path after a few years of working? The annual Education & Career Expo oranised by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) will certainly help!To understand latest market trends and plan ahead your path The 30th HKTDC Education & Careers Expo, gathering organisations from different countries and regions, representing educational institutions, professional associations, government departments, public organisations and private companies, is an information hub for education and employment opportunities. The Expo will invite popular guest speakers to share their career experience and tips, including Star tutor Mr. Jayden Lam, Popular DJ Ah Jeng from Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Tong Shiu-sing and the founder cum principal of Dr. Phoenix Education Centre, Dr Jeffrey Hui.Numerous local and non-local opportunities This year's Education & Careers Expo features several thematic zones.  The Career Zone, with the Recruitment Square, will provide the latest job market updates relating to popular industries, while the Education Zone will feature the information on continuing education, creative and educational support services, tertiary academy as well as vocational and professional education provided by educational institutions. The Youth Square will offer information on internship programmes, working holiday schemes and career planning. Young people interested in studying or working abroad will also have the chance to interact directly with the representatives of participating consulates general and official education authorities at the International Exchange Village. Details of the Education & Careers Expo 2021 Dates: 15-18 July 2021 (Thursday to Sunday) (The event is closed) Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Fee: Free Opening Hours: 15-17 July: 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 18 July: 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Official Website: Click here

"Be a Government Official for a Day" Programme 2021 (Application Deadline: 30 June 2021)

The “Life Buddies” Mentoring Scheme launches the “Be a Government Official for a Day” Programme 2021. The programme, to be held in August 2021, will offer the opportunity for selected students to shadow a senior government official on the job for a day to gain hands-on experience of an official's work and a better understanding of the Government's operation. It also aims at providing officials a chance to share with students their work experience while learning about students' insights on different issues, their life goals and future plans. The job shadowing process will also help inspire students to develop positive values, multi-perspective thinking, strive to realise their potential and seize opportunities for upward mobility. Please refer to the Programme webpage for more programme background and history.The details are as follows: Programme Activities 1. Orientation Session – 4 August 2021An experienced non-governmental organisation has been engaged to organise orientation for selected students prior to the job shadowing to understand their expectations on the programme and help them make suitable preparations for the job shadowing.2. Job Shadowing – a working day within 9 to 20 August 2021Students will personally shadow a senior government official for a day, and seize the invaluable opportunity to interact with officials. Officials may on one hand share career stories and aspirations with students, and on the other hand share views with students on their ideas and goals for their future development. Such personal interactions would encourage students to develop positive values and attitudes as well as to think about life planning from different perspectives, inspiring students to aim high when setting goals for their future and to strive at achieving such goals with perseverance and determination.3. Debriefing Session – 24 August 2021The experienced non-government organisation will review with the students some key takeaways after the shadowing excerise.  Students shadowing different officials could share their different experiences.4. Sharing Session – 30 August 2021Lastly, a sharing session will be held for the students to give a presentation to the officials, their principals, teachers, parents and friends, further consolidating their takeaways from the programme. Eligibility If you are a local secondary 3 to 6 student in the 2020/21 academic year who possess the following qualities, then the programme is ideal for you – Motivation and career aspiration Interest in public service Analytical and communication skills Application Method On an individual basis, applicants should complete the application form, including a recommendation from their school principal or teacher, and send it to lifebuddies@cso.gov.hk by email (Re: “Be a Government Official for a Day” Programme) at or before 11:59 p.m. on 30 June, 2021 (Wednesday). The application form should be completed electronically as far as possible. Each application form should be submitted in a single pdf file as an email attachment. Please do not upload the application form to any cloud drives. Selected applicants will be invited to a face-to-face meeting held in mid to late July. A separate notification will be made by email on the relevant arrangement. Applicants who have not received any notification by 31 July may consider their application unsuccessful and no separate notification will be made. Enquiry Programme Webpage: https://www.lifebuddies.hk/en/Be_a_Government_Official_for_a_Day_Programme Email: lifebuddies@cso.gov.hk Contact No.: 3655 4891

[Life Planning Living A Real Me] Kylie Hung, Comic Artist

Our guest in this episode, Kylie Hung, turned her interest into a career.With her hard work and encouragement from family, Kylie Hung turned her dream and interest into a career. She has become the author of comic book Lobintan. She encourages young people to work hard and try their best to overcome all difficulties once they found their dream jobs.And her works are also widely recognised, how did she achieve her dream? Example of related training and courses for Illustrators Certificate- Open University of Hong Kong - Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects- St. James' Settlement - Diploma for Illustration and Original Designers- Vocational Training Council - Higher Diploma in Illustration- Hong Kong Design Institute - Professional Certificate in Illustration Studies For more information about Illustrator or other careers information, please visit EDB Life Planning Information website.

