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[Newly Launched] Meet our Four Thematic Pages!

Four brand new thematic pages are here on Youth.gov.hk! Thanks to the valuable opinions we received from young people on the design and content of our website, four new thematic pages are launched. Let’s explore the features of the new pages:     Enhanced user experience On each Thematic Page, contents are grouped under the sections “Hot Topics” or “Focus”. With just one click, you may jump directly from the top of the page to the section you are interested in. Further information is available by clicking the hashtags in each section.     New social feed section At the bottom of each Thematic Page is a Social Feed section where a wide selection of relevant social media feeds on that theme provides everything you need from the latest news to the highlights of earlier information. Why wait? Visit the Thematic Pages now:  

Youth uniformed groups under disciplined and auxiliary services departments

The Government strives to nurture youths and support them in fully realising their potential. Youth uniformed groups offer important platforms for promoting youth development. To this end, most of the disciplined and auxiliary services departments have set up their own youth uniformed groups to nurture young people’s sense of social responsibility, enhance their law-abiding awareness and help them develop leadership skills through a series of classroom and physical training. Information about the youth uniformed groups under the disciplined and auxiliary services departments is listed below for easy reference. Junior Police Call The Hong Kong Police Force has all along been actively promoting youth development. With the mission of nurturing fight crime partners and future leaders, it founded its flagship youth organisation, the Junior Police Call (JPC), in 1974. Currently, Advanced Leaders and members of JPC Leader Corps who join foot drill training are uniformed to reinforce the sense of belonging. On top of organising regular leadership camps to build up young people’s resilience, team spirit and leadership skills, JPC has also launched new programmes, e.g. innovation and technology competitions, in recent years to enhance its appeal to young people. In April 2021, JPC introduced the Junior Police Call Mobile Application (JPC App) to facilitate the recruitment of new members and the participation of existing members. In addition, JPC implemented a new youth engagement strategy under the acronym “IDEAS” this year to highlight the elements of JPC’s activities, namely “Innovation”, “Discipline”, “Exposure”, “Adventure” and “Synergy”. With this new strategy, JPC has also launched a new awards scheme, with a view to enriching members’ learning experience systematically. Looking ahead, JPC will also offer youth exchange opportunities in the Greater Bay Area to let participants gain first-hand experience of the opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. >> Website of Junior Police Call (The video is in Chinese)   Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect The Fire Services Department (FSD) established its youth uniformed group, called the Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect (FAST Connect), in 2021.  FAST Connect aims to provide a learning platform for its members, arranging regular training and activities to equip them with a rich learning experience.  Apart from providing practical training on basic fire-fighting and rescue techniques, basic first-aid skills and fire safety knowledge, FAST Connect also covers national education (e.g. the Chinese-style foot drill) to enhance the sense of belonging to the country among youth.  Exchange sessions with community leaders and Hong Kong elite athletes are also arranged for members.  Through participating in the various training and activities arranged by FSD, young people can acquire new knowledge outside the classroom, learn more about the country’s development and build a good character, with a view to building a solid foundation for academic and career success in the future. >> Website of the Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect (The video is in Chinese) Immigration Department Youth Leaders Corps The Immigration Department (ImmD) established its uniformed group, the Immigration Department Youth Leaders Corps, in 2013. Presently, the uniformed group provides disciplinary and leadership training to local students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 6 in Hong Kong. The training programme covers knowledge about immigration matters, national education, foot drill, physical fitness, community services and outdoor training. It aims at developing members’ sense of discipline and team spirit, enhancing their sense of national identity, and instilling positive thinking and values through group activities. Members will receive training in the Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development and visit immigration facilities so as to deepen their understanding of ImmD’ s work. This will help those who are interested in joining the Department in future get prepared. Since September this year, dedicated instructors also host school-based meetings with a view to building closer rapport with members. (The video is in Chinese)   Customs Youth Leader Corps The Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) introduced the education-oriented programme, Customs YES, in 2021 for young people aged between 12 and 24. Groups, schools and non-governmental organisations interested in supporting and promoting youth development can also join as organisation members. The Customs YES programme aims at enhancing young people’s appreciation of C&ED’s work and fostering their positive values and sense of belonging to society. Its