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[Easter Break] Exchange Tours to the Mainland

Starting from March and April every year, we finally “resurrect” from the cold winter! Have you ever started planning your activities during Easter holidays? How about taking advantage of the Easter holidays to travel to the Mainland and have a unique vacation with the local young people? The Funding Scheme for Youth Exchange in the Mainland under the Youth Development Commission has been providing funding to various non-governmental organisations to organise exchange tours to the Mainland for Hong Kong young people. The objective is to enhance their awareness and understanding of their home country while fostering exchange with Mainland youth, thereby strengthening their sense of national identity.  Just a reminder, the exchange tours to the Mainland during Easter are now open for application. All you young fellows can check out the exchange programmes provided in the Chinese version and create an unforgettable and special Easter holiday for yourselves!

[Easter Break] International Exchange Tours

Starting from March and April every year, we finally “resurrect” from the cold winter! Have you ever started planning your activities during Easter holidays? How about taking advantage of the Easter holidays to travel abroad, experiencing various cultures and having a unique getaway with young people from different parts of the world? The Funding Scheme for International Youth Exchange under the Youth Development Commission has been providing funding to various non-governmental organisations to organise international exchange programmes for Hong Kong young people. The objective is to offer them more comprehensive international exchange opportunities, expand their global exposure, and broaden their international horizons. Just a reminder, the international exchange programmes during Easter are now open for application. All you young fellows can check out the exchange programmes provided in the Chinese version and create an unforgettable and special Easter holiday for yourselves!

[#JobBeacon] E-sports Champions!

Gaming and E-sports Rapid tapping on keyboards is one of the signature characteristics of gaming. Many people still consider that playing video games as simply a form of entertainment, and some even believe that excessive gaming can drain one's willpower. Today, gaming has however evolved into one of the new-age competitive sports! E-sports, or electronic sports, is a kind of sports that involves video games. The most well-known e-sports competitions revolve around online multiplayer games, such as shooting, fighting, car racing and strategy games. In these competitions, two or more teams will compete against each other in the game. Typically, professional e-sports players are not just ordinary players, but highly skilled individuals with exceptional mental fortitude, high levels of intelligence, advanced gaming abilities, and strong teamwork skills. Nowadays, e-sports has become a pop culture. Ranging from small-scale contest to professional league tournaments, all of which have successfully attracted respective audience. Many investors also recognise the business potential in e-sports, and sponsors actively support these events to increase their brand awareness. What was once seen as a pastime, has now gone beyond the boundaries, and grown into a new sports industry with a combination of gaming, competition and lifestyle!   E-sports Commentator, the Vibe Maker Besides professional e-sports players, the e-sports industry has given rise to various other job positions. Among them, e-sports commentators play a vital role in e-sport events, with their importance being just slightly below that of professional e-sports players! Through humorous and passionate commentary, e-sports commentators analyse game tactics, describe players' actions, and hence show the live situation to the audience beyond the distance. These commentators not only need to be eloquent but also require a deep understanding of the game at a professional-player level in order to keep up with the pace of the competition. Therefore, aspiring e-sports commentators often need to have a certain ranking as professional players or be retired professional players themselves.     Career Path Planning – Professional e-sports players/ E-sports commentator If you aspire to pursue a career in the e-sports arena as a professional player or commentator, there are numerous e-sports related training programmes available in the market that can help you lay a good foundation for your e-sport career development. Undoubtedly, you still need to make the greatest effort to gear up yourselves, in order to secure a place in the world of e-sports one day!   E-sports related Courses from Course Provider Course Learning Mode QF Level The University of Hong Kong Foundation Certificate in eSports Science Part-time QF Level 2 The University of Hong Kong Certificate in eSports Technology (Senior Secondary Applied Learning) Full-time QF Level 3 The University of Hong Kong Diploma in eSports Science Part-time QF Level 3 School of Professional and Continuing Education, HKU Diploma in eSports Science Part-time QF Level 3 The University of Hong Kong Higher Diploma in eSports Full-time QF Level 4 The University of Hong Kong Advanced Certificate in eSports Full-time QF Level 4 Hong Kong Metropolitan University Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Sports and eSports Management Full-time QF Level 5 *Source:   Other Useful Links Magazine: e-Sports≠Gaming Sharing of ESAHK Founding Chairman on the Life Planning Information website of the Education Bureau  

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[Sha Tau Kok Day Trip] Special Attractions and Transportation Guide