[Life Planning Living A Real Me] Hincent NG, Arborist

As the saying goes, “It takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred years to nurture people”. To grow a tree requires many conditions.The guest of this episode Mr Hincent NG learned about the profession of an arborist through an internship programme and acquired the Certified Arborist in 2013. He is currently responsible for the greening of a university campus. He reminded young people to pursue continuing education in their fields. He is always exposed to all kinds of weather and takes care of trees outdoors. Behind this tough job is his dedication to nature and the environment. Let us listen to his story. Example of related training and courses for Arborist Certificate- Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC)-Certificate in Arboriculture ManagementHigher Diploma / Associate Degree- Vocational Training Council (VTC) - Higher Diploma in Conservation and Tree ManagementBachelor Degree- Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (Thei) – Bachelor of Arts (Hon) Horticulture and Landscape Management For more information about Arborist or other careers information, please visit EDB Life Planning Information website.

First aid and lifesaving certificates needed when applying for lifeguard

Apart from public swimming pools, gazetted beaches and water sports centres administered by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), quite many places like clubhouses in private properties, hotels and clubs also hire lifeguards at their swimming pools and water sports centres. Therefore the demands for lifeguards are always there. First Aid and LifesavingNormally, a Lifeguard Award and a First Aid Certificate are required when applying for a job as a lifeguard. Take the recruitment advertisement of Lifeguard on the website of LCSD as an example, the entry requirements are:Entry Requirements(a) completed Primary 6 education, or equivalent;(b) visual acuity of 6/60;(c) a valid Beach Lifeguard Award and Pool Lifeguard Award from The Hong Kong Life Saving Society;(d) a valid First Aid Certificate of the St John Ambulance Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, or the Auxiliary Medical Service;(e) attained a level of proficiency in Chinese and English languages equivalent to Primary 6 standard; and(f) passed a trade test.This means, if you want to be one of the lifeguards in town, you will probably need to attain a Lifeguard Award and a First Aid Certificate. >>>For more information about the Beach Lifeguard Award and the Pool Lifeguard Award issued by The Hong Kong Life Saving Society, please visit the websites of The Hong Kong Life Saving Society.>>>For more information about the First Aid Certificate of the St John Ambulance Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, or the Auxiliary Medical Service, please visit the story "First aid certificate courses recognised by the Government".