activities include Customs job orientation experience, summer internship programmes, adventure and leadership training and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area exchange programmes. Customs YES also regularly holds theme-based (e.g. legal profession, innovation & technology, and logistics) career development workshops aim to help members understand the situation and development of various sectors through interactive activities such as site visits and sharing by sector specialists. Under the framework of diversified activities of Customs YES, C&ED has formed a new youth uniformed group called Customs Youth Leader Corps, which aims at nurturing members to be distinguished youth leaders. Apart from participating in Customs YES activities, members are required to attend regular assemblies and disciplinary training to acquire various skills and learn about C&ED’s work. >> Website of Customs Youth Leader Corps (The video is in Chinese) Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders The Correctional Services Department (CSD) has been implementing the Rehabilitation Pioneer Project since 2008 to disseminate the message of “leading a law-abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting offender rehabilitation” to secondary school students and young people. Project activities include education talks in schools and organisations; visits to correctional institutions and experience sharing by persons in custody to enable participants to understand the consequences of committing crimes; and summer tours to large-scale infrastructure as well as rural schools and families in the Mainland in order to deepen participants’ understanding of national affairs. In 2018, CSD established its uniformed group, Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders, targeting secondary school students. Participants attend regular meetings twice a month at venues such as the Staff Training Institute for foot drill, take part in teamwork and physical training, as well as join a wide range of activities such as life planning interviews and Training on the Operation of Online Channel. The aim is to broaden their horizons, foster discipline and promote law-abiding and inclusive values. >> Website of Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders   Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps Founded in 1968, the Civil Aid Service (CAS) Cadet Corps has an establishment of more than 4 000 cadets. Committed to promoting youth work, CAS encourages young people to learn practical skills and develop leadership abilities and through which to build up self-confidence, sense of responsibility, self-discipline and the spirit to serve others. Cadets also take part in community service such as countryside conservation work, tree planting and visits to the elderly to prepare themselves for becoming responsible citizens. CAS provides a diversified array of training and activities for its cadets including life-saving, first-aid, foot drill, hiking, boating, sailing, outdoor programmes and national education courses, etc, and is planning to develop activities and training on virtual reality and unmanned aircraft to encourage cadets to explore in various dimensions. Exchange programmes for cadets to meet with young people in the Greater Bay Area have been organised in order to deepen their understanding of the development of the Greater Bay Area. >>Website of Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps (The video is in Chinese) >> Website of Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps The Auxiliary Medical Service (“AMS”) established its Cadet Corps in 2011 to encourage young people to acquire practical skills and develop their leadership abilities by taking part in healthcare training and activities. Apart from receiving healthcare training, cadets also take part in a wide range of events, such as first aid competitions, foot drill training, community service and national education exchange tours, etc. >> Website of Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps The Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) established its Cadet Corps in 2011 to encourage young people to, by taking part in healthcare training and activities, acquire practical skills and develop their leadership abilities. Major areas of the training include knowledge, prevention and handling of communicable and chronic diseases; conventional first aid and health-check training; and prevailing public hygiene and health issues (e.g. emotional / mental health and drug abuse). Apart from receiving healthcare training, cadets also take part in a wide range of events, such as first aid competitions, foot drill training, community service and national education exchange tours, etc. >> Website of Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps Government Flying Service's Collaboration with Youth Uniformed Groups Although the Government Flying Service (GFS) does not have its own youth uniformed group, it has established various activity arrangements with different youth uniformed groups (such as the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps (HKACC), the Scout Association and the Girl Guides Association).  Its collaboration with HKACC is particularly close.  Besides continuing to provide HKACC with the relevant programmes and activities, GFS will arrange officers to take part in HKACC’s leader training programme and give professional coaching to HKACC members aged 16 or above, providing experiential activities to help them learn more about the different facets of GFS’s work (including the work of Pilots, Air Crewman Officers, Aircraft Engineers, Air Medical Officers and Air Medical Nursing Officers).  This can promote young people’s understanding of GFS and their interest in the aviation industry.