It is getting easier to visit Sha Tau Kok! The Second Phase Opening-up of Sha Tau Kok will begin on 1 January 2024. Initially, up to 1 000 tourists per day will be allowed to visit all parts of Sha Tau Kok, except Chung Ying Street, after applying online for a Closed Area Permit (CAP). More people can learn about the history, culture, and geological features of Sha Tau Kok and its outlying islands nearby, which can promote cultural- and eco-tourism. Let's scroll down and go through the attractions and transportation suggestions below before planning your Sha Tau Kok trip! Special Attractions 1) Chung Ying Street Garden Situated in front of the Chung Ying Street Checkpoint, visitors will find a viewing deck overlooking Chung Ying Street and a replica of an old railway station in Hong Kong as well as a locomotive model in actual size at the Chung Ying Street Garden. 2) The Fish Lantern Square The Fish Lantern Square displays scenes of the national intangible cultural heritage "Sha Tau Kok fish-lantern dance", where visitors can immerse themselves in colourful fish lantern installations and have a taste on the unique charm of traditional culture. 3) The Old Sha Tau Kok Fire Station The old Sha Tau Kok Fire Station still retains its former appearance and displays the replica of a century-old fire-fighting hand cart from time to time.   >>More attractions and delicacies   Electronic Tourism Closed Area Permit (CAP) Remember to have your CAP ready before you set off!  The daily tourist quota includes 700 tour group visitors and 300 individual tourists. Travel agencies or tourists can log onto the Hong Kong Police Force Online Applications Platform to apply for a free electronic Tourism CAP on a first-come, first-served basis. Hong Kong residents or visitors to Hong Kong can both apply and visit Sha Tau Kok from 7am to 9pm on the date they have applied for. The application process usually takes three working days. The quota for January is now open for application. Subsequently, applications will be open on the first day of each month for all the quotas in the following month. Tourists may also contact licensed travel agents directly to sign up for visiting tour to Sha Tau Kok, and licensed travel agents will handle the relevant CAP application procedures.   Transportation Lastly, individual tourists visiting Sha Tau Kok are required to take public transport to Sha Tau Kok. Access of private vehicles is not allowed. Tourists may take the following transport: Bus route Nos. 78S (express) or 78K at MTR Sheung Shui Station or Fanling Station; Minibus route No. 55K at MTR Sheung Shui Station and get off at the terminal; or Bus route No. 277A at MTR Lam Tin Station. Some of the above bus routes only run at specific times. The Transport Department will issue traffic notices to announce details of public transport services. The bus company will also update its website for passengers to check the relevant informati   The Hong Kong Tourism Board has launched a thematic website to introduce the "Top 10 attractions", "Top 10 delicacies" and "Top 10 cultural attractions" of Sha Tau Kok to allow visitors and locals to explore its new offerings. Check out the page if you are interested!

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2023 Policy Address - A Vibrant Economy for a Caring Community

The Policy Address 2023 sets out a range of initiatives to revive the economy, create opportunities and ensure long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. We have summarised measures related to Youth Development as below - Youth Development Summit Organise the Youth Development Summit in mid-2024 as the opening and highlight of the 2024 Youth Festival and invite participation of guest speakers and youth groups from the Mainland and overseas.  Implementing the Youth Development Blueprint Follow up on the implementation progress of over 160 measures outlined in the Youth Development Blueprint, and continue to listen to the feedback from young people on the blueprint and constantly review and enrich its content. Launch the Youth Dashboard to consolidate youth-related data and trends for keeping better tabs on the pulse of young people. The number of participating committees in the Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth has been increased from some 60 in 2022 to 85, with the target of increasing the number of participating committees to no less than 180 within the current-term of the Government.  Financial Planning for the Youth Launch a pilot scheme to provide young people with ­financial planning and counselling services as well as information on ­financial management, saving and investment that suits their individual needs, so as to assist young people in developing an effective financial management plan.  Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Launch the Funding Scheme for Experiential Programmes at Innovation and Entrepreneurial Bases covering various Mainland provinces and municipalities, so as to encourage young people to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in the enormous Mainland market. Launch a new round of Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the GBA to provide capital subsidy and comprehensive support services to Hong Kong young people interested in starting their businesses locally and in Mainland cities of the GBA. Establish the Alliance of Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurial Bases in the GBA as a one-stop information, publicity and exchange platform for supporting Hong Kong young people in pursuing entrepreneurship in the GBA.  Youth Engagement Engage youth participants of various government activities through the Youth Link, offering them opportunities to develop diverse talents through participating in seminars, different types of large-scale government activities, exchange visits to the Mainland and overseas, etc. and strengthening their communication, interaction and trust with the Government.  Study the possibility of utilising suitable facilities to provide Youth Link participants with a platform for constant interaction, including multi-function areas, a youth culture and creativity bazaar, and spaces for small-scale performances.  Launch a youth-based mobile application to disseminate diversi­ed information on youth development and enable young people to explore different activities and development opportunities. Leverage online media and channels to bring young people together and tell good stories of Hong Kong.  Broadening Young People’s Horizons Continue to implement various youth exchange and internship programmes outside Hong Kong to enable young people to gain ­first-hand understanding and experience of the latest development in the Mainland and the world. Continue to strengthen support for youth uniformed groups to enhance youth development and national education through the provision of one-off funding.  Continue to implement the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship Scheme by providing full scholarships for students who excel in sports, arts and/or community service to pursue undergraduate studies in Hong Kong, with a view to promoting a culture of multi-faceted excellence.  Youth Hostel Scheme Continue to implement the “Subsidy Scheme for Using Hotels and Guesthouses as Youth Hostels”. Three projects with the provision of about 480 hostel places have been approved since its launch in early 2023. Continue to implement the Youth Hostel Scheme (YHS). In addition to the two completed projects providing a total of 1 700 hostel places, the construction of three other projects, which will provide about 1 000 additional hostel places, are in progress. By promoting youth tenants’ participation in community outreach or volunteer services, the scheme seeks to nurture talents with an aspiration to serve the community. Set aside a site in Tung Chung under the Land Sale Programme whereby developers will be required to reserve a certain number of ‑ats to support the YHS on a pilot basis.  Enhancing Positive Thinking Following the launch of the fi­rst round of the Funding Scheme for Youth Positive Thinking Activities and the Funding Scheme for Youth Adventure Training Activities at end-2022, some sponsored organisations have progressively rolled out relevant activities for a period of two years since the summer of 2023.  Strengthen cohesion among the youth by launching the youthfest@HK from 2023 and inviting different sectors of the community to jointly organise a wide spectrum of activities to nurture positive thinking, facilitate development of potential and enhancement of knowledge, promote experience sharing, etc.   For the details of the 2023 Policy Address and the full doucment of the Policy Measures, please visit the website of the Chief Executive's 2023 Policy Address.  

Local CG animation wins glory!

Local CG animation wins glory!



OSH Inno Expo

Hall 1A, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Course on “Hong Kong Statistics for Business”

HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College Campus / Admiralty Learning Centre / United Learning Centre / other HK Island campus

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Safeguarding National Security in Hong Kong