First aid certificate courses recognised by the Government

First aid knowledge not only means the difference between life and death but also helps one determine the sequence and the priority of first-aid treatments during an emergency. First aid knowledge and skills promote safety awareness at home, at work, at play, on streets and highways. Having learnt first aid, a person is prepared to assist others wisely and is able to distinguish between what to do and what not to do.  Holders of a valid certificate in first aid issued from organisations like Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Association, Hong Kong Red Cross or the Auxiliary Medical Service may enjoy an advantage in job hunting. Below are some first aid certificate courses recognised by the HKSAR Government. (Click here to know more about first aid) Hong Kong St. John Ambulance - "Certificate in First Aid" Course (Face-to-face mode) (FA)Course Content 1. Principles & Practice of First Aid; 2. Action at an Emergency; 3. The Structure and the Functions of the Body; 4. Dressings & Bandages; 5. Asphyxia; 6. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation for adult/and infant; 7. Management of Airway Obstruction in adult/and infant; 8. Wounds, Bleeding & Circulatory Failure; 9. Shock & Fainting; 10. Injuries to Bones; 11. Injuries to Muscles, Ligaments & Joints; 12. The Nervous System & Unconsciousness; 13. Burns & Scalds; 14. Poisoning; 15. Procedure at Road Accidents; 16. Handling & Transportation of Injured Person. Course Duration 30 hours (usually 3 hours/session/week for 10 sessions or 4/5 full days etc.) Medium of Instruction Cantonese / English (Chinese courses are held every two months and English courses are organised basing on the number of applicants.) Certificate Candidates attending less than 80% of the lectures will not be eligible for examination. Each candidate must be examined in the following subjects: Theory of First Aid/Bandaging Technique/Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Candidates who passed the examination will be awarded the "Certificate in First Aid" which is recognised by the HKSAR Government and is valid for three years. For re-certification, candidates should take a refresher course/re-examination before the expiry of the certificate.For details and to apply please visit the website of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance. Hong Kong Red Cross - Standard First Aid Certificate Course (SFA) Course Content 1. Introduction of Red Cross Movement; 2. Principle of First Aid; 3. Patient Assessment; 4. Suffocation & Choking; 5. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation; 6. Burns & Scalds; 7. Unconsciousness; 8. Shock & Bleeding; 9. Wounds & Bandaging; 10. Trauma of Various Parts of Body; 11. Medical Emergencies; 12. Bone, Joint & Muscle Trauma; 13. Environmental Related Health Problems; 14. Introduction of Automated External Defibrillator; 15. Transporting Victim; 16. First Aid Equipments & Relevant Regulations. Course Duration 30 hours (extra 3 hours for examination) Medium of Instruction Cantonese, Putonghua or English Certificate Students should fulfil the following criteria in order to get the Standard First Aid Certificate which is recognised by the HKSAR Government with 3 years validity.- At least 80% attendance (counted by session)- Pass in both written and practical examinations Before the expiry date of the certificate or within 6 months after the expiry date of the certificate, participants can attend a Standard First Aid Certificate Refresher Course (SFAR) and pass the examinations to renew their certificates with 3 years validity.For details and to apply please visit the website of Hong Kong Red Cross. Occupational Safety and Health Council  - Certificate Of Competence Courses (AMS)Certificate of Competence in First Aid Course Content 1. Principles of First Aid and handling of accidents; 2. Asphyxia and resuscitation techniques; 3. Wounds and bleeding and their handling techniques; 4. Handling of casualties of dizziness, syncope and unconsciousness; 5. Injuries of the skeletal system; 6. Burns and scalds; 7. Handling techniques for other injuries; 8. Methods of transporting casualties. Course Duration 36 hours plus end-of-course examination Medium of Instruction Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes Certificate Award of Certificate: At least 85% attendance and a pass in the end-of-course examination. Trainees will be provided a first aid certificate jointly issued by the Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC). This certificate is valid for three years.For details and to apply please visit the website of Occupational Safety and Health Council. The Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) (The AMS first aid training courses are organised for civil servants and such courses are designed to meet their operational needs. When training places are available, members of the public are also welcome to enrol on the courses for which a fee will be charged. However, due to the current long waiting list and waiting time for the training places, enrolment by members of the public shall be suspended until further notice. For details, please visit the website of AMS.)

[Construction Industry] The Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme

The Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme (ITCTS) follows "First-hire-then-train" approach. Trainees are first employed by the employer, then they will receive an initial training provided by the CIC with up to HK$10,200/month allowance. After the initial training, trainees will undergo on-site training provided by the employer. During on-site training period, trainees can get at least HK$13,400 monthly salary. At the end of training, trainees are required to take the relevant Intermediate Trade Test (ITT) / Certification Test provided by the CIC. Trainees who pass the ITT / Certification Test will be awarded a one-off bonus of HK$10,000. Mode of Training- Initial training provided by CIC- On-site training provided by the employerEntry Requirement- Aged 18 or above; and- Hong Kong residents and have permit to work in Hong Kong; and- For those who have not taken the below courses within one year:(i) Full-time Short Course/Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ECMTS) offered by Construction Industry Council (CIC) or Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC);or(ii) Other full-time training courses offered by CIC or HKIC or other training bodies funded by CIC or HKIC;or- For those who have not taken CIC’s or HKIC's Technician programmes within two years.- To ensure the optimal use of training places, holders of trade test or intermediate trade test qualification are not eligible to participate in the Scheme of relevant trades.Employers may have other requirements. The applicant may consult the employer directly.Enquiry: 2100 9000 For details, please visit Construction Industry Council website. For more information about the Recruitment Day in 2023, please subscribe online in the website of Hong Kong Institute of Construction. Here below is the sharing of students from Hong Kong Institute of Construction. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

