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Qualifications framework

Human resources are the most important assets of Hong Kong. In this regard, the Education Bureau (EDB) helps various industries set up their Industry Training Advisory Committees ((ITACs), which consist of representatives from employers, employees and relevant professional bodies, to develop the Specification of Competency Standards (SCSs) required at different levels under the Qualifications Framework (QF). Training providers will be encouraged to develop training programmes based on these SCSs to suit the needs of industries. Training programmes and related qualifications that are quality-assured by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) will be recognised under the QF.

Special education services

The EDB provides service to meet the various needs of the different communities of the society. For example, there are services for non-Chinese speaking students to assist them in adapting to the local education system, and the special education services that offer all-round curriculums for students with special educational needs. These programmes aim to help them develop their potential to the full, achieve as much independence as they are capable of, and become well-adjusted individuals in the community.

Special school profiles

The special school profiles [Chinese version only] contain information about the services provided by these special educational bodies.

Contact Education Bureau

The EDB is responsible for formulating, developing and reviewing policies, programmes and legislation to ensure that quality education is being provided for Hong Kong's young people. The Bureau also oversees the effective implementation of educational programmes that are designed to bring these objectives to fruition. If you have any comments or enquiries, contact the relevant units through its hotline and other enquiry telephone numbers.

Hong Kong Education City

As a student, you should know about the Hong Kong Education City, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Government. This one-stop educational portal enables schools, families, the Government, and a diversity of organisations and communities to work together to build a platform for learning, interaction and innovation by means of high-quality digital resources and online support.

Tuition fees should be paid after applying for a course, but do not let the money matters scare you away from learning. If you are in need of financial support to further your education, please visit the “Financial Assistance” page for more information.