[Awardees' Sharing] Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme 2021

Organised by the Youth Development Commission (YDC), the Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme aims to encourage young people to set targets for their personal development and actively take part in community building and social services to set an example for other young people. A new batch of award recipients has been announced. Let's watch the sharing of the awardees to know more about the characteristics of an outstanding youth. (This video is broadcasted in Chinese) Want to learn more about the experience and characteristics of the awardees? >>Click here<< to watch a video series of interview with individual awardee to find out more. (The video series is broadcasted in Chinese)

2021 Policy Address – Building a Bright Future Together

There are a number of measures to support Hong Kong to strive ahead with renewed perseverance and plan for the future in the Policy Address 2021. We have summarised measures related to Youth Development and Innovation and Technology for your reference: Youth Development Invite the Youth Development Commission to explore the introduction of a new funding scheme to subsidise eligible NGOs to organise projects that are conducive to nurturing young people’s positive thinking Establish more effective channels to gauge the views of young people of different backgrounds in order to better meet their needs in areas such as education, career pursuits, housing, upward mobility and development of their potential Introduce measures, including the Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the GBA Youth Employment Scheme, to support the development of Hong Kong young people in the Mainland, as well as support for enhancing various Mainland internship and exchange programmes Regularise the Member Self‑recommendation Scheme for Youth, under which young people aged between 18 and 35 are recruited on a regular basis to participate in government advisory committee For details on the measures related to Youth Development, please refer to the Facebook page of the Home Affairs Bureau. Innovation and Technology Develop the San Tin Technopole Strengthen the development of the Eastern Knowledge and Technology Corridor Build landmark Innovation and Technology (I&T) facilities in Lau Fau Shan Reserve land for The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong for research use Start planning for the construction of the second Advanced Manufacturing Centre Set up an InnoLife Healthtech Hub in the Hong Kong‑Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Lok Ma Chau Loop Set up a dedicated fund to encourage local researchers to participate in national research and development projects Explore collaboration between the Hospital Authority (HA) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation on the use of the HA’s clinical data for research and development Continue to implement the Global STEM Professorship Scheme and other talent-nurturing schemes Establish incubator networks in the GBA campuses of Hong Kong universities Set up the GBA InnoAcademy Set up the GBA InnoExpress to to nurture start ups and support I&T enterprises to go global and attract foreign investment Explore the extension of the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates to cover graduates of Hong Kong universities’ GBA campuses so as to facilitate the flow of talents within the GBA Expand the Innovation and Technology Bureau into the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau to support the development of re-industrialisation For details on the measures related to the I&T development so as to integrate into the national and GBA development, please refer to the Facebook page of the Innovation and Technology Bureau. After the delivery of Policy Address, the Innovation and Technology Bureau continued to engage stakeholders on the I&T initiatives, which some startups agreed that the measures would bring benefits to the I&T development in Hong Kong. Let’s take a look at the sharing video below to know more! (The video is in Chinese only)   The Policy Address Supplement used more infographics to make the document more readable and listed out those ongoing and new initiatives. You may wish to refer to the following chapters of the Supplement - Chapter V - Unlimited Business OpportunitiesChapter VII - Nurturing TalentChapter VIII - Caring Society

[Customs YES] Youth Programme of Customs and Excise Department

Have no idea of your future career? Want to know more about the work of the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED)? Interested in joining  related grades of the department? The youth programme "Customs YES" introduced by C&ED will certainly help! Diversified activities conducive to youth development Activities of "Customs YES" offer a unique and diversified learning experience for its youth members. Activities such as summer training camps, visits, workshops, exchange programmes, job orientation experience camps and internship programmes that feature a wide spectrum of Customs areas including intellectual property rights protection, revenue protection, narcotics interdiction, anti-smuggling, protection of consumer interests etc., are conducive to the development of members and can broaden their horizons. (Video with Chinese captions only)   Be a member of Customs YES Become a Customs YES member to enjoy the amazing activities! The details of individual membership application are as follows: Target group: Young individuals aged between 12 and 24Fee: Free of chargeApplication methods: Submit an application online or by post. Click here for more details Please visit the programme website for more details and information.  

