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YETP of the Labour Department - Government Jobs Recruitment Day

YETP of the Labour Department will organise Government Jobs Recruitment Day, offering 11 on-the-job training vacancies without requirements on related academic qualification or work experience for YETP trainees and interested young people, including Administrative Assistant and Employment Services Ambassador (General)(RCCI / RCRI).YETP trainees and interested young people may submit applications and be interviewed on-the-spot. Successful applicants will undergo on-the-job training with pay for 6 months. For details, please visit: https://www.yes.labour.gov.hk/events/events/EventDetailsEDM?id=486&c=en

Education & Careers Expo 2020

Major Exhibit Categories: - Education Colleges & PolytechnicsUniversitiesSchool for Continue EducationVocational TrainingLanguage SchoolsOutside Hong Kong Educational Institutions - Creative Education - CareersPrivate EnterprisesGovernment DepartmentsSemi-government Organisations - Professional Associations and Bodies - Books and Education SuppliesBook Publishers / Book StoresLearning AidsEducational Equipment

e-Learning Support Scheme opens for application

The Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) of the Labour Department launches e-Learning Support Scheme (“eLSS”), providing on-the-job training vacancies for young people who are interested in IT or education industries. Successful trainees will attend a free pre-employment training course provided by Pui Ching Academy and have $70 allowance per pre-employment training day. Upon completion of the training, trainees will undergo on-the-job training with pay in schools for the first 12 months of employment for the position of e-Learning Support Officer. Recruitment targets- Aged 15-24, graduates of S.5 (OAS) / DSE (NAS) to sub-degree level (or equivalent)- Lawfully employable in Hong Kong- With/ without relevant studies/ work experience are eligible to apply How to enrolJoin the Central Recruitment Day with on-the-spot interviews on 31 July 2020. Register on site or online. (Can also call 2382 1310 for registration) Trainee/ applicant registration for recruitment day deadline: 30 July 2020 noon

Application starts for Banking Talent Programme

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the banking industry jointly launched the Banking Talent Programme (the Programme) to nurture young talents for the industry, and provide participants with an opportunity to better prepare for future careers in the banking sector.  The Programme targets fresh graduates from local universities who will be offered six-month work opportunities and industry-specific training. The Programme is supported by the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) and all local universities.  Further details of the Programme are set out below:Job opportunities: Around 300 openings will be offered by banks, Stored Value Facilities operators, together with the HKMA.  Work opportunities will be provided in areas ranging from front-line operations to back-office functions in retail and commercial banking;Professional training: A series of induction seminars as well as professional training courses will be organised by the HKMA, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Finance, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) and reputable industry practitioners;Programme period: The Programme will start from early September 2020 and last for a period of six months;Financial support: The HKMA will reimburse participating firms up to 50% of the monthly salary of Programme participants, which is HK$12,000 per month, and subsidise the course fees for the relevant professional training courses attended by the graduates;Eligibility: Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2020 from local universities may apply for the Programme, and the disciplines preferred will depend on the work nature of specific jobs and the need of participating firms; andApplication: Application is open now. Interviews will be held by participating firms and results will be announced by August. Please refer to individual firms’ website for the latest updates. Please refer to each of the individual firms’ website for the latest updates. Participating Universities: Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Education University of Hong Kong, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lingnan University, Open University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong. Please visit the official website for details.  

Summer Job Searching - 8 Useful Tips You Should Know

Before searching summer jobs on the internet, please stay alert and be cautious in job searching to avoid falling into employment traps. Here are some useful tips:1. Stay alert when applying for a job from anonymous recruitment advertisements and verify the employer's identity; 2. Beware of recruitment advertisements which offer attractive remuneration but require no qualification or experience; 3. Don't yield to persuasion if you are asked to take up a job that is different from the job advertisement, especially when you lack the requisite job knowledge or skills; 4. Don't be rash to pay fees of any kind, e.g. training fees or administrative charges, etc.; 5. Generally speaking, companies will not ask job seekers to pay for products or training classes in return for a job offer; 6. Never be rash to provide important personal information and documents such as identity card, the PINs of credit cards or ATM cards to others. Don't let others use your bank account; 7. Understand the job nature well. Don't take up jobs which involve unlawful activities or sex deals; 8. Be cautious when signing contracts and documents. Make sure you fully understand the contract terms and the provisions before signing. If in doubt, do not sign on it. >>Click here to proceed to search for Summber Job Vacancies (Please visit Labour Department website for more about Summer Jobs Employment)

