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Get equipped for a career in the maritime industry

Earlier, the Marine Department has invited youngsters to visit the Vessel Traffic Centre (VTC) and Marine Emergency and Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC). Participants were able to acquire knowledge about the traffic of vessels in the Hong Kong port area and maritime technology regarding emergency communication and rescue operation at sea. Having learned about the functions and operations of the Marine Department, they can beef up the plans for their career development in the maritime industry. Let us join them in the exploratory visit. Are you ready? Check out the video for more information! (The video is conducted in Cantonese)

Harbor tour by Hong Kong Sea School (II)

In the last episode, we understand more about our future stars of maritime industry. In this episode we will take you to more spots the Harbour Tour has visited and listen to the plans of some other students regarding a career in the industry. (The video is conducted in Cantonese)

Harbor tour by Hong Kong Sea School (I)

A Harbour Tour was arranged by the Marine Department for the “All-rounded Learning Week” held by Hong Kong Sea School. Wong, Marine Inspector II, explained to the participating students the Department’s daily work of managing the ports and relevant port facilities. Many students showed interest in joining the maritime industry. Take a look at the first video episode for places the Harbour Tour visited and the dreams of the students. (The video is conducted in Cantonese)

Assistant Marine Officer

Assistant Marine Officer(Marine Department)Vincent, "When we are on board, all are in the same team, everyone has to be dedicated to his post and give their best to perform their duties. No matter we are collaborating with other government departments to conduct search and rescue missions, or handling accidents on our own vessels, we have to uphold our professionalism and work together to tackle the problems."Assistant Marine Officer(Marine Department)Angus, "I used to be a Deck Officer of an ocean-going container shipping company. I worked on board for eight years. Then I heard that the Marine Department was recruiting Assistant Marine Officers. After three to four years of training, we may be promoted to the rank of Marine Officer, so I decided to join the Marine Department."Please watch our video to find out more information about the work of Assistant Marine Officer of Marine Department and its career prospect. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page

Marine Officer

Marine Officer of Marine Department, Man, “Life is moving way too fast, all teenagers should seize the moments to explore the world and broaden the horizons. I have decided to take up a seafaring career in which female mariners are rarely found, yet I believe it can let me learn to be independent. And now, I have even worked as Marine Officer of Marine Department. “ Marine Officer of Marine Department, Him, “Working on ocean going vessels provide us with the opportunities to visit different countries and experience the local culture. For example, I have been to Gothenburg in Sweden and Bremen in Germany to experience their magnificent architecture and heritage. If you enjoy experiencing different cultures through travelling, I would strongly recommended you to pursue a seafaring career, and then join the Marine Department as a Marine Officer to put into practice what has been learned. “ Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path… etc. of Marine Officers of Marine Department. Organisation chartOfficial recruitment page