[Life Planning Living A Real Me] Jayson TANG, Executive Chef

Cooking is the hobby of a lot of people. But when it comes to career planning, have you ever thought of becoming a chef?Determined to be a chef since childhood, Mr Jayson TANG enrolled in a professional training programme, worked hard and successfully turned his interest into career.  Now he is the Executive Chef of a hotel in Hong Kong. He has succeeded in turning his interest into a career. He said frankly that when a person is passionate about his work, he will not find it difficult.  Vice-Chairperson of Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters, Mr HO Chun Yan advised young people that when they plan for their future career path, they should set short-term and medium-term goals. After joining the workforce, both continuing studies and work experience are important.Let us take a look at his story. Example of related training and courses for Chef Higher Diploma / Associate Degree- Hong Kong Culinary Academy - Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management- Hong Kong College of Technology - Higher Diploma in Tourism Management (Culinary) Bachelor Degree- Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong - Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Culinary Arts and Management For more information about Chef or other careers information, please visit EDB Life Planning Information website.

What are the 4 restrictions during the probationary driving period?

Probationary driving licence holders are :1. Required to display "P" plate at the front and rear of the vehicle they are driving  (in the case of a private car or light goods vehicle, display of the “P” plate on the windscreens is also acceptable, but the “P” plate must be displayed on the left-hand side of the windscreens);Justification: For identification and enforcement purposes. Also help reminding other drivers to be cautious about and patient with the novice drivers.2. Not allowed to carry any passenger on the motor cycle or motor tricycle they are driving;Justification: Since novice drivers of motor cycles and motor tricycles are prone to accidents, it is reasonable not to allow them to carry any passenger (the vehicle control is different when carrying passengers).3. Not allowed to drive their vehicles at a speed in excess of 70 km/h, even if they are driving on roads with speed limit above 70 km/h; and Justification: It is not desirable for novice drivers to drive at a high speed which would incur greater accident risk.4. Not allowed to drive their vehicles on the offside lane of expressways where there are 3 or more traffic lanes. Justification: To accord with the maximum speed of 70 For more details, please visit the Transport Department website

e-Book Highlights - Job Hunting Tips

You may browse selected articles from below e-databases via E-Account; or Library card; or Smart Identity Card allowed for Library Purposes; AND Password.If you have never applied for a library card or E-Account of Hong Kong Public Libraries, please visit the Hong Kong Public Libraries website to know more aboout the application details.  《101 Great Résumés》 Introduction: In 101 Great Résumés, you will find the résumé format that will work wonders for you, one that can showcase your unique background, situation, and career goals and help you land your dream job. It features résumés tailored to the individual situations, challenges, and aspirations of today's job seekers.    Author: Fry, RonPublisher: Open Road Media, 2018Source: Overdrive eBooks (Back to top) 《Graduate to a Great Career》 Introduction: Many graduates fall back to earth with a bump and struggle to launch a career in their chosen field. Graduate to a Great Career will give you the tools you need to survive and show you how to thrive by creating Brand You. Author: Kaputa, CatherinePublisher: Quercus, 2016Source: Overdrive eBooks (Back to top) 《5 Steps! 搵工面試easy pass》 Introduction:(Please refer to the Chinese version) Author: 曾凱鈴Publisher: 經濟日報出版社,2014Source: HyRead電子書 (Back to top) 《求職法術:面試達人之EQ秘技》 Introduction:(Please refer to the Chinese version) Author: 黃慧玟(Natalie Evie)Translator: 蔡昀(Aaron Choi)Publisher: 非凡出版,2019Source: HyRead電子書 (Back to top) 《從應屆生到職場達人:求職應聘寶典》 Introduction:(Please refer to the Chinese version) Author: 張振華編著Publisher: 崧博,2018Source: HyRead電子書 (The information is provided by Hong Kong Public Libraries) (Back to top)

Work Trial Scheme: Allowance provided for work trials?

