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9 facts that you don’t know about becoming an entrepreneur

OK, admit it, you are on the Facebook now. Every 5 minutes you will scroll down the news feed to stop your thirst for learning more gossips. In this age of Internet, it is very easy to start your businesses, especially on the online platform, where business registration is easy. And that explains why so many online shops emerge, selling fashionable items, technological gadgets and even One-Deal-A-Day products. So, are you fancied with the idea to start you own enterprise?

Just like what you have to do before keeping a pet, you have to think twice. Do you know anything related to starting your business? And what qualities an entrepreneur should have?

1. Entrepreneur is adopted from the French word “Entreprendre”, meaning to “undertake something actively”. It was later used by the Irish-French Economist Richard Cantillon to indicate those who set up their own enterprises.

2. To be an entrepreneur, you’d better learn your career orientation first. Because you are way too young to understand what is inside you (sounds like you are the new Superman).

3. All things are difficult before they turn easy. Better look at the stories of the inventor of vacuum cleaner and the late founder of Apple to see how they overcome the hardships they encountered.

4. What qualities shape an entrepreneur? Well some scholars and experts have listed 25 characteristics for that. In a nutshell you must be an innovative person that always looks for new opportunities, and of course you can bear the risks involved.

5. Maybe you are sitting like the great art piece “The Thinker” and contemplate what new industries are yet to be explored. Learn from the words of Jack Ma, the founder of the popular website Alibaba.com, “Opportunities lie on where you found complaints.” Just observe your neighborhood, and ask your mum about her worries. You may be the next Bill Gates.

6. Still waiting for a chance? These successful examples of young entrepreneurs may give you some insights. You might also start planning your new business by referring to this website.

7. Have you ever thought of helping those in need? You may give them a helping hand by establishing your social enterprise. Watch this video and let’s temporarily focus on the “Food Angel” that Dayo Wong has introduced. This type of social enterprises applies creativity on helping the needy, bringing hope and smiles to the community. You may learn more about the fund supporting these enterprises, and in the meantime join some seminars and workshops to know how to actualize your dreams.

8. You may blame me now for not introducing how to start your online businesses. I have mentioned that you have to figure your own direction first before you go on. And look at this page, you will realize that things never go that traditional, shooting a Youtube video can also be an option. The recent scam that some university students had sold counterfeit goods online should serve a good reminder that you should never be that impulsive.

9. If you are filled with passion and would like to start your entrepreneurship right now, seize your chance, or you will miss it. Some more models of kicking off your own business will be introduced next few weeks, as well as a variety of funding plans that help you to become the next big shot. Now wait for the coming issues! 

 Editor Trainee - Tele Fung



(Published on 06/09/2013)