2020 Policy Address - Striving Ahead with Renewed Perseverance

Following 2019's social unrest and amid the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, there are a number of measures to support Hong Kong to strive ahead with renewed perseverance in the Policy Address 2020. We have made reference to the "Highlights - Striving Ahead with Renewed Perseverance" leaflet and summarised measures related to education, entrepreneurship and career pursuit for your reference: Quality Education Enhance moral, civic and national education, as well as strengthen education on the Constitution, the Basic Law and national security Reform the liberal studies subject in the senior secondary curriculum Enhance the training of teachers upon appointment, during service and before promotion to enhance their quality Set aside $2 billion under the Quality Education Fund to launch a three-year programme to support e-learning and to ensure that students from disadvantaged families will enjoy equal learning opportunities Support the provision of new teaching facilities and a student hostel for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Youth Development Launch the Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), under which subsidies will be provided for about 200 youth start-ups, and earmark $100 million under the Youth Development Fund for this purpose Launch the GBA Youth Employment Scheme under which enterprises operating business in both Hong Kong and the GBA Mainland cities will be provided with subsidies to recruit and deploy local university graduates to work in the GBA Mainland cities with a quota of 2 000 Creating Employment In addition to providing about 10 000 civil service job openings and creating about 30 000 time-limited jobs under the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund (of which over 11 000 jobs are suitable for university graduates) this financial year, the Government will create more sector-specific job opportunities, covering environmental protection, construction and engineering, innovation and technology, property management, legal, creative industries, etc., for young people graduating in recent years Provide 20 000 places with training allowance under the Employees Retraining Board's new tranche of the Love Upgrading Special Scheme to be implemented in January 2021 for six months International Innovation and Technology Hub Jointly develop the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Co-operation Zone with Shenzhen, and explore with Shenzhen government the idea of allowing the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to lease and manage certain areas of the Innovation and Technology Zone in Futian, Shenzhen, before the completion of the first batch of research and development (R&D) buildings in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park at the Lok Ma Chau Loop Launch a five-year Global STEM Professorship Scheme at a cost of $2 billion to attract outstanding R&D talent from overseas to engage in R&D work in Hong Kong Release the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0 in December 2020 with more than 130 smart city initiatives Launch the iAM Smart one-stop service platform in December 2020 for the delivery of a number of government and public utility electronic services   The Policy Address Supplement used more infographics to make the document more readable and listed out those ongoing and new initiatives. You may wish to refer to the following chapters of the Supplement - Chapter V - Unlimited Business OpportunitiesChapter VII - Nurturing TalentChapter VIII - Caring Society

Good Stories: Together we walk through this [The Hong Kong Award for Young People]

Although some of the on-ground trainings and events organised by the The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) were cancelled under the pandemic situation, the participants, instructors and volunteers of the programme still found ways to strive for improvement in the Award journey.  They shared their extraordinary experience in the "Good stories: Together we walk through this" to spread the positive attitudes and inspire more young people, here are some of the good stories !  [Don't stop learning something at home - Nam Ka Yi] Class suspension does not mean stop learning. Keep going with your Award journey! Miss. Nam Ka Yi, participant of Silver Award, student from Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School demonstrates a good example of continuing the Award at home in this critical time.“Staying at home cannot stop me from doing my Award.” With a flexible and unique system, participants can do the Award anytime anywhere, and it’s totally adjustable! Learning English as her Skills Section, while Kayi is currently unable to attend lessons outside. However, her online learning English experience for Skills Section so far is progressing steadily with her foreign teacher. She also finds this way is much more interesting than having face-to-face lessons. No matter anywhere anytime, continue with The Award journey!All of our lives are in some way affected by this. However, AYP acts as a good platform for young people to step out from their comfort zone with chances of facing challenges. Learning how to step up and keep going with our normal lives are another acquisition of skills for our youth.No matter anywhere anytime, continue with The Award journey!  [More than hiking! - Chan Hing Ho] Hiking is not only an outdoor activity for AYPers. Mr. Chan Hing Ho (Ho), with multiple roles including Gold Award Holder, existing AYP expeditions instructor (Hiking & Kayak) and ex-Outward Bound Hong Kong instructor, fully understands the true meaning of hiking. Clean-up rubbish in hiking routes“It’s no doubt that hills and countryside are being polluted harmfully recently. Therefore I decide to clean-up rubbish in some hiking routes with my family and friends as well as influencing my children not to stop learning even class has been suspended, teaching them not to pollute the nature, being environmental-friendly as a responsible hiker.”As AYP expeditions instructor, instead of limiting his mission to provide expeditions guidance for participants in the countryside, on waterways or at the sea, Ho is also being a role model for all of us. Keep up good manner to our lovely nature!  [Get well prepared during stay home stay safe period! - Emily, Henry and Dennis] Gold Award Participants Emily, Henry and Dennis from Gold Award Unit (GAU) continue to engage in AYP Service Section in this challenging period. They have participated in Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association Service Programme over the past year and become seminar speakers after a series of training sessions. They advocate the acceptance and support to Guide Dogs through seminars to enhance an inclusive society. As speakers for Guide Dog Seminar‘We can keep preparing for Guide Dog Seminar, fearless of the COVID-19 outbreak impact!’ As seminar speakers, they chose to take this chance to update the Seminar content and wish to further contribute to the development of Guide Dogs service when the epidemic is over. The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) provides opportunity for young people to challenge themselves through leisure activities and voluntary service which they can discover their hidden abilities and gain a special sense of satisfaction and achievement. Young people design their own Award programme, set their own goals, take up trainings and record their progress. Through the challenge of AYP, young people can explore and breakthrough the limit of what they believe they can achieve.  >>Click here for more inspirational AYP good stories