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A Guide for Student Seeking Summer Jobs

You may be looking for summer or part-time jobs hoping to gain pocket money and working experience. Yet, you may easily fall prey to scammers’ devious employment traps. Lack of cautiousness may lead to financial loss or unwitting involvement in criminal activities. Beware of Employment Traps To avoid falling into employment traps when looking for summer jobs, please refer to “Beware of Employment Traps” by the Labour Department and learn some tips for protecting yourself. To raise awareness, the Labour Department has also produced a video for you to familiarise with some of the situations. Beware of Industrial Safety & Regulations Fresh job-seekers must pay attention to industrial safety and avoid taking up dangerous work. You should use safety equipment provided by employers and strictly follow all safety regulations at work. Protect yourself and others, your safety always comes first.

Part-time/Summer Job

  The Employment Ordinance Doing a part-time job or summer job can give you spending money and work experience at the same time. Don’t be misled that such jobs are irregular and, therefore, employees are not protected by labour legislation. Guide to Part-time Employment on Labour Legislation and Guide to Employment Ordinance for Summer Job Students set out your rights and protection under the Employment Ordinance. Beware of Employment Traps To avoid falling into job traps when looking for summer jobs, you can also read Beware of Employment Traps to protect yourself.