Internship at Hong Kong Arts Centre Opens All Year Round

Are you interested in gaining experience in the arts and creative industry? Over the years, Hong Kong Arts Centre has offered opportunities to local and overseas university students to gain an exciting and fulfilling experience through our internship and volunteer schemes. Our internship programme provides an excellent opportunity for their students to explore their potential through hands-on work experience, gaining exposure to the different aspects in the operation of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. The learning experience is a stepping stone to a promising future in arts administration and arts education. Internship opportunities are available for the following categories:1. Events & Visitor Service; 2. Programmes (screening, exhibition, performance, learning);3. Strategic Development & Membership;4. Marketing & Promotion. Requirements1. University student aged 18 or above;2. Holder of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or possess a valid visa permitting internship in Hong Kong; and 3. Be enthusiastic about our vision and mission. Application periodWe accept applications throughout the year, and opportunities are available on a full or part-time basis. How to applyPlease send your application with resume to hr@hkac.org.hk. Please visit the official website for more details.

【Artslink】Her Life of Art: Tale of the Two Cities - Karen Wong

Karen Wong, a graduate of the Hong Kong Art School and an exchange student of the Royal Academy of Arts, shares with BACKSTAGE her journey and thoughts on the two schools. A: ArtslinkK: Karen Wong A: From an Advanced Diploma all the way to a Master’s, any moments stand out in particular throughout your journey at the Hong Kong Art School? K: In her “Critical Thinking” course for the Advanced Diploma programme, Ms Fiona Wong asked us to look for curiosity or surprises that could fill a cabinet.  I still take this to heart.  A life without curiosity is like living without a soul.  The “3D Specialization” course was another highlight.  I always thought I would do a major in painting, but the School has significantly widened our horizons.  That course introduced me to ceramic arts and I have since then intrigued to learn more about it.  A: How has the Hong Kong Art School inspired you into becoming an artist?K: I have worked in the field of construction for many years before going to the School.  In 2015, I launched my ceramic studio and started teaching ceramics.  I officially became a full-time artist in late 2017.  The School has changed my life.  In addition to practical skills, I have learnt how to think like an artist.  I have come to understand the development of an artwork as well as the questions that need to be asked and answered during the creative process.  I have become more confident and I am no longer afraid of starting all over again when my work does not meet my expectations.  A: How did you feel when you knew you were selected as an exchange student at the Royal Academy of Arts?  Did you have any expectations? K: Most honoured and grateful for the Hong Kong Art School for the opportunity.  I looked forward to learning from and working with other students.  I also hoped I could participate in as many exhibitions and workshops as possible during my time in the UK. A: Would you mind telling us about your current collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts? K: The project is a ceramic diary of an artist-in-residence that uses ceramic artworks as means to communicate, to promote social responses.  I hope that this project can initiate an artistic dialogue between the arts schools in London and Hong Kong and students of the Hong Kong Art School can enjoy the fruit of this collaboration. Special thanks to: Artslink from Hong Kong Arts Centre and Ms Karen Wong

Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for Retail Industry

The Government, the Vocational Training Council and the Hong Kong Retail Management Association jointly launched a Pilot Earn and Learn Scheme for the Retail Industry (Earn and Learn Scheme) to provide student-workers with an opportunity to "earn and learn" as well as a well-defined progression pathway, aiming to attract talents to join the retail industry.  According to the Scheme, if participants are employed by the same employer upon Scheme completion, graduates of Diploma of Foundation Studies will be entitled to a monthly income not less than $11,000, while the monthly income of graduates of Higher Diploma can reach up to $13,000. Earn and Learn Secondary 6 leavers (student-workers) have to attend 3 days class per week on Diploma in Foundation Studies (Retail) or Higher Diploma organised by VTC. Student-workers will work at the shops of participating employers for another 3 days per week. Participating employers will sponsor part of the tuition fee for student-workers and guarantee their salary level during the Scheme. The programmes "Diploma of Foundation Studies (Retails)" and "Higher Diploma in Retail Innovation and Management" are now open for application. Application deadline is 14/08/2020. Diploma of Foundation Studies (Retails)Salary and Allowance: An average of $7,300 monthly income and allowance Tuition Fee: The employers’ sponsorship equivalents to $1,300 per month as the tuition fee, a student-worker will only need to pay an average of $616 per month. Entry Requirement: Completion of Secondary 6 or above. Applicants will be required to attend job interviews.Higher Diploma in Retail Innovation and ManagementSalary and Allowance: An average of $7,920 monthly income and allowance Tuition Fee: The employers’ sponsorship equivalents to $2,900 per month as the tuition fee, a student-worker will only need to pay an average of $1,436 per month. Entry Requirement: Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English Language and Chinese Language; OR VTC Foundation Diploma (Level 3)/ Diploma of Foundation Studies; OR VTC Diploma in Vocational Education/ Diploma of Vocational Education ; OR Yi Jin Diploma / Diploma Yi Jin; OR Equivalent. Applicants will be required to attend job interviews. For more details, please visit VTC website.

