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Physical Health

Common eye problems

Eyes are our windows to the world; hence they deserve good protection and care. Myopia and hyperopia are common eye problems. These problems can be corrected by wearing glasses.

Choosing glasses

However, be careful when choosing frames and lenses because improper frames and lenses will make the problem worse.

Other eye problems

For more serious problems such as amblyopia, squint and colour deficiency, immediate doctor consultation is essential.

Ways to take care of your eyes

Be sure to learn the different ways to take care of your eyes. Using a computer for long hours can hurt your eyes. Therefore, study eye care tips for computer users carefully and make good use of them.

Wearing sunglasses and contact lenses

Many young people like wearing sunglasses and contact lenses, but there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing contact lenses to ensure the proper use of them.


Using headphones to listen to music is common, but high volume can jeopardise your hearing. Seek your doctor’s advice immediately if hearing problems like tinnitus occur.

Ways to protect hearing

There are methods to overcome listening difficulties and the best one is to learn the ways to protect hearing. Remember, prevention is always better than the cure.

Oral care

It is very easy to keep your teeth healthy and clean. This oral care guide shows you many useful oral protection tips to prevent tooth decay, bad breath and handle wisdom teeth problems.

Voice protection

If you also want to have a beautiful voice, take a look at some tips on voice protection so you do not have to worry about your performance at karaoke!


Despite the fact that acne is common amongst young people, you should always handle acne spots with great care because sometimes they cause permanent scars.

Skin piercings

Moreover, many people believe that skin piercings such as earrings, body rings and tattoos are trendy, but please think twice before you have them because many such piercings and tattoos are also permanent, and if not done properly, you may regret having them.

Measures to prevent sunburn

Likewise, sun tanning is also popular amongst young people, but remember to have full protection to avoid over-exposure to harmful UV radiation that can cause sunburn or prematurely ageing skin.