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OpenHouse Webinars

Houses an extensive pool of HKSTP’s partners to help you escalate your business. Come acquire fresh perspectives and exchange your ideas with the professional advisors! Intellectual Property (CPD training) 21 Sep 2020Intellectual Property 21 Sep 2020HKSTP Alumni x Mentorship 22 Sep 2020Banking 23 Sep 2020Business Expansion 24 Sep 2020Operation Essential Services 25 Sep 2020Fundraising and Legal consultation 25 Sep 2020

AI Challenge - Identifying Surgical Instrument

Computer vision has advanced considerably but is still challenged in matching the precision of human intelligence. Could AI assist humans to perform surgical instrument counting go in and out of Hospital Operating Theatre - a task that takes place over a hundred thousand times per year! In this competition, you are challenged to build a machine learning model that identifies the categories of Ophthalmology surgical instrument in an image dataset on HKSTP’s latest service addition – Validation Platform where Optimal Performance Metrics can be formed. By automating the task, your participation will help spare enormous amount of health professional time for direct patient care and connection. Ready to compete and be the FIRST to experience the Platform? Registration Deadline: 30 Sep 2020Contestant Briefing: 5 Oct 2020Model Training: Sep to Nov 2020 Winner will be invited to present to Hospital Authority for collaboration opportunity.

Mini Robocon 2021

Mini Robocon is the annual robotics competition for all secondary students in Hong Kong. First started in 2018, the Contest aims to bring together junior students who are passionate about mechanical engineering and information technology. Mini Robocon 2021 is organised by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), and co-organised by The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Hong Kong (IET Hong Kong). Each year, Mini Robocon designs its game rules with reference to ABU Robocon, the robotics competition of Asia Pacific university teams. This year’s game is “ROBO RUGBY 7s”, which is inspired by rugby, the national sport of Fiji. Through workshops and boot camps, students are encouraged to use their inventiveness and creativity in robotics, coding, hands-on assembly, as well as team strategic planning to complete tasks.