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Technician Training Scheme (Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)

The Technician Training Scheme (the Scheme) 2022 is now inviting applications.  If you have attained a secondary level education and would like to develop your future career in the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), you may consider applying for the Scheme when the application is open.  Prospective graduates of courses may also apply for the post.  The requirements and details of the post shall refer to the relevant recruitment advertisement. Salary HK$16,015 per month (Technician Trainee I (2-year programme)) HK$14,660 per month (Technician Trainee I (3-year programme)) HK$13,825 per month (Technician Trainee II (2-year programme)) HK$12,645 per month (Technician Trainee II (3-year programme)) The Scheme offered by the EMSD covers various disciplines including the electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, building services, electronics and vehicle disciplines.  After the basic workshop training, you will be assigned to different workplaces for on-the-job training in designated trade and will accumulate expertise under various masters. (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese) For details of the Scheme, please visit EMSD website. In addition, interested person can visit this website to know more about apprenticeship training and submit application on or before 17 March 2022. More information of vocational training can be refered to another story.

PROcruit C offers 400 positions to fresh graduates

Are you a first-time job seeker and searching for a meaningful job under pandemic?  PROcruit C offers 12 human-centric services and professions and 400 positions in the four areas of “Creativity, Technology, Business and Healthcare” to fresh graduates.  Besides, eligible employers will receive salary subsidies from the Government’s Anti-epidemic for providing a one-year contract with a monthly salary of about $15,000 to employed graduates. PROcruit C is created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and opens up new positions by six industries convenors (including Good Lab, Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, New Life Rehabilitation Association, Po Leung Kuk and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals) and employers for helping the first-time job seekers to develop their career and contribute to the community’s recovery and resilience. The main selection criteria for those positions are VASK (Values, Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge).  During the selection, employers will provide positions’ VASK to match them with graduates’ VASK.  Graduates will also understand their values and interests to find a job suitable for them.  In addition, PROcruit C’s partners will provide a two-week boot camp and continuous on-the-job learning to employed graduates so as to help them develop a professional career. Application  Fresh graduates need to create a personal account through the programme website for job application.  Besides, graduates need to fill in personal VASK in the account and have an online video interview, group interview, and meeting with employers.  Application Period: 1st round: 14th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021 2nd round: 18th January – 28th February 2021 3rd round: 29th March– 28th May 2021 PROcruit C is open for applications.  Interested fresh graduates can visit the official website or email to info@procruitc.hk for further information.     (The video is broadcasted in Cantonese)

(YETP) One-month Workplace Attachment Training

Before getting a job and living a work life, you can try one-month Workplace Attachment Training. One-month trainingTo provide trainees with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a real working environment, develop a positive work attitude and good work habits, polish interpersonal skills and gain insightful knowledge about different industries through a one-month Workplace Attachment Training (WPA). It would also enable youngsters to discover their own potential and unearth employment opportunities.Attachment opportunities will be offered by the private, public and social service sectors. Each trainee will undergo WPA training in a host organisation for ONE month and there is no employment relationship between the host organisation and the trainee. The attachment hours should be between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., 4 to 5 working days per week, 6 to 8 working hours per day (excluding meal break), and not less than 30 working hours per week.Upon completion of each WPA training with an attendance rate of 80% or above, trainees may receive a "WPA certificate" issued by the host organisations as a token of recognition and apply for an allowance from the Programme Office through the host organisations. The amount of such allowance is $5,800 for WPA training with effect from 1 January 2020.The Programme Office will take out insurance for participating trainees covering personal injuries and accidents, and third-party liabilities.The Programme Office encourages host organisations to offer an employment to trainees who have completed the WPA with satisfactory performance through YETP’s full time or part-time on-the-job training of 6 to 12 months. >>>Workplace Attachment Search For enquiries, please call 2112 9932(Press 2-1-3) or visit YETP website.

(YETP) Need jobs? Try On-the-job Training

It is not easy to find a job, right?Why not try to find a job through On-the-Job Training under YETP of Labour Department?Job Application Process 1. Trainees may select on-the-job training vacancy online by themselves or under the guidance of Case Managers and register with the Programme Office. The Programme Office may also introduce suitable on-the-job training vacancies to trainees depending on different needs and situations. 2.The Programme Office will verify the eligibility of Trainees who register for vacancies or inform them of the registration progress within four working days, then confirm the arrangement of interviews or submission of trainees' resumes with Employers and refer Trainees to Employers for recruitment selection. 3.When Employers receive Trainees' resumes, they may arrange interviews or other recruitment process with Trainees directly or through the Programme Office. 4. Employers have to return all the referral results to the Programme Office so as to inform both Trainees and their case managers of the results afterwards. If Trainees did not receive any notification about interview two weeks after submission of resumes, they should assume their applications unsuccessful and consider applying for other job vacancies. 5. If Employers contact trainees to make employment arrangement directly, Trainees should inform their case manager and the Programme Office as soon as possible, and also update their employment status online. If the employment is successfulTrainees will start their on-the-job training and draw up an Employment Contract with Employers. The Programme Office will confirm the arrangement of on-the-job training with Employers and Trainees. During the on-the-job training period- Trainees are engaged as employees with employer-employee relationship, Employers will pay salary to Trainees. - Employers will appoint staff with relevant work experience as Trainees’ mentors so as to ensure suitable training and guidance support to trainees. - Trainees may apply for off-the-job vocational course subsidy from the Programme Office and reimburse course and examination fees up to $4,000 for each on-the-job training placement under the YETP. - Case managers will provide on-the-job support services to Trainees. Upon completion of the on-the-job training- Employers will issue a certificate specifying the skill/qualification attained and the period of on-the-job training to Trainees. - Trainees with good performance may have the opportunities to be offered further employment by employers. - Eligible trainees may submit applications to the Programme Office for retention allowance for a maximum period of 12 months (i.e. up to $12,000). Visit the YETP website for more details!