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HKSTP InnoCell provides a smart co-creation community for likeminded people

InnoCell is a smart living and co-creation space designed for I&T talents to spark collaboration within Hong Kong Science Park. All of the spaces are designed with a well-considered balance between aesthetics and functionality. InnoCell’s vision is to develop an I&T co-creation community where its values and structures align with its residents’ needs. At InnoCell, a new way of living has been created with a focus on a genuine sense of community, where the use of shared spaces and smart living technologies helps to build greater personal interaction and collaboration — resulting in a network of likeminded talents who inspire one another and have a positive impact. Eligibility Criteria The 17-storey InnoCell provides over 500 beds. Apart from the Science Park's company founders, Mainland or overseas employees, it is also open to visiting academics, scientists and technology talents. InnoCell’s monthly rent is set up to around 60% of the market price of a similar property in the neighbourhood. The maximum lease period is one year. Experience Innovative Smart Living with Four Types of Unit There are four types of units: THE SOLO, THE TWIN, THE SUITE and THE POWERHUB. THE POWERHUB, with eight individual studios plus a private working area, is an ideal space for a project team to assemble and brainstorm.   THE POWERHUB   THE SOLO   It is not all work and no play at InnoCell. There is an approximately 30,000 sq ft common area that includes meeting rooms, a library area, and a gym, etc., offering tailored communal facilities for the residents.   For admission and more information about InnoCell, please visit the website of HKSTP and InnoCell.

HKSTP Launches “InnoAcademy” and “Technology Leaders of Tomorrow” Programme to Drive I&T Development

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)  announced on 7 October 2020 the launch of “HKSTP InnoAcademy”, which is dedicated to the continuous nurturing of young technology talent to inspire and drive success in Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) industry. HKSTP InnoAcademy aims to boost Hong Kong’s I&T competitiveness with a sustained series of programmes, including training and value-added support to upskill technology talent from various sectors into future leaders. Today also marks the inauguration of eight high-potential talents from the first cohort of HKSTP InnoAcademy’s signature “Technology Leaders of Tomorrow” (TLT) programme, as they embark on an extensive 26-month journey within the Hong Kong Science Park ecosystem.   Since enrolment began in July, the TLT programme received an overwhelming response with over 600 applications from graduates in Hong Kong and across the globe, which are the world’s top 50 universities in 2020. Among the many applicants, 60% of them were holders of a Master’s degree or PhD, majoring in Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, Information Technology or Data Science. “Our mission at HKSTP InnoAcademy is to build the ideal I&T breeding ground to nurture future technology leaders and pioneers. With HKSTP’s extensive ecosystem, we will work with our partners to develop forward-looking learning and training programmes tailored to young graduates and mid-level professionals.” HKSTP InnoAcademy will focus on developing young talent across HKSTP’s strategic technology areas, including Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Biomedical Technology, Data and Smart City and FinTech, as well as establishing partnerships and connections with key industry leaders, training providers and tertiary education institutions. The continuous learning approach provides talent with multiple career pathways to join the I&T industry, while supporting future skills acquisition. TLT Programme Offers Diverse Opportunities The eight selected talents from the first cohort of the TLT programme will first enter a two-month HKSTP internship and enjoy valuable exposure to Hong Kong’s leading I&T ecosystem. From there, each talent will take a 24-month full-time R&D role at one of HKSTP’s partner companies for continued career mentoring and development. Beyond the current TLT programme, InnoAcademy will continue to roll out an extensive range of talent development and training initiatives, in collaboration with major academic and industry partners to unleash the potential of young graduates and equip them to become a driving force in the future of Hong Kong’s I&T sector. Please visit https://innoacademy.hkstp.org/ for more information on InnoAcademy and the TLT programme.