Study Paths for IT and Maritime Fields

IT Study Corner If you are interested in pursuing a career in the information technology field, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has set up a "Study Corner" on its website to consolidate information on all full-time locally-accredited Information and Communications Technology post-secondary programmes offered by local tertiary institutions. The programmes are categorised into three areas: Fintech, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and cover Degree Programmes, Top-up / Senior Year Places Degree Programmes and Sub-degree Programmes. Information about their funding is also provided.  Young people can make use of the information to plan for their study and career path at different stages. Gangway to a Maritime Career How about a career in the maritime industry? Good news! As long as you are 16.5 years old and have completed Secondary 3 or above, then you are eligible. The Maritime Services Training Institute of the VTC offers the Certificate for Junior General Purpose Ratings, a 23-week full-time course which provides fundamental knowledge about the industry. As an approved programme under the Local Vessel Trade Training Incentive Scheme, it is sponsored by the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board. The majority of the course graduates are employed to serve on local tugs, bunker barge, harbour ferries or high-speed ferries, etc., while the rest work in maritime-related trades. Having gained the required maritime service experience, graduates may further enhance their skills and develop their career by sitting for the examinations of the Certificates of Competency, Class 3 Deck Officer (River Trade) or Grade 3 Coxswain (Local Vessel).

talent.gov.hk - manpower information portal

Feeling confused about the swamp of career planning and human resources information online and offline? No worries, an information portal is now available to help you plan your career and study pathways. A new one-stop online manpower information portal talent.gov.hk (www.talent.gov.hk) has been launched by the Human Resources Planning Commission. It consolidates human resources information and data from different sources to provide the local labour force, the younger generation in particular, with more comprehensive information in choosing career, training and development pathways. With the information, one can better harness career and study opportunities and tackle existing and future challenges in work. The newly launched manpower information portal comprises the following elements Magazine – the “Explorer” monthly online magazine that introduces trending topics concerning careers and workplaces Careers – a database covering more than 300 occupations, including information on key tasks of the occupations, skill requirements and entry requirements Vacancies – consolidated listings of government job openings and tens of thousands of vacancies from several key local job boards Courses – a database on local courses listed in the Qualifications Register and open online courses listed in an overseas education platform Career quizzes – for users to explore their suitable occupations Contents on the manpower information portal will be updated regularly to ensure the information keeps up with the latest market trends. Check out talent.gov.hk now to explore hot picks of career and study information!

Life Planning Information Website revamped!

Setting clear goals enables you to achieve a better progress. This rule also applies to life planning, which better start at a younger age. Let’s plan now for your further study and career pursuit! The Life Planning Information Website of the Education Bureau had been revamped and designed to provide students, parents, teachers, schools and the public with information on life planning education, further study and career pursuit.   7 highlighted zones:  Careers Information 21 major Industries and Jobs and the Career Market are introduced. There are also guidelines from resume writing to interviewing and presentation skills, and information on entrepreneurship at the Starting Business Corner 。  Studies  HKDSE Candidates’ Corner provides information on local and overseas study, as well as scholarships.  E-learning for Students  Provides guidance for students on their career planning and resume writing.  School Administration   Lists out the Recommended Principles and provides other guidelines on Life Planning and Career Guidance for schools. Professional Development for Teachers  Provides teaching materials, resources, and courses .  Parents  Illustrates the role of parents in life planning education with support of experience sharing videos .  Business-School Partnership Programme  Promotes cross-sector collaboration among schools and various social sectors with a view to broadening students’ vision towards life planning by offering career exploration activities beyond the classroom such as workshops, mentoring programmes and work experience programmes.   Visit this comprehensive website now and explore more information on life planning!