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Y.E.S. New Member Referral Program 2020/21

In order to promote the facilities and services of Youth Employment Start (“Y.E.S.”) to more young people, existing Y.E.S. members (“Referrer”), who successfully refer one or more young person(s) (“Referee”) to visit Y.E.S. in person, complete registration as Y.E.S. new member(s) and use three kinds of Y.E.S. facilities or services within the promotion period of this program, will be entitled to fabulous gift(s). All Referrers participating in the program must visit Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) or Y.E.S.(Kwai Fong) in person during office hours (Monday to Saturday: 10am to 7pm, except public holidays) within the promotion period to submit a Referral Form A, complete an activity questionnaire and “Like” the Y.E.S. Facebook page. Upon a Referrer’s submission of Referral Form A, the concerned Referee must submit Referral Form B in person to Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) or Y.E.S.(Kwai Fong) and register as Y.E.S. member during office hours within the promotion period. A “Y.E.S. Stamp Card” will be given to the Referee upon completion of member’s registration to record his/her usage of Y.E.S. facilitates or services. The Referral will not be considered as valid unless a Referee, after registering as Y.E.S. member, completes using THREE kinds of Y.E.S. facilities or services as specified on the “Y.E.S. Stamp Card” within the promotion period and returns this card to Y.E.S.(Mong Kok) or Y.E.S.(Kwai Fong) in person.

Register for Job Alert!

Q: How to register the Job Alert? A: After successful Registration at the Interatcive Emplotment Service (iES) website, you can register for Job Alert service under "my home" to receive regular email notice which contains the most updated job vacancy information matching your job search criteria. Apart from that, you may use the employment services offered by the Labour Department. These include: - Save your job search criteria to receive a job list under "my home" which contains vacancies matching your job search criteria every time when you login iES website; - If you have chosen to receive information on employment services/ recruitment activities of the Labour Department upon registration, the system will notify you of such activities through e-mail or SMS. - Services of the Telephone Employment Service Centre [Telephone Hotline : 29690888]; - Employment services of the job centres throughout the territory;

Work Trial Scheme: Allowance provided for work trials?

Work Trial Scheme (the Scheme) aim to enhance the employability of job seekers who have difficulties in finding jobs through one-month (30 days) full-time or part-time work trial.The Scheme- Scheme participants will be arranged to work in real jobs for one month (30 days) offered by participating organisations.- During the work trial period, there is no employment relationship between the participant and the participating organisation.- Participating organisation should provide on-the-job training for the participant and appoint a mentor to coach the participant during the work trial period.- On completion of the one-month (30 days) full-time work trial, each participant will receive an allowance of up to $8,300 while the allowance for part-time work trial participant will be calculated at $49 per hour, of which $500 is contributed by the participating organisation.- The Labour Department will take out insurance for Scheme participants.Service sector is most supportiveFeedback from employers is encouraging. Among others, the service sector is most supportive towards the Scheme, followed by the import and export industry and the retail industry. As for the work trial posts offered, most of them are clerical support workers, elementary occupations and associate professionals. As at 31 December 2019, over 5,800 job seekers have been placed into work trials. Among those participants who have completed the one-month work trial, over 75% of them are offered employment. With effect from 1 May 2019, the amount of full-time work trial allowance has been increased from $7,600 to $8,300. The Scheme is also extended to cover part-time posts with the amount of part-time work trial allowance calculated at $49 per hour.For enquiries, please contact the Work Trial Scheme Co-ordinating Office hotline at 2152 2090 or visit the Labour Department website.

Susbcribe Hong Kong Public Holiday iCal 2021 to your electronic calendar!

The 12 statutory holidays for 2021 are:1. The first day of January - 1 January (Friday)2. Lunar New Year’s Day - 12 February (Friday)3. The second day of Lunar New Year - 13 February (Saturday)4. The fourth day of Lunar New Year - 15 February (Monday)5. Ching Ming Festival - 4 April (Sunday)6. Labour Day - 1 May (Saturday)7. Tuen Ng Festival - 14 June (Monday)8. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day - 1 July (Thursday)9. The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - 22 September (Wednesday)10. National Day - 1 October (Friday)11. Chung Yeung Festival - 14 October (Thursday)12. *Chinese Winter Solstice Festival - 21 December (Tuesday) or Christmas Day - 25 December (Saturday)(*at the option of the employer)The third day of the Lunar New Year falls on a SundayAccording to the Employment Ordinance, when either Lunar New Year's Day, the second day of the Lunar New Year or the third day of the Lunar New Year falls on a Sunday, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year is designated as a statutory holiday in substitution. As the third day of Lunar New Year of 2021 falls on a Sunday, the fourth day of Lunar New Year will be designated as a statutory holiday. Please visit Labour Department website for more details. A statutory holiday is not equivalent to public holidayThe Employment Ordinance does not require an employer to grant leaves on public holidays to his/her employees.  In Hong Kong, in addition to Sundays, there are 17 public holidays, but the number of statutory holidays is only 12.  Public holidays such as Good Friday, the day following Good Friday, Easter Day, the Buddha's Birthday and the day following Christmas Day are not statutory holidays. Please click here for more details of statutory holidays and public holidays. >>>Click here to susbcribe Hong Kong Public Holiday iCal 2021 to your electronic calendar!

New Graduates-New Opportunities Scheme

The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association launches the New Graduates-New Opportunities Scheme and provides university graduates with over 2 000 posts lasting for at least 6 months through its local member enterprises. TargetHong Kong residents holding bachelor degrees or above awarded by local institutions or institutions outside Hong Kong in 2019 or 2020. For participating organisation and vacancy details, please visit the website of Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association at http://job.hkcea.com/ Enquiries: 2296 8681 / 2296 8680