Work Trial Scheme (the Scheme) aim to enhance the employability of job seekers who have difficulties in finding jobs through one-month (30 days) full-time or part-time work trial.The Scheme- Scheme participants will be arranged to work in real jobs for one month (30 days) offered by participating organisations.- During the work trial period, there is no employment relationship between the participant and the participating organisation.- Participating organisation should provide on-the-job training for the participant and appoint a mentor to coach the participant during the work trial period.- On completion of the one-month (30 days) full-time work trial, each participant will receive an allowance of up to $8,300 while the allowance for part-time work trial participant will be calculated at $49 per hour, of which $500 is contributed by the participating organisation.- The Labour Department will take out insurance for Scheme participants.Service sector is most supportiveFeedback from employers is encouraging. Among others, the service sector is most supportive towards the Scheme, followed by the import and export industry and the retail industry. As for the work trial posts offered, most of them are clerical support workers, elementary occupations and associate professionals. As at 31 December 2019, over 5,800 job seekers have been placed into work trials. Among those participants who have completed the one-month work trial, over 75% of them are offered employment. With effect from 1 May 2019, the amount of full-time work trial allowance has been increased from $7,600 to $8,300. The Scheme is also extended to cover part-time posts with the amount of part-time work trial allowance calculated at $49 per hour.For enquiries, please contact the Work Trial Scheme Co-ordinating Office hotline at 2152 2090 or visit the Labour Department website.

2020 Policy Address - Striving Ahead with Renewed Perseverance

Following 2019's social unrest and amid the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, there are a number of measures to support Hong Kong to strive ahead with renewed perseverance in the Policy Address 2020. We have made reference to the "Highlights - Striving Ahead with Renewed Perseverance" leaflet and summarised measures related to education, entrepreneurship and career pursuit for your reference: Quality Education Enhance moral, civic and national education, as well as strengthen education on the Constitution, the Basic Law and national security Reform the liberal studies subject in the senior secondary curriculum Enhance the training of teachers upon appointment, during service and before promotion to enhance their quality Set aside $2 billion under the Quality Education Fund to launch a three-year programme to support e-learning and to ensure that students from disadvantaged families will enjoy equal learning opportunities Support the provision of new teaching facilities and a student hostel for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Youth Development Launch the Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), under which subsidies will be provided for about 200 youth start-ups, and earmark $100 million under the Youth Development Fund for this purpose Launch the GBA Youth Employment Scheme under which enterprises operating business in both Hong Kong and the GBA Mainland cities will be provided with subsidies to recruit and deploy local university graduates to work in the GBA Mainland cities with a quota of 2 000 Creating Employment In addition to providing about 10 000 civil service job openings and creating about 30 000 time-limited jobs under the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund (of which over 11 000 jobs are suitable for university graduates) this financial year, the Government will create more sector-specific job opportunities, covering environmental protection, construction and engineering, innovation and technology, property management, legal, creative industries, etc., for young people graduating in recent years Provide 20 000 places with training allowance under the Employees Retraining Board's new tranche of the Love Upgrading Special Scheme to be implemented in January 2021 for six months International Innovation and Technology Hub Jointly develop the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Co-operation Zone with Shenzhen, and explore with Shenzhen government the idea of allowing the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to lease and manage certain areas of the Innovation and Technology Zone in Futian, Shenzhen, before the completion of the first batch of research and development (R&D) buildings in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park at the Lok Ma Chau Loop Launch a five-year Global STEM Professorship Scheme at a cost of $2 billion to attract outstanding R&D talent from overseas to engage in R&D work in Hong Kong Release the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0 in December 2020 with more than 130 smart city initiatives Launch the iAM Smart one-stop service platform in December 2020 for the delivery of a number of government and public utility electronic services   The Policy Address Supplement used more infographics to make the document more readable and listed out those ongoing and new initiatives. You may wish to refer to the following chapters of the Supplement - Chapter V - Unlimited Business OpportunitiesChapter VII - Nurturing TalentChapter VIII - Caring Society

HKTDC - Executive Trainee Scheme (the application is closed)

HKTDC's Executive Trainee Scheme is now recruiting high achievers and self-motivated individuals. The Executive Trainee Scheme will offer you:- A three-year structured development programme rotating through different marketing streams- International and local project experience- The opportunity to learn a foreign language- Steps to a challenging and rewarding career Requirements- Degree holder in any discipline, with no more than three years of working experience- Pro-active and adaptable- Detail-oriented with strong analytical skills- Fast learner who is mature, responsible, and can work under deadlines- Good team player with excellent interpersonal skills- Strong command of written and spoken English, Chinese (including Putonghua). Ability to speak a foreign language will be an advantage Details: Click here Deadline of application: 2/1/2023 Here below is the sharing from the HKTDC Executive Trainees of the previous years.