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Nowadays, more and more local sports events are being held. Hong Kong people are beginning to pay more attention to their physical health. In additional to knowing more about diet, people also start to be aware of sports-related knowledge. The increase in community participation in sports events is reflected by increase in venue usage rate in the “Sport For All Day” and number of marathon participants every year. Hence, I believe that public’s awareness towards local sports activities can be raised by organising more sports events.

Having sports activities for one or two days cannot satisfy me! As a football lover, my passion has yet to cool down even though the World Cup has past. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to arrange a session fitting my friends, with an available time-slot for the venue. After all, we are all busy and the availability of venue is limited. However, nowadays there is a new type of soccer which ignites my passion to strive together with my friends!

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Bubble soccer is the kind of sports that will make you testing your limit! It is an in-door sport with 5 people in a team. Companies in the market will provide necessary tools for public to enjoy this kind of special, relaxing soccer game. With the “bubble” surrounding the player’s body, the chance to collide with other player’s body directly will decrease and, hence, players can enjoy the soccer game with less worry!

Recalling my past summers, I usually joint some football training programmes with my friends to improve basic skills in soccer. Nowadays LCSD and other related sports association are providing more opportunity to youth to experience different kind of sports. Sometimes I am jealous of youth in this generation, as they can be exposed to traditional sports training much more easily, comparing to the past.

Nevertheless, there is always a chance suffering injury during sports activities. So please remember to perform warm-up exercise and don’t press yourself beyond limit to avoid injury!

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Editor Trainee - Fung

(Published on 